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  1. gummybear

    'Chibi' style characters,

    timeframe is about 3-4 weeks. vector format is fine, if drawn in illustrator, don't need to be coloured in. i can do that. i've been trying to practice drawing but since i've never even drawn cartoons before it ain't easy!! i only need the drawings of the actual people as I can manage the scene backgrounds, etc. there will be about 10-12 pictures. i have a script at home i can show you if you can help!
  2. gummybear

    'Chibi' style characters,

    I need some help!! A friend of mine wants some assistance doing a short animation for her friends wedding. Normally I do video but drawing is not strong point. I'm wondering if any kind soul out there would be willing to help with the drawings? There are not many as the video is less than 2 mins long, and the video doesn't involve any actual frame by frame animation but the characters will be posed a certain way depending on the scene. let me know if you can help, don't have much money but willing to negotiate.
  3. gummybear

    can anyone recommment a good dermatologist?

    LOL yeah like a witch! its disgusting!! hmm didn't know that. well if i dont' get any good recommendations maybe i'll visit the GP!
  4. hey guys, I've been trying to Google around for dermatologist in Melbourne, but its so hard to choose one. anyone have a recommendation? I have a wart that has grown next to my chin, which is fugly and I need to get it removed!!! =(
  5. at work we've been using 3x SLR's for video recording, the quality is great but recording length is a problem. we basically use the cameras to record testing. what we're doing currently is recording some customer research on wayfinding at a concept store. i have the 3 cameras places in various locations and using a USB to ethernet extension cables, i control each SLR via 3 laptops. it works ok but still need some micro management, battery life and cards overheating and needing swaps each session runs for 2 hours and needing to record in 1280x720 @ 50FPS means on the SLR i can only manage approx 12 minutes of recording before I hit the 4GB FAT32 limit. i need to record in 720P for 'show reel' pieces. so i've been looking at some actual video cameras, and the one i've got my eye on is the Canon HFS21, which seems good enough and I'll need 3 of them. one key thing we'd like is to be able to control the camcorders via laptops similar to the way I have the SLR's set up. anyone know if this canon video camera can do that? or if they know of any that offer that feature? i've tried looking but no info about the HFS21 allowing it. also budget is $1500 per camera.
  6. gummybear

    Robotic pan and tilt head

    DIY? http://blog.m2creativedesign.com/2011/05/d...time-lapse.html check out that, he has 3 links that he says inspired him, will help you. i've been meaning to get into timelapse and i'll definitely be making an attempt and building one of these dolly systems. and when i say attempt, i mean try not to stuff it up! lol
  7. gummybear

    car broken into, stuff stolen

    yeah i've been sussing out online classifieds since it happend but nothing yet... =( they smashed the rear passenger window (behind drivers seat) and got in from there. i wasn't even gone long, parked there around 7:15pm and went to eat, came back at 8pm!
  8. gummybear

    car broken into, stuff stolen

    nah insurance only covers my broken car window!!!! i'm so paranoid about my car now =( theres nothing in it anymore. lol yeah i still have all the boxes and serial numbers for the electronic items. the police lady said once i receive the police report in the mail with the record number i could send all the serial numbers in to attach with the report... one can only hope!
  9. gummybear

    car broken into, stuff stolen

    i know there is a slim chance of every getting my gear back, but i might as well try... My car was broken into (near chadstone, vic) and alot of my gear was stolent, if anyone sees the following gear for sale any where, let me know. i'd pay a nice reward $$$ for anyone who helps me find my stuff: Macbook Air 13" 2gb ram, 128gb ssd it was in a crumpler grey 'laptop sleeve': http://www.crumpler.com/AU/Laptop-Bags/Lap...U=GSC001-B00170 Canon 550D with Tamron f2.8 17-50mm 3x 16GB sandisk 'extreme' SD cards Canon speedlite 430EX all this equipment was in a black crumpler '5 millon dollar home': http://www.crumpler.com/AU/Camera-Bags/Cam...U=MDH001-B00P50 Apple ipad 32GB wifi + 3g i know alot of these items may be common but non of them had the chargers with them. guess i'm getting desperate! i know theres not much hope of finding my gear again but who knows. the MBA is most important since it has my only unedited copies of my asia holiday this year =(((((( memories i cannot replace!!
  10. i hope someone can help me. last week my car was broken into and ransacked, nearly 3k worth of gear was stolen. in some ways luckily half of that was work items, henced they are replaced easily. but somethings were mine, namely my 4 month old macbook air, even worse was all my beloved photos from my holiday are on it!! anyways. i have outlook setup on that laptop, with my own pop3 email setup on it (paid web hosting). I have asked them for an ip log which they have given me. i asked in the hope the the perps opened outlook and outlook made a connection to my web host. i know i might be grasping at straws but i'm getting desperate!! is there anyway to find out more information about the IP address other then what u get from an ip search? results: IP country code: AU IP address country: Australia IP address state: Victoria IP address city: Melbourne IP address latitude: -37.8167 IP address longitude: 144.9667 ISP of this IP [?]: TPG Internet Pty Ltd. Organization: TPG Internet Pty Ltd. anyone who can help. i would be eternally grateful.
  11. looking for a b'day present for a friend, a few of us a chipping in with a $400 budget. i was thinking of getting our mate a boxee box so he can stream media easily. he's a no fuss kinda person, set and forget. so looking for something simple. i can help him set up the boxee box. looking around at reviews, etc but still undecided. thinking of getting the boxee box & a 1 or 2 TB drive as well.
  12. gummybear

    auto login script

    it comes up as a pop up prompt. does this make it harder?
  13. gummybear

    auto login script

    hi guys, I just wanna know if its possible to do an auto login script and if so, where i should look to learn how to do it. basically i need to access a network projector normally i would just type in in the address bar of my browser. but i'm building a sort of 'control panel' for our 3 projectors and 1 network camera and i want to be able to click on a button and it'll automatically go into the admin page of the projector or camera. when i type in the IP address there is the usual username and password pop up dialog. is it possible to do this?
  14. gummybear

    Have you purchased WoW Cataclysm yet?

    i got the digital version direct from blizz. have to say, being able to fly around in kalimdor and the eastern kingdoms, is pretty good. it doesn't sound like much but being able to swiftly move around is much nicer. i like the questing, etc. its great having the map helpers and markers without resorting to add-ons. haven't started a new char to see what the low level quests are like but the 80+ quests seem pretty easy and faster, no running around for ages on end. blizz really upped the respawn rate, you could stand in one spot and kill X amount of whatever really quickly. obviously done since they know there would be a huge jump in people doing the same quests at the same time. overall i like it. updated towns and textures really make WoW feel new again.
  15. gummybear

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    yeah i found that after you install it and run it, it downloads a patch, installs the patch. then downloads another patch and you gotta wait for that one to install too! i've been playing traditional RTS games since i was first introduced to computers and Dune 2 back when i was in grade 6! so i've played my fair share of RTS ever since as i really enjoy the genre. for some reason, with SC2 it just doesn't feel right, the progressive tech tree as you play is a given, pretty much every RTS does that, but the missions i feel are abit lack lustre and as mentioned previously they feel more like a WoW grind session then anything story related. and i blame that on the fact that they have spread 1 game to 3 parts and have to somehow justify to the market why they need to buy 1 game 3 times (not sure how they are going to price the next segments though). i'm really excited to see what people do with custom maps and games! can't wait for SC2 TD's to come as i absolutely love TD's on WC3. also where are all the pre-rendered cinematics? i'm abit disappointed but it is still early on!