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  1. 1shot1kill

    So, life has happened.

    Neither am I. This chick has been fixed good and proper and if she was going to get pregnant, she'd be pregnant by now. That womb will not support life. Also, congrats on being back in Russia! ? ? Warmer all year round. And yes, she loves the area.
  2. 1shot1kill

    So, life has happened.

    Yup, and you. I'm not sure how much I'll be around, I'm mostly on Facebook these days. I have a YouTube channel with about 6,200 subscribers these days, that generates some reasonably passive income for me. Driving to and from the shack soaks up about seven hours a week. And then there's Angela. So just how DID I get hooked up with a chick from Kentucky? Well, we've been admins in the same Facebook homesteading (farming, hobby farming, prepping, etc) for close to four years now. Turns out she's had a serious crush on me for most of that time. Earlier this year we started chatting privately every now and then as her abusive marriage continued to get worse. Then, in early April, she let me know she wasn't just flirting for the fun of it and things progressed fairly quickly from there. She had to have carpal tunnel surgery done, which meant two weeks away from work and the farm. She, somewhat jokingly, said that she could afford to go on a cruise, go to Hawaii or go to Australia. Jokingly, I said that, "Australia could be fun". Next thing you know, she's got a ticket booked for Australia and a passport application in. I've had the last three weeks off work as she arrived on the 20th of June and we've been pretty much inseparable since.
  3. 1shot1kill

    So, life has happened.

    Here to start with. Once she's got permanent residency, then maybe I'll head to Kentucky for a while.
  4. 1shot1kill

    So, life has happened.

    I've been living in Canberra now for 11 years. For the last five years I've also had my own off grid house near Eden, doing the weekly commute has been a real grind and I had planned on moving to the shack in about October this year. This is where life gets in the way. I've gone and fallen in love with a 35 year old redheaded woman from Kentucky, USA. We're engaged to be married in March 2019. Me, the eternal bachelor, getting married again. Hell!
  5. 1shot1kill

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    I've gotta say, I was saddened when I heard about the cancer, Bastard Child was one of the good guys. Vale, old friend!
  6. And I'm the first to admit it. Australia, where even the poor people have colour televisions. I know some people so poor that they can't even afford Foxtel. ' Get outta here! I call bullshit!
  7. And I'm the first to admit it. Australia, where even the poor people have colour televisions.
  8. 1shot1kill

    Shotgun Tasers

    Hardly. Why not?
  9. Over here, we use a machine for that, with one bloke operating it and 100 on the dole queue saying that they can't find work.
  10. 1shot1kill

    Something I need to get off my chest.

    They can probably help with your depression if you open your mind. Open your mind? Don't you mean wallet? It's pretty ironic that you get around with the tag" The best things in life are free" while promoting scientology. Not as ironic as the first aid officer fucking head-butting a co-worker though! Hermes/Mercury (messenger of the Gods) is carrying the [/url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caduceus]Caduceus.[/url]
  11. 1shot1kill

    Something I need to get off my chest.

    It's only a matter of time now. Rememmber to turn safe search off.
  12. Only if you leave your Winnebago at home. And the place you camp doesn't have many useful natural resources. Like hot running water and free wireless broadband.
  13. Only if you leave your Winnebago at home.
  14. At the point that you're able to go to sleep under a roof, in warmth, fill your stomach with food, visit the doctor. If these things don't reduce your 'struggle' in life, then why bother with them? Right. So even if they're poor and have a roof, in warmth, with food in their tummy and have access to the doctor, does that then mean that they're no longer poor? It's called cultural conditioning.