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    Media Server/Player & Hardware

    Well its been a long time since I've been on the Atomic forums, but I thought it was about time I came back. So my first question is about Media Servers and Players. I'm currently starting to look into replacing my current Home Media Setup with a new one. Its not going to happen over night, but I'm looking at a long term transition. Currently I'm running a Thecus N7000+ NAS (14TB) running a DLNA server which my main tv is connected too (This isn't working very well, and I have no back up process in place) and an old Windows XP box that is slowing dying connected to a second tv. What I'm currently thinking of setting up. Server/PC running some kind of Media Server software (currently looking at: http://xbmc.org/ https://plex.tv/features http://www.mediabrowser3.com/server/ ) a small PC connected to each tv, eg something like these: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/overview.html which would run client software built for the matching media server. The Server would be setup to record any TV needed, and I would have my DVD/Blu Ray collection stored on the server as well. The current NAS would be setup as a backup device for all devices connected to the network instead of being an active server. So with the above in mind, has anyone had any dealings with Media Server Software? has any had any dealings with Small PC's like the Intel one? Does anyone have any other suggestions I should look into? Thanks in advance for you help.
  2. The Prophet

    Media Server/Player & Hardware

    Hi Rybags, I did think about just setting up a proper DLNA server, but only 1 of my TV's is a smart TV and I haven't been too pleased with the built in browser it has. it seems very cumbersome and can take a while to find the shows I want to watch. But that might be just the way I have my current system set up. (my NAS is using Twonky as the DLNA Server) Also I want to be able to browse the Internet and/or Stream iView or TenPlay from the TV's which was another reason to go small PC/ Though I do like the idea of maybe using a small android box. These would be cheaper and probably serve my needs. Mac Dude, I hadn't looked into the ps3 media server. I'll have a look this weekend at that. Thanks guys
  3. The Prophet

    Roll Call!

    Wow, looks like the atomic forums are still going strong. I haven't been to them in probably a couple of years now. but I've been around since about issue 15. looking through this thread and seeing the top posters comments reminds me when I use to gather stats about who our top posters were down memory lane: http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp...;t=67868&h=
  4. The Prophet

    GIGABYTE G-Style T1125N

    I've been think of getting this: http://apcmag.com/hybrid-heaven-gigabyte-g...125n-review.htm http://www.gigabyte.com.au/products/produc...spx?pid=3566#kf I currently have an eeePC, and its just not powerful enough for what I need, so I've been thinking of getting some else. The table feature isn't required as a tablet, but more as an ebook reader. I will be using VS 2010 a lot and some picture editing (but nothing excessive). Also the dock feature would be handy as I have a 22" monitor to connect up when I'm home. So has anyone used on before? Is there anything similar to this?
  5. The Prophet

    Open Hardware Monitor

    looks very very similar to CPU ID's Hardware monitor: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
  6. The Prophet

    Now this dude is gooood!

    This kind of art if very popular in Italy on the Streets. I probably saw half a dozen or more people doing this on the street and selling it to tourists. They are quite amazing.
  7. Hi All, Just thought I would let you all know that Newcastle will be hosting 2 GP Trials in april Sat April 2nd - GP Trial Shanghai Sun April 3rd - GP Trial Singapore For More information please visit here If you would like more information please contact me via this page: Contact Page Regards The Prophet
  8. Ok, so my work HDD died this morning. 2.5" Laptop Sata drive. what is happening is try and boot computer hdd found, windows starts loading, gets about half way through and bluescreens an restarts if starting is safe mode, gets about half way through and locks up. I've tried the usual restore options 1) Put the HDD in external case and connect - result computer finds un initiallized drive with 0b size. can't do any more with it, 3 recover programs tried. 2) Plug it directly in as a second drive to another computer. - result Bios finds 100GB hdd (yay :) ), windows then takes 10min extra to load and doesn't actually find the drive. - recovery programs don't see anything If I plug it back into the laptop it still seems to find it ok and do the half boot. So I figure what i need is a boot cd with network connection were I might be able to copy the contents somewhere else. can anyone help with either a boot cd option, or any other possible fixs for my hdd. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  9. The Prophet

    what temps are you running at?

    mmm, well my old CPU (AMD Athlon II Core Duo 4200+) with stock heat sink was running at 60C Idle, watching a movie 70-80C and if I tried to run any flash files it would hit 90C and crash. So I ended up getting a new CPU and Heat sink. Running an AMD ATHLON II X2 Dual Core 235e (45W/45NM) with a Scythe Shuriken Rev.B Quiet Low Profile Heatsink. Idle runs at 17C and under load the most I've seen is 22C. (Room temp is about 19-20). This is starting to worry me that it isn't being read correctly. Can a cpu actually run colder than air temp???
  10. Ok, I know my Loungeroom computer has an overheating problem, and shuts down if I try and do too much with it. Now because of this I went through and disabled virus scans, disabled all scheduled tasks etc during times when i would be watching tv. But still each Saturday when I'm watching a tv show or movie at lunch time, the PC will still shut down around 12:15. Does anyone know of any scheduled tasks that I may have missed?
  11. Sorry, that is 80 after restarting from overheating. It usually idles about 55-60. which is still high. I have set the CPU Fan, and adjusted the case fans. Oh and i found the culprit. at some stage AVG reset itself to run daily at 12:00 noon grrrr. changed back to 12 midnight.
  12. Sorry Crashing. just turns off. (when I do boot and go straight into bios temp is at about 70-80 and I have the auto power off set to 90 Degrees) No TV Tuner built in, just used for playing DVD's and AVI files. There is no Auto off, as I leave the PC on 24/7 and it only appears to turn off under heavy use, or at just after 12(noon) if I'm watching a show (usually only sat as I'm at work most days, but have experienced it on other days when I've had time off)
  13. This Sunday is Newcastle's First Std Championship in a while. If there are any Magic the Gathering Players out there with standard decks please come along. Details can be found here
  14. The Prophet

    [Newcastle] Golfing!

    when I use to visit the atomic forums regularly (4-5yrs ago) we had about 10-20 Newy Atomican's floating around regularly. I don't think we have any where that many now. And sorry, but I don't play golf :(
  15. The Prophet

    TPG Anygood

    I've got a few friends connected in newy, all say the same thing, great Internet and price, crap tech support.
  16. The Prophet

    Happy New Year

    A little bit late, But happy New year everyone
  17. The Prophet

    Free AVI to DVD Converter

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a free AVI to DVD converter program? If there are none, what is a good cheap one. Thanks in advance. The Prophet
  18. The Prophet

    Government announces second stimuls package

    Its based on your previous years tax return I believe.
  19. The Prophet

    Folder/Directory Sizes

    Hi All, Just wondering does anyone know of a free utility that can tell me the size of my folders. I'm currently running out of space and with 100's of folders to go through, it would be handy. Thanks in advance.
  20. The Prophet

    Folder/Directory Sizes

    WinDirStat is great. Takes quite a while to run. (2hrs and counting). But it has everything i want. Thanks
  21. The Prophet

    Free AVI to DVD Converter

    Hey thanks for that. Looks like exactly what I was after. Will try it when I get home tonight.
  22. The Prophet

    Folder/Directory Sizes

    Hey guys, Thanks for those. All 3 are great.
  23. The Prophet

    [Perth] Prophet See's Perth

    I'll be in Perth between 13th Oct - 3rd Nov for work. Just wondering if anything is happening over there during that time? If not does anyone want to organise anything? I will also be attending the Red bull Air Race on 1-2 Nov.
  24. The Prophet

    [ADL] Prophet See's Adelaide

    Works sending me to Adelaide on 8-12 Oct. Just wonder if any gathering are happening, if anyone is interested in organizing a gathering, or can anyone recommend anything touristy to do while in Adelaide.
  25. The Prophet

    [ADL] Prophet See's Adelaide

    mmm, it does look like my Adelaide trip will be quite. Well I leave for Adelaide 9:30 tomorrow morning :)