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  1. Gotta love these fuckers who come on here and advertise a lan, contribute nothing to the forum and then don't even bother coming back to check the thread, or reply to questions. GGF can Go Get Fucked... Yes, that's what it actually stands for. (true) Ask the original owner of GGF, Zorro (Ron).
  2. Phiber-0ptic

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    For anyone wanting to backup and restore your game.. Delete the InstallLog file from the games folder... Then put it wherever the fuck Origin is pointing to and "download" it again. It will just check the files. It recreates the InstallLog file as well. This also works if you move your folder to another drive etc.. :)
  3. Phiber-0ptic

    What was your favorite system you had or used?

    I had a Cellery 300a clocked at 550 many years ago. Also had a P4 1.6A (A = northwood chip) clocked at 2.91ghz. Both were awesome at the time. Another I had was a Q6600 clocked at 3.9Ghz and the northbridge was read at 109°C... lol :)
  4. Phiber-0ptic

    Atomic 3DMark & Game Benchmark Rankings

    I ran the P and it came in mid ranged in the rankings. Intel's perform so much better in 3dmark than AMD's..
  5. Phiber-0ptic

    Atomic 3DMark & Game Benchmark Rankings

    The same reason everyone else posts.. to compare systems...
  6. Phiber-0ptic

    Atomic 3DMark & Game Benchmark Rankings

    Can't be fucked putting up screenie or posting in proper form.. X3342 AMD 1090T @ 3.5ghz 6970 Xfire (6950's flashed)
  7. Having two 6950's (one flashed to 6970) in crossfire, in the BF3 beta at Ultra everything I was getting average 130fps. I feel pretty good about the release and expect to get around 70fps maxed out at a minimum. :)
  8. Phiber-0ptic

    Asus crosshair IV - timings resetting

    Curious to know what cooling your using. Have Crosshair v and 1090.. auto clock to 3.5 I'm happy with so far.. but amd confuse the shit outta me with OC'ing.. :)
  9. Phiber-0ptic

    What do you consider a 'Gamer' to be?

    Everyone plays games at different levels. For instance, I got stuck into Terraria and had 60 hours up in the first week. Other games on my steam list have less than 1 hour since I've owned them. (over 2 years) A gamer is simply someone who enjoys playing a variety of games more times than doing other stuff. A hardcore gamer is someone who is obsessed with gaming.. Must know each trick/tip of the game, learn the levels/maps and will not settle for second place. Someone who should probably get outside a bit more! lol That's my 2c worth anyway.. :)
  10. A friend of mine has been a stripper for years. I've been in a club once with some mates, and seen here there.. Said g'day quitely and then left her to work. Mates didn't know her and I didn't tell as I'd rather them no know. She's not doing it now though, this is back in 94' 95' and 96'... (Showing my age now)
  11. Phiber-0ptic


    Sadly lan's are going that way now. Overnighters kill the admins.. I know I hate it, and motherlan killed me, along with most other admins. lol I'm happy for a day lan only, as it means you gotta get in, get it done and get out. Home and in bed by 10. LOL (I'm old) :)
  12. Phiber-0ptic

    [BRIS] - LF1M - Housemate

    I have only a few questions for you. Do you smoke ? Do you drink ? Do you do any drugs, of any kind ? And, my most important question: Do you play WOW ? There is no way in hell I could live with ANYONE who plays that game. Yes, I'm a gamer, yes I play online games. Mostly FPS'ers, yes I'm a Nerd.. yes I have a large fileserver (12tb), yes I like to sit at home and watch movies/tv shows.. Yes, my skin is white, yes I speak english, yes I work. So when can I move in ?? I'm kidding... but that is some of the info you should give out to start with.. To give someone an idea who they would be living with etc. Because I wouldn't live with someone who was a heavy drinker, drug user (of any kind) or someone who smokes. :)
  13. Phiber-0ptic


    I'm not referring to reverting it, but to see if it will slide through without much attention this time. It would be sad to see another lan die because of a mistake by an admin.
  14. Phiber-0ptic


    It's quite common for people to run cracked versions of games. In fact, I don't think I've been to a lan that has never run a cracked anything. And I've been to ALOT. But for the admins to post up the key is kinda wrong. Sure, if you want to host a game, try to use the latest patch at least. Or provide a non-infected keygen. For Stu to give it out himself, he's opening himself up to some nice court time. With any luck nobody will complain any further and it will slide through this time. And that he learns a lesson and hosts up to date versions. Even if he is running pirated copies himself, at least others won't have any idea.
  15. Phiber-0ptic

    Where is the safest place to get shot?

    Shoot yourself in the hand.. So you can't type shit fucking threads anymore.