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    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    Diagnosed in May, offered 6-12, dead two months later. Fuck cancer. Right into its arse.
  2. twinair

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    That's what I remember him most for. BC and Tak were our resident PS Gods. Definitely gone too son. Cancer is a cunt. RIP man.
  3. twinair

    This week I went solar :)

    not enough imo. you should plan for all kinds of fires. *groan*
  4. twinair

    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor mcGregor

    11:00am this morning, today, as in 25 minutes from now is equal to 18:00 yesterday in Las Vegas.
  5. twinair

    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor mcGregor

    When is it on and how do I follow it? The fight takes place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and will be broadcast live in Australia on the morning of Sunday, August 27 from 11am.
  6. twinair

    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor mcGregor

    It's 11:00AM AEST. But the main event will be hours after that I'd say. NFI when the actual fight between these two clowns will take place. I'm not going to sit around all day glued to the TV....not until the main fight is on anyway, then I'll be glued alright. Yeah, my thoughts are the same.
  7. Anyone into this? For those who are, the broadcast starts at 11:00 AEST and costs $59.95 for a Main Event purchase to be delivered to your Foxtel box in the comfort of your own lounge room! I don't normally do pay-per-view, especially boxing. But I reckon this is going to be a spectacle that's not to be missed! I don't even really have any bold predictions one way or another. I just want to be entertained. I remember many years ago, probably around 10 years, There was a Danny Green fight, LogicPrObe came around to watch it as I told him I was buying it on Fox. We started drinking beers, ordered a pizza, paid ~60 bucks for the fight...and it was over in something like 45 seconds hahahaha. Hopefully that doesn't happen again! So if anyone wants to discuss the fight, here's the place to do it. I realise there's not a lot of any type of discussions happening here these days, but rather than keep all the discussions to WOYM thread, let's hark back to the good ol' days and talk about stuff and things in new threads!
  8. twinair

    This week I went solar :)

    100% in agreement with you. The nanny state strikes again!
  9. twinair

    This week I went solar :)

    *raises hand* We have no gas plumbed in our area. So I have several (three) 45KG gas bottles around the house. And I also have a few tonnes of well seasoned Ironbark firewood in various stacks around my house. Throw into the mix that I reside inside the Royal National Park...my house is a bushfire catastrophe waiting to happen. But that pretty much goes for my entire neighbourhood. Yes, we have a very good fire plan in place. :)
  10. twinair

    when will the war start ?

    Doubt it. The way I see it is this, and I am not a decorated war hero such as yourself, Chris. Kim Jong-Whacko is threatening the US and waving his nuclear dicks in the air with absolutely no intention of throwing the first punch. He knows that if provoked far enough it will be the yanks who will fire first. However, if the yanks fire first they want to destroy all of their nuclear installations. How do they propose that will happen? Sure, they might destroy 90% of them , but all Mr Whacko needs is a few left, then he will just lob one over to South Korea, or Japan. He will have more than one, though. So he will be able to start chucking them in all directions. He will only do this if America throws the first punch. Which Donald really, really REALLY wants to do. Hopefully there are some smart people in the background telling him not to. Either way, this will not be over in a couple of minutes. NK are praying that the yanks shoot first. This won't happen. You know as well as I do that the propaganda machine in NK has been going full steam ahead for decades against the US. The NK Government have been telling their people for YEARS that America is bad. Now all they have to do is show footage and recordings of the things Trump has been saying recently and it's a simple matter of "See! We told you so! Look what he is saying about us!" That in itself is putting the NK people further and further into his pocket. Juts the way he likes it. Same as the way America instills fear into its people so that the Government gets the support and backing it needs from those people. I suspect nothing at all will happen. No wars. Nothing. It'll just end up like India and Pakistan. We know they have nukes, and we just have to accept the fact and live with them.
  11. twinair

    This week I went solar :)

    I've gone and replaced a stack of halogens already. I've downloaded a Light Meter app on my phone which indicates that my LED's are outputting only slightly less light. With the naked eye it's negligible. So looks like I will be doing it in batches. As Rybags mentioned on the previous page, it makes sense to change the ones that are used for longer periods of time. Like living room and kitchen. So they're now all replaced. The less frequented rooms are getting done with the next batch that are delivered. Also still gathering data and quotes for solar. Doing this all at once. I am still so fkn angry with the electricity providers. It's way, way out of control. I am lucky in that I can afford it, even though I don't want to. But there are so many people out there these days who cannot afford to heat their house in winter. It disgusts me that we are in this predicament in 2017 Australia. There's a debate for a whole other thread, regarding the clean(ish) coal powered plants Vs the renewable energy schemes the Government are dreaming up. I am yet to find the answer for myself, as to which way is right or wrong. Perhaps we still need a combination of then two. But the way I see it, is we are flogging all our coal off to China, so they can burn coal to produce cheap electricity and yet we here are being shafted with skyrocketing costs. Something aint right! This is the precise reason I am going solar. This way I am in control, relatively speaking. I strongly suggest everyone goes solar!
  12. twinair

    This week I went solar :)

    I haven't got enough of them nor do I have enough historical data to make any kind of statements. Still a long way to go to gain any kind of meaningful data. So yeah at this point, I am not running a critical equipment, it's just for fun. But The solar stuff has to happen as a matter of urgency. Haemorrhaging that $1300 a quarter is just fucking criminal. The cunts they are. I will show them who is the boss. Hahahah. :/
  13. twinair

    This week I went solar :)

    I've already whacked a few LED lights in to test out the actual light emitted to make sure they suit. They're not too in my face, they're a warm glow. They're nice and I don't feel like I am in a showroom. I have also had my drivers looked at by a sparky and I am lucky in that I do not need to replace them, so I'm just up for the cost of replacement globes, which means I can do it myself at a relatively low cost. However, every single light in the house is one of these, kitchen, lounge room, bathroom - even bedrooms. So for example, I flick on the light switch in our main bedroom and BAM instantly 4 halogen lights get switched on. Sure, they might have looked nee and been the duck's guts when they were first installed but they are extremely non-practical and just a complete waste of electricity. We have 5 bedrooms, 3 in regular use. Both the kids have bigger bedrooms than we do, and their rooms each have 6 halogens which all fkn light up at the flick of a single switch. Again, way, WAY overboard. So I get what you're saying regarding the HWS, but I do know these lights suck a shitload. Downstairs we have a bar area/pool house. It's part of the main house but it feels like a separate residence. It has its own kitchen, bathroom and laundry. I have turned it into a man cave. Sound system, huge TV etc. There are three switches down there operating 21 halogen globes. So at a minimum if I illuminate just a third of the room so I can say, watch a game of footy down there or something, there are 7 halogens running. Fucking 7. so I have bought myself an IKEA lamp, it's an upright lamp thing with three lamps hanging off it, if that makes sense? Each lamp is a 6W LED. so I just tend to use that and that only now. Unless Im playing a board game with one of the kids, in which case either 7 or 14 globes going. It sounds like a lot, which it is, but it is a huge room down there. Anyway, I just have to fuck ALL these globes off and replace them ASAP. With regards to the meter pictured above. I have a fair bit of Apple HomeKit gear in the house now, too. Mainly using Elgato Eve products, and one is a wall socket. Which is used to remote control appliances. For example my lamp I mentioned I have in the cave, it's plugged into one of these. So I can turn it on and off with my phone or watch, I can even hook it up with a motion sensor. But the point is, these are not just remote switches, they also collect power consumption statistics. https://www.elgato.com/en/eve/eve-energy
  14. twinair

    This week I went solar :)

    Look like now is the time. We are going to go solar! My first issue is the amount of power we consume, roughly 45kWh a day. That's way, way too much! We have a pool. We have an electric HWS (no gas plugged in the area) we also have 67 50W holden down lights. Then two 65# LCD TV's....plus a multitude of other appliances, a lot of which run all day. Computer systems, networking appliances, 2 fridges and a freezer. So my first mission is to reduce that power consumption. First port of call is replacing the halogens with LED's. That's a quick and easy fix. Then I'll see how much our daily usage drops by. Because I don't particularly want to install a solar system that caters for current usage, it'll cost a bomb. The other decision I am undertaking is whether to go with a battery or not. I've done some high level calculations and the return on investment doesn't seem to marry up with the battery life-span and or warranty period. SO Right now I am tinker god not including a battery, but having a system that can have one plugged in at a later date. Then it's a matter of picking the right hardware. We have ample room space. I already have 50sqm of solar tubing up there for the pool, and that's not even used 1/4 of the available roof space. And I have roof sloping off in all directions. So looking for a system with panels facing multiple directions to grab the sun at all parts of the day, and probably also looking at a system with micro-inverters for each individual panel, again maximising the way the sun is handled and delivered into my house. I have a feeling this is going to cost me an arm and a leg anyway, but my last quarterly electricity bill was $1306.47 which is just absurd! I'd rather invest money into a solar system than be continuously raped by Energy Australia. So here we go, the journey has begun. And big huge thanks to this thread for planting the seed when it was first posted. Any updates I'll post in here, it's already got some comprehensive information.
  15. twinair

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Yep, it uses GPS. I've got 3 WiFi access points in the house and two Apple TV's. Some HomeKit devices use WiFi some use BlueTooth. So if you had no Apple TV, you could control the devices while on your LAN, but that's it. Having Apple TV's enables Bluetooth and also connects you to iCloud, so they can be controlled outside of your network. The issue now is, which Mac Dude has brought up in his automation thread, is standards and compatibility. You kin do have to choose one flavour or another. Then a few months down the track, the mob you decided against brings out something that's pretty neat, but it won't work within your ecosystem. For example, I needed a new universal remote. Since I have had a Logitech Harmony for the last 10 years, I upgraded to a newer one, in order to not introduce too many changes in the house...wife approval factor etc. The new Logitech Harmony Elite comes with an additional "hub" that enables WiFi connectivity, not just IR. So I can be anywhere in the house and turn the TV or Foxtel on, and control it. But does that work with HomeKit? NO! So now I am looking into a thing called "HomeBridge" which is a kind of home-brew Linux solution that bridges these normally non-integrated devices. So then I can control my Harmony with HomeKit gear. I'm kinda rambling now, but you get the picture. It's very early days and a lot to be ironed out. There's also the whole IFTTT concept, which is pretty cool. Next step is getting my garage door onto the HomeKit. It's a remote controlled panel door. But I would love if it opened as I pulled up into the driveway. Inside the garage it's operated by a "doorbell" switch. Just one single button, if it's going up the button makes it come down and vice versa. So I'm wondering if this will do what I need. It all works with HomeKit and not only do I think it can do what I want with the garage door, but it also has remotes for dimmers and light switches. It's all still fairly new to me, playing around with HomeKit stuff a lot. But it's going to reach the stage where if my internet goes offline I will be fucked, nothing in the house will work hahahahah. I just hope the word cooperates and doesn't go off in 75 different directions with bespoke hatchet job solutions that just end up costing everyone time and money. Which I can see happening, but hopefully things do become standardised and everything plays nicely. We will see. Which is why things like Telstras NB-IoT network are important. Not just for up time, but also latency. If I tell my front door to unlock, I don't want it to take 25 seconds to do so. Doesn't sound like a long time, but it is. The Internet of Things is a pretty exciting space to be playing in. You know those Telstra Air things everywhere? They're mainly sitting on payphone. Well that's not a present for the public from Telstra. "Here ya go you pack of whinging cunts, have some free WiFi!" Nope. That's them setting up their IoT network right before your very eyes. They want everything to be connected. Every single thing. And they want it on their network.