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  1. Of course I do. I'm from Sydney and I'm fully aware of what we used to do Vs what we do now. In other news: Water Is Wet.
  2. BREAKING NEWS Clean water plus less pollution equals more marine life.
  3. twinair

    Could the Democrats please wake up ?

    Nothing's changed. Any minute now he will threaten to shoot or bash.
  4. twinair

    Could the Democrats please wake up ?

    No particularly. What horrifies me more is the emphatuation some Australians have for American politics. You might have to say it louder, I don't think America is really listening to what anybody on Atomic thinks. Let alone what anyone in this country thinks.
  5. twinair

    PTSD - an utter curse

    That's pretty interesting, those types of medication usually take weeks before any effect is known.
  6. twinair


    Like I said, they're basically the same. Prophet...son of God...same shit in my book.
  7. twinair

    PTSD - an utter curse

    Such is the life of a decorated war time fighter jet superhero.
  8. twinair


    I've read the Quran and the bible, a few times. They're basically the same.
  9. twinair

    Then to now

    Probably... Ducati’s 1299 Panigale S is an intercontinental ballistic missile https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/ducati-1299-panigale-s-review
  10. twinair

    The Naruto Run !

    The armed forces patrolling Area 51 are already authorised to use deadly force to stop a breach. I very much doubt a million people will turn up. But as a hypothetical....if they did, it would be an interesting battle. The idiots trying to break in would want to come armed.
  11. twinair

    Then to now

    And scantily clad grid girls?
  12. twinair

    Then to now

    I don't use it in race mode on the road. Sow while the engine is still combustion engine, I have all the electronic bells and whistles enabled - launch control, wheelie control, traction control, ABS.
  13. twinair

    The NZ gun buy back

    Haven't you got one in your house, just in case you need to throw down?
  14. twinair

    Then to now

    I have a 1300cc V-Twin Superbike and I won't be getting rid of it any time soon. Unless I write it off. Electric motorcycles can lick my balls and slurp on my pooch juice.
  15. twinair

    Real life Fallout

    Yeah, I know.