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  1. twinair

    Another SpaceX success

  2. twinair

    NSW / QLD fires

    The appalling Government, you say? The leader of which has just jetted out of Sydney for a holiday and not to return until the new year! He's apparently headed to Hawaii. Sure, everyone is entitled to a holiday...but while the country burns and runs out of water, he's not really shown any leadership what so ever. He's a god damn cock eared fuck thumper! https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/scott-morrison-on-pre-christmas-family-holiday-20191216-p53ki7
  3. twinair

    Registers Down !!!

    I don't do this anymore, but when they self service registers were first introduced - of course being a geek I always try to mess with a system - I would always bag kipfler potatoes but pay for the cheap ones! Kipfler spuds are way better when covered in duck fat and roasted
  4. twinair

    Registers Down !!!

    Fresh produce doesn't have barcodes. I can still, effectively, buy a bag of avocados and tell the computer I have a bag of grapes.
  5. twinair

    Registers Down !!!

    Won't be long now before the self service registers will be equipped with cameras that will know precisely what you are putting in front of them, regardless of weight. And I'm not talking about security cameras as a deterrent. I mean for product identification purposes.
  6. twinair

    Registers Down !!!

    I should have said MPOS, not necessarily EFTPOS.
  7. twinair

    Registers Down !!!

    There is no separate network for such services. Only differences between an EFTPOS terminal and a smartphone is the SIM card. And even then, it still uses 3G/4G - the difference in the types of SIMs allows for a different billing mechanism. If there's an outage for mobile phones, the same applies to EFTPOS terminals. Perhaps you are getting confused with the NB-IoT network?
  8. twinair

    What a joke

    They're both fucking buffoons...
  9. twinair

    What's on your mind?

    Skydiving business make money out of throwing people out of a plane though.
  10. twinair

    i see dead people

    My Uncle just died. One of my favourite humans. Gonna miss you Uncle Joe. RIP.
  11. twinair

    What's on your mind?

    The risk is quite apparent in the name of the activity. ACTIVE volcano. Tough titties. It's like skydiving - there are obvious dangers in DIVING FROM THE SKY.