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  1. twinair

    What's on your mind?

    Spot on. You know I live on that shit. The only time I need to go to the doctor is for painkillers when I fall off things! And what the fuck is with those half life 3 voices? Are they supposed to be Australian accents or Kiwi accents?
  2. twinair

    What a joke

    Does it hurt when you ovulate?
  3. twinair

    i see dead people

    He was born in Kogarah, same place as me!
  4. twinair

    And What Are You Listening To?

    @nickeax Get some. Play some.
  5. Yep. I spent 7 years working for SAP as a senior consultant. I not once had a client in Sydney. A few interstate clients but also too many international clients. It would have been the perfect job for a young, single person. Once a month there'd be a project request spreadsheet that would come out seeking consultants with certain skills...they'd list the customer, skills required, project duration and global location. So you could literally say "Oh, wouldn't mind spending the next 2 years in Paris. Or Rio." Or anywhere. But as a married man with a couple of kids it was just fucked. There was no ifs or buts. Once I took 10 days off as annual leave to renovate my bathroom. I get a call from my manager on a Saturday telling me I would need to be in Bangalore on Monday morning, so book a flight for Sunday. The bathroom wasn't even finished. So while I was over in India working, having a nice shower in a nice hotel, the missus was showering at the gym each day.
  6. This is why the numbers of male teachers are in decline. Always a good idea to ask a 4 year old for career advice Having spent 25 years in IT it has been a good ride. Until I started to travel...that shit will destroy you mentally and can really fuck up your family. Money is great...but think about the consequences of not being home. I worked on a 3 year project with a bloke from Brisbane, in Melbourne. When the project was over he had to get to know his daughter all over again. She was quite young and the hard part was her having to get to know HIM all over again. To her he was like a stranger that only visited on weekends.
  7. twinair

    The grand Atomic meme thread!

    Post whatever you want, Mr Dawkins.
  8. twinair

    The grand Atomic meme thread!

    The stupid thing keeps merging my posts!
  9. twinair

    The grand Atomic meme thread!

    I thought it was Lou Ferrigno.