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  1. RaYdeX

    Support Atomicans in need

    Cheers guys - and yeah - that Neighbour - I wouldn't have been able to pick him out of a police line-up before - but I woe him big time! And seriously - if there's anything I've learnt from having a house burn down? It's that... Just make sure your insurance is in order. Go and photograph everything, list as much as possible as soon as possible because then in the event of a really unfortunate situation you've got heaps of proof. Joining the RFS sounds like a really good thing to do too! It's not something I'm prepared to do... But mucho respect for everyone that does! Actually - I asked the Fire Investigator what I could do to thank the Firey's who turned up and he explained that as government employees they're not allowed to accept gifts and the like, which made me a little sad :( But he did say that if we happened to wander passed with an extra cake that we didn't need that that might be appreciated - so I made sure to head down that way with a couple of nice cakes that were excess to my needs!
  2. RaYdeX

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    10 years eh? Shit - That's too long to even think about! Nothing major has changed - Kurai and I are still happily together We bought a house a bit over 7 years go. Had it burn down about 2 months ago. Several jobs, ups and downs but really, nothing severe - quite happy right now! Got into Powerlifting and Kurai has actually competed in a couple of amateur comps! (I'll be up for my own soon!) And I'm sure there's more, but there's been no other major things really. I like quiet...
  3. RaYdeX

    Support Atomicans in need

    So aah... Hey everyone! First of all - Thank you all SO SO FREAKING MUCH. Holy crap. The concern and outpouring of support and concern as not really something we expected or felt we deserved, but it's been so deeply appreciated. Seriously - I'll never be able to repay everyone who has helped out, from donating to just simply caring. THANK YOU! Second of all - I'm sorry for not stopping in here sooner! I saw that Dave had shared this up on the PC Authority page, but didn't think to dig in further and check here... (I also feel pretty bad for not stopping in here more often over the last few years :( A large chunk of my offline friend group these days are still all from Atomic, so I still feel kinda connected to the community but I fell off the forums... Maybe I can change that?) Thirdly - The GoFundMe was truly a lifesaver! We were insured and so felt guilty initially about everyone being so generous but it damned well saved our arses from some serious hardship, because Insurance took well over 2 months to get anything worthwhile to us... And that GoFundMe helped us skate through by the skin of our teeth and not default on anything while still being able to pay for essentials. So again, thank you! Anyway, I guess you'd all like to hear the story from my point of view, and then what's happened since and what next? Well, if so, you're in luck! And so... Kurai and I were on a Cruise (Paid for by her amazing, and Cruise addicted, Parents!) and were just starting to get comfy and relax... when we found out there'd been a fire at our place... Apparently at sometime around 4am our neighbour had awoken to the sounds of breaking glass - and walking outside (Thinking someone was having a bust-up on the street or something), saw the dreaded orange glow from our window. He called the Fire Brigade and proceeded to run over and try and save us by wedging open our back door and then smashing our bedroom windows (He didn't know we weren't there, plus both our cars were in the driveway!), which was A) Super Heroic and awesome of him and B) Saved our cats who were able to escape! (To be caught later and both are doing fine now!). The Fire Brigade turned up (Apparently only 6 minutes after the phone call!) and proceeded to look for us also, thinking we were home - but not long after a friend of ours who lived just up the street had wandered down to the commotion and realising it was our place had made himself known to the authorities and he cleared up a few things. My friend then also contacted a couple of other friends of ours that could handle things for us a bit better while we were away, and they turned up and spent pretty much all day running around helping, organising and just damned well being amazing friends. It's important to note at this point, that Kurai and I were still fast asleep on a ship in the middle of the ocean at this point. Dreaming about how many cocktails we were going to have that day while sitting by the poolside and doing a whole lot of very little. By the time we woke up and heard about it was pretty much all over... So - Yeah. By the time the fire was out half our house was pretty much completely gutted, with the other half severely smoke damaged... Our cats had been seen to escape which was our first and most pressing concern, and... we were in the middle of ocean unable to do anything about it. Which kinda sucked... The staff on the ship were lovely and let us make a couple of free international calls to Insurance and the Fire Investigator so we could get things moving, and then it was just lots of trying to stay calm and enjoy what we could - which... let's face it, came a lot easier when you're on a cruise ship and travelling to tropical islands! But was still pretty shitty. The fire itself was apparently started by/on/in a fault power-board down next to my computer desk... A boring old 4 port beige power board that I'm pretty sure was running 3 monitors and my keyboards power adaptor and hadn't been touched in yeeeeears. Maybe the cats had knocked it something? Who knows - but at least it was "one of those things" rather than negligence! Anyway, we got home a few days after the fire (It was only a 7 day cruise) and the next month or so was a blur of talking to insurance about everything, looking for somewhere to rent (Paid for by Insurance!), and trying to our lives back in order and paying all the bills and fee's coming our way. But we made it! We've got a rental property just the suburb over from our house that let us have our Dog (Who had been staying at a friends house during our trip so was never in any danger) and our 2 cats. We don't have a lot of furniture, but we have a couch and a bed and a table, along with an old TV someone lent us and we're doing o.k! Insurance has only just this past couple of weeks progressed our claim from "Investigations" (a mysterious secret squirrel department that you can't talk to at all, while try and find a way to get out of paying you) to "Progressing" so we've got some money for our contents and the house has been assessed as a full knock down rebuild and is now out to tender with a couple of building companies. Now life is finally starting to settle down a little bit and Kurai and I are embracing a little bit of minimalist living, not wanting to go and just replace everything for the sake of it, and realising that Stuff really is just Stuff and that while it's still... really weird to think back on everything we've lost - I don't miss it all as much as I thought I would... Oh yeah, I did also just place an order with PCCG for a whole new Computer - that might have helped too ;)
  4. RaYdeX

    When does support become spoiling?

    I think you've got the right of it. I don't have kids, but I do have a younger brother living with me for the time being, and I'm very concious of trying to walk the line between "just being a good brother" and "coddling". And the way I view it, is that as long as he's working hard, and not throwing away resources, then I'll be happy to help. I'm only charging him a fairly basic flat fee for board, which doesn't really quite cover my costs for having him live under my roof, use my utilities and eat my food, but as long as he's not out blowing wads of cash on partying etc then I'll be fairly content.
  5. RaYdeX

    Gharphields 24 Hour Gaming Marathon

    What. No really. What. ' Purposefully Ambiguous Gay Comments!
  6. RaYdeX

    Gharphields 24 Hour Gaming Marathon

    So awesome Foods. This shit is going to be HILARIOUS! Also - I'll take the shot in the mouth as well for the sake of the BROtherhood. Just because I like it doesn't make it any less worthwhile right? :P
  7. RaYdeX

    Gharphields 24 Hour Gaming Marathon

    Eat a teaspoon of some 14/10 chilli from the chilli factory!
  8. RaYdeX

    Gharphields 24 Hour Gaming Marathon

    Damn AD. Fatherhood has turned you into a full on Sadist! I definitely think we should live web streams going - I've got a HD camera I can bring a long too. Also - What about having some times set aside to have some online multiplayer action with atomicans from all around? People could donate to handicap you! Like... Play with a laser mouse on a glass surface - Or change your keyboard layout to DVORAK and play with that etc :P You'll probably still win...
  9. RaYdeX

    Gharphields 24 Hour Gaming Marathon

    *phew* I got scared that it was TODAY. Sure I'll be there buddy. Someone's got to hold the camera while you and your wife do your thing right? ;)
  10. RaYdeX

    EOI - Atomic Throwdown 1.0

    I'll bring my... Robe and Wizard hat? Oh wait.. Not THAT kind of party.. right... O.k, I'll bring my super flexibility with which I shall wrap you all up! Before I tap you out... Yes...
  11. RaYdeX

    EOI - Atomic Throwdown 1.0

    Of course I'm in!
  12. RaYdeX

    Asus Transformer

    My boss is buying mine, as he owes me - But this does mean that I have to leave a certain amount of this in his hands to sort out... I'd be very happy to buy from the US, and there are a few places that will happily ship to Australia, but postage is pretty expensive... and there seems to be varying degrees of pain with the forwarding companies :/ Even ignoring all that, stock has been very hard to come by in the US, so finding one, anywhere, is going to be tough :/ Also, as for Warranty, Asus have stated on numerous occasions on their Facebook wall that the Transformer has a Worldwide warranty, and irregardless of where you buy it, Asus Australia will handle the warranty.
  13. RaYdeX

    Asus Transformer

    I'm pretty disappointed. It's failstorms like this that make other manufacturers attractive to consumers. Sure the bar may be set really low, but it's achievable. Asus Australia have designed what is by all reports an excellent device (I had read about a couple of screen issues, but they were in the small percentage, and with a world wide warranty, I'm not worried), but they can't get them into consumer hands through ineptitude. You've got to figure that there's something seriously wrong with a company that has consumers that want to buy it's products, but can't/won't allow them too.
  14. RaYdeX

    Cord Cursive writing.

    I practically always write in cursive, unless it's an address, or some simple instructions I need followed.. Is this really a dying art? I guess with the focus on digital media, and typing, there wouldn't be a lot of need for it... Hrmm...
  15. RaYdeX

    Android Apps

    That depends! If you've a rooted phone, and have a kernel that can load the CIFS (Windows File Shares) modules, you can use something like CIFSManager. Other than that, I don't think it's easy. Another way of getting to files on your PC, is to set up an FTP or SFTP server on it, and use AndFTP to get to it that way. Astro File Manager with the SMB plug-in does the trick: http://www.appbrain.com/app/astro-smb-modu...etago.astro.smb I've used this to read files on my network (Windows Share) without issue.