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  1. madllama

    No server browser in Battlefield 3

    Someone tell me it aint so. http://bf3blog.com/2011/08/battlefield-3-p...server-browser/
  2. With regards to alignment offset, you pretty much only need to worry about this on RAID arrays as the offset can cause sector boundaries to cross between disks. This can lead to inefficiencies such as two disks being involved in an IO that should only need one disk. MS has a KB on calculating the offset. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929491 There is plenty of other info out there, just google "alignment offset RAID"
  3. madllama

    iOS 4 Jailbreak

    It certainly is a good jailbreak and one that will be patched very quickly as it takes advantage of a serious security flaw in mobile safari. I strongly suggest installing the pdf loading warner More info here. http://www.ihackintosh.com/2010/08/secure-...loading-warner/ and here http://www.cultofmac.com/software-hack-to-...-released/53557
  4. madllama

    Apple Powermac G5 DP questions and Vid card flash

    I have flashed a 9800GT for use in a G5. Its not that easy as there are a number of versions of the card, some that need a slightly different ROM and some that cant be flashed at all. From memory it was just as messy for the 6800 cards and most of the information is no longer around. This is currently is the best resource that you can use. http://themacelite.wikidot.com/ Read everything there, coz if you botch it up it going to be pretty hard to fix. Ideally you will need an old agp mobo that also has a pci graphics card that you can use to reflash your 6800gt if you make a mistake. Hopefully you have a reference card which will make it easier. http://themacelite.wikidot.com/gf6800gt Otherwise you might be lucky and have a card with a 128K rom. Have a look here to check this. http://themacelite.wikidot.com/rom-s The Apple Roms are 128K, where as PC Roms are typically 64K. Meaning that if you dont have a 128K Rom it has to be hacked to fit onto the smaller chip. They provide some steps on how to do it, but really your best not to go there. Good luck.
  5. madllama

    Phase II is GO!

    Yah I tend to agree as theres quite some info there that's applicable to newbies. Also I would rate the chances of a new person reading the FAQ much higher than someone that has been around long enough to get access to trademart. I am guessing that it's one of those things that the forum software cant do?
  6. madllama

    Atomic Commonly Asked Questions

    Cheers, Though it would appear according to this that its verboten, so it might be worth putting in the same disclaimer about post count that appears in the forum FAQ.
  7. madllama

    Phase II is GO!

    Prior to making the couple of posts required to be validated on the system, I noticed that I couldnt read the Trademart FAQ. Is this correct. IE do you have to have 128 posts in order to read the FAQ?
  8. madllama

    Atomic Commonly Asked Questions

    Edit: ignore me. Replied to the wrong thread. Edit2: For those that missed it I replied to a related thread and noticed that I couldnt see the Trademart FAQ.
  9. madllama

    So... Whos going to play Borderlands?

    The steam, 2k games and gearbox forums are full of pissed of people. No one from steam seems to be saying much. 2K has a 2K Community Manager who is basically saying the date was always the 30th tough Gear box aint saying anything and just locking threads. The 2k main page (http://www.2kgames.com/) says that the game is available for Xbox, PS and PC. The borderlands website (http://www.borderlandsthegame.com/) says that the game is available. Clicking on the Australian flag brings up... The requested URL /borderlands/website/oz was not found on this server. The only comunication that is out there about the release date was steam and that only got "adjusted" a couple of hours ago. What a PR disaster.
  10. Hey,

    She has a name, its Helen and she has feelings and stuff. Besides its me she wants, coz of my awesome post she saw. So back off.