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  1. aioth

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    I remember posting more quickly than Jamie.
  2. aioth

    The Atomic Cycling Thread

    Neat thread. I don't ride anything nearly as dirty as you guys; I sometimes ride over some lawn if I'm feeling adventurous. This July, tho', I've got a plan to ride up this, while I'm in the area. Does anyone have experience with a stand-alone heart monitor? I do not give a shit about logging my weekly mileage or whatever, but would be interested in HR when I do go out for non-utility rides. I ask about dedicated units because I have no money for a Garmin 8000++.
  3. aioth

    Dear Girvo

    To be fair, aioth and I looked like hipsters, at a punk gig. I also like to look like an emo-kid at electronic music festivals, so I did just that at Future. Because FUCK YO STEREOTYPES (or something else that implies I actually plan what I wear...) Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Yeah ok.
  4. aioth

    Dear Girvo

    I hope you went, dude. Please, go on.
  5. aioth

    Dear Girvo

    People who've studied PhOSc?No, people who talk about punk. This site is weird.
  6. aioth

    Dear Girvo

    People who've studied PhOSc? Punk show. Neeeeat.
  7. aioth

    Dear Girvo

    Thanks for the delightful night, bud. You were very gentle. Regards, hugs, and kisses, Aioth
  8. aioth

    So, Obama hasn't been assassinated

    What are you even talking about? 'Efficient politicians' don't just magic away the world's problems. Waiting around for the second coming of Christ/Caesar/Superman is letting things get worse.
  9. aioth

    People continue to confuse me

    If 'doing a Sheldon' is in your vocabulary and you're looking to reduce your sperginess, there's an obvious place to start.
  10. aioth

    A confusing set of road signs

    Yep, Brisbane bicycling infrastructure is ridiculous and mostly arbitrary. This is a useful site, if you haven't seen it before. It suggests looping around Victoria Park, which is a nice bikeway, but a bit out of the way. How do you normally get through the city? I would guess through the Roma St Parklands and over Kurilpa? http://briscycle.com/map/#ll=-27.448,153.016&z=15
  11. aioth

    Video Hits axed

    Do you mean 'black'?
  12. aioth

    I'm too sexy for my skirt!

    NYC are trying to discourage cycling at the moment. This is just part of that.
  13. aioth

    The Thornberry EP

    Harass them on twitter. This has not worked for me yet.
  14. Why? Are you saying that you only see a film if it appeals to a fetish you have? You've got a very simple and dumb idea of what motivates people. That is, one can watch a war movie without being a warmonger, watch a drama without wishing complications upon people's lives and, gasp, watch a movie involving sex without acting like a thirteen year old.