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  1. Mael

    Roll Call!

    I think I joined here during the first week of the forums February of 2001.
  2. Mael

    Friend commited suicide

    Nazi heathen Mods!
  3. Mael

    A decade ago...

    I'm trying to remember his original avatar. The one before this was just the green face, he later added the nuclear explosion around the time he became a moderator. But what was the avatar he originally had prior to that...? And yes, Unimpressed. Impressively so. was my tag. It went well with the look emanating from my avatar. Yes that is correct, I changed it at the time I was granted Hero status. Wow, just goes to show that over consumption of alcohol only really affects short term memory. Old Atomicans are proof.
  4. Mael

    A decade ago...

    No, it's just that I am very old now. We'd have to cut you in half and count the copper strands, or optic fibers. Um... OK, but it will heal up won't it?
  5. Mael

    So, Obama hasn't been assassinated

    Ah, but he is being assassinated. There are more ways to kill a man than but simply ending his life. If you truly want to end someone, you must also end the idea of them too.
  6. Mael

    A decade ago...

    10 frikken years! http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/archives.a...;c=1&t=6458 A decade in 'Internet' time is what, 500 years?
  7. Mael

    Atomic Authors

    Hello Ol' Timer. You need to post in this 'ere thread http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=44409 Seems that a few people from the olden days are pokin their heads in to have a look.
  8. Mael

    They shoot, they score

    It worked for Daryl Sommers for many a year... He could win a prize from Qantas for that!
  9. Mael

    They shoot, they score

    We need an adult back in charge. Anyone have Johnny's number? He's looking a bit old now.. maybe some grecian 2000 might make him look younger?
  10. Mael

    They shoot, they score

    Maybe not but, is there a suggestion in your post or daughters opinion that the job Gillard is doing is somehow related to her gender? I think her sentiment is that many will use this performance as an excuse to not think of women as capable leaders. Something that surprisingly we still see espoused today.
  11. Mael

    They shoot, they score

    Just out of interest, where do the Independents stand on this? Our 'Solutions' have cost us a lot of money over the last decade and we are yet to get a return on the investments. On a side note, my daughter who was quite chuffed at Australia finally having a female Prime Minister, declared to today that she is mortified at the job Ms Gilliard is doing and believes that we won't see another for decades to come.
  12. My experience has always been that the driving in the Middle East anytime of the day / year is akin to Russian roulette.
  13. Mael


    Well... I for one think that your thread contained just the right amount of bile and hysterical outcry. For a borderline psychotic. I found the marketing decoder clarified the situation quite nicely and the gratuitous use of vulgarities added a certain charm. Quite possibly the best example of self-righteous indignation I ever read on this esteemed forum. Now if you excuse me, I need to clean up the coffee I just snorted from my nose whilst reading that thread.
  14. Mael


    Probably all of the old farts returning lately trying to find proof of past glories!