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  1. The_Hawk


    Very nice collection there. I had a whole pile of old stickers from the 80s which got culled in one of the moves.
  2. The_Hawk


    I found some old stickers in the drawer again today. What interesting/old stickers do you have floating about?
  3. Long range networks. Even if it's just one component of what you're giving them. Prize to the person who makes something which goes the furthest.
  4. The_Hawk

    Roll Call!

    I was a way back when user too, sometime it the first year :) Still an occasional lurker
  5. The_Hawk

    Barn Find

    Ahhh, but once upon a time I was a DIY PC enthusiast, full of dip switch overclocking, pencil tricks and stupidly loud fans on massive heatsinks. Back in the day a PC didn't last more than about 6 months before the CPU and motherboard were swapped out for something bigger and better... the GPU barely lasted that long... Even then I had a special trolley to lug the whole box and dice (and the server) along to LAN events. (Still got my SGL card in a drawer here somewhere too!). That is up until the Core2Duo E6600, 3.2GHz stable on air for a long time until the Q6600 made that quad core at the same speed. About that time I realised I didn't use the PC for much more than browsing the web and maybe, just maybe, that $1000 GPU was being wasted. Turns out having Kids sort of takes up alot of your time :P These days the whole house is Mac, although there are a few linux servers still humming along doing different things, but gaming has been relegated to the console space. Something that you can turn on and just play for a little while without having to worry about if it's up to the spec of that game.
  6. The_Hawk

    Barn Find

    Well filling cabinet anyway... I was cleaning out a drawer of 10 year old invoices and stumbled across a small stash of stickers: There's something I haven't seen in years!
  7. The_Hawk

    Is ADSL 1 crap for gaming?

    ADSL 1 vs ADSL 2 speeds starts to make very little difference once your more than 3.5km form the exchange: Sadly being one of those people in the 5% who are essentially at the end of the line I have tried both ADSL 1 and 2 to try and solve some stability problems. In the end the real difference was the uploads were much worse (read 30kb/s vs 100kb/s) on ADSL1 so after fixing something with the line I'm back in ADSL2 and much happier for it. As for gaming... well it's all about latency most of the time and latency at distance is barely different. If you need more than 30kb/s up though you may have issues.
  8. The_Hawk

    Digital Subscription

    Taken from issue 143: So how do we access this free digital subscription?
  9. Surges can do amazing things. From a single incident I lost: A couple of ports on agigabit switch, but not the whole switch. The PCI Bus on the motherboard, but not any of the cards sitting on it or the CPU/RAM or anything else The network cable was fried Another PC lost it's motherboard completely AND fried a USB printer attached yet the HDD's, CPU and GPU were OK. It's really a case of luck to see what's gone. On another note, contents insurance usually covers things like this... Worth looking into if you have it.
  10. The_Hawk

    Transition to PCA

    It's a sad day to see Atomic close after reading it for over a decade, of course merging with PCA means we can still get out monthly hit so it's not all bad. I did quite like this line: But the question is how does it all work (especially that digital sub)? I was digging through my archives and it seems I have been a subscriber since 2003 and had switched to the 6 monthly recurring sub what seems likes an age ago now too. So, does this recurring sub just continue forever with the new mag? How do I access the digital sub (and/or when does this become available)?
  11. The_Hawk


    Yes. How much do you want? Hell, pick a price and I'm sure plenty of people would pre order the issue completely blind. As a long (long) time subscriber who has touched all 143 issues I'd love to get the full back catalog on disc, PDF would be fantastic, especially over that funky format that was used last time around. If you do go down that path it would be truly awesome if you actually included the ads that were in the mag rather than the blank spaces… half the fun is looking back on the ads and prices for old tech!! My wallet grumbles in memory of all the new shiny things it was forced to procure for me :P A 200 Page special collectors edition sounds awesome and would give enough space to cover all sorts of things.
  12. The_Hawk

    Let's take a walk down memory lane...

    Ahhh Magical Trevor... and the badgers. Nice :) /me wipes away a tear at his lost youth.
  13. The_Hawk

    DVD storage

    Actually, my rack looks like this: so it's sort of useless for BluRay right now ;) From memory it was $240, but it was a long while ago now. As for sending emails, alot of these places aren't really all that electronic, after all they are wood workers :P I just rocked up, pointed to something similar, drew a picture and handed over some cash. Again from memory it was a place called Triple 8 (or 888) furniture in Campbelltown.
  14. The_Hawk

    iPad version of Magazine?

    I'm still stroking my 2 CD's of issues 1 - 50. As a long time subscriber I'd love to move to digital and have the entire back catalog of issues (that I have already paid for) available to me as part of my ongoing subscription. Hell I'd probably pay a [small] premium for it. While I don't have any immediate plans to buy an iPad, if a couple of the magazines I subscribe to went digital I'd snap one up very quickly. ...still waiting for issues 51 - 100 to come out on CD/DVD, but I suspect that is wishful thinking :(
  15. Since dual monitors are becoming more and more prevalent maybe this question needs to be the topic of an Atomic article :D I'm thinking a range of cards, a range of games and a range of resolutions to see what % difference it makes with and without a second monitor.