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  1. Look at the piss poor list of Ministers the Liberals served up during the Howard Government. And one of them is in charge of the opposition!
  2. wilsontc

    Lolabor does it again...

    If Apple is avoiding paying a fee through a loop hole, it should be closed. Think of all that extra money that could go towards infrastructure!
  3. wilsontc

    The tech you really hate setting up

    Desktop PCs, be they Mac, Windows or Linux. Argh! I hate printers too. In fact, anything that the end user touches with their hands :(
  4. wilsontc

    My view on the NB, explained perfectly.

    I think the NBN will allow small businesses to open satellite offices or branches in other locations, and this will be great. I have a few clients who have their head office in one state, but are too small to justify a dedicated connection to link their offices in other states. So we end up with the HQ having business grade ADSL, and other sites having unreliable and slow consumer connections, due to their size. This impacts their ability to reliably access resources in each state. If the NBN would allow ISPs to provide reliable, fast connections, and I hope it will do so for a price that small businesses can afford, then this will provide all manner of opportunities for smaller businesses. By extension, the IT industry can provide solutions tailored to these smaller businesses; opportunities for all. Leonid mentions that 12mbps ADSL2+ is sufficient for him to access his cloud today. Small businesses, perhaps 30-40 people, likely have a 2-4mbps business grade connection, as this is all they can afford; would this provide acceptable performance for 30 users to access services in his cloud? Probably not. But providing smaller businesses with a faster connection could present a new opportunity for people like Leonid - small businesses could seriously consider moving to hosted IT infrastructure, if the bandwidth were available, and given that 96%+ of businesses in Australia are classed as "small", this is potentially a huge pie. I'm somewhat surprised that this hasn't been mentioned. I for one, working for a systems integrator, welcome the opportunity to get more business!
  5. wilsontc

    network cables

    1.6MB/s on Gigabit ethernet...something is very wrong. That's like, wireless G speed.
  6. wilsontc

    Linux DHCP Server

    Why not get payment at the door?
  7. Just in case you haven't heard, FreeBSD 8.1 has been released. Improvements include easier ZFS booting, zpool version 14, multicore support for G5 PowerPCs, new wireless drivers, and the usual slew of fixes. View the official announcement here
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    FreeBSD 8.1 Released!

    Not 100% sure, but I believe FreeBSD will work with Ext2 only...forget madadm and ext3 journals, let alone ext4! However, you could blow away your mdadm array and create a ZFS pool instead, and restore your data from backup, if you're interested in FreeBSD.
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    Having used both OpenSolaris (builds 111, 120-129, 131) and FreeBSD (builds 7.0, 7.1 and 8.0), for a home server with ZFS, I've found FreeBSD to be much nicer. Sure, FreeBSD 8.0 Stable doesn't have the latest version of ZFS. You miss out on dedup, iSCSI and automatic sharing via NFS and SMB (not sure how reliable the SMB is on OSol anyway!), none of which really bothered me. What I did find was a lot of stuff broke between dev builds, and I found myself eagerly waiting for the next development release, not for the Next Cool New Thing, but to simply to fix what the last had broken. I was often disappointed. OpenSolaris's system update is totally awesome, and FreeBSD 8 isn't anywhere near that yet. However, I feel that the trade off of having more ports / packages available, and not having to muck around installing extra stuff worth it, and FreeBSD wins for me in that regard. In summary, OpenSolaris is great if all you're doing is ZFS and you want every single thing ZFS has to offer, but for everything else, it's much more frustrating. I got sick of dealing with that frustration for my home server :)
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    Grazer makes some good points. If you're already working in a 2003 environment, how much value is MCSE going to add for you? I'd be looking at a Server 2008 certification if you're comfortable with 2003.
  11. wilsontc

    Android programmers

    Heh, probably a good move, the train guys in Melbourne assert that their timetable info is copyrighted information, not in the public interest :) Actually, I think the data is now on the Victorian Government website (although I downloaded it from Metlink Melbourne) Just give Java a go! I picked it up pretty easily, and you sound like you know a thing or two :)
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    Ergonomic assistance required

    Try typing dvorak :) I find it more comfortable.
  13. wilsontc

    Android programmers

    Yeah, I was / am into Android. I wrote an app to show the next three arriving trains in Melbourne, but I haven't put it on the market... Yeah, I was / am into Android. I wrote an app to show the next three arriving trains in Melbourne, but I haven't put it on the market...
  14. You're doing it wrong!
  15. Any Unix qualifications are very valuable. MCSE / MCITP's are a dime a dozen, but Unix quals are much rarer, and in this oversupplied job market you should do anything you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  16. I may be mistaken, but surely people have been lost cases similar to this one? In which case, compared to past cases, he would be deemed a "future offender". Throw the book at him!
  17. Careful Sparky, he'll need to pick a .usb file, not a .iso for that program to work. They are actually quite different, even though the name suggests they are similar. I wish this program was available for Mac!
  18. If you can use a non-administrative user for your games, I wouldn't bother with AV.
  19. OpenSolaris actually has a utility called usbcopy which will convert an iso into a bootable image which you can dd to a usb flash drive. The only problem is that you need to install OpenSolaris first! Given you already have the iso file, I would recommend installing OpenSolaris onto a Virtual Machine with the iso, and then use that to install usbcopy and create your bootable flash drive.
  20. Are you experiencing "out of memory errors", or BSODs? No? Then what does it matter?
  21. I like Hitachi drives. I only have to send them to Sydney :) You can also use bubble wrap if you're an end user.
  22. wilsontc

    Honeymoon destinations

    My wife and I went to Fukuoka, which is in Kyushu, the southernmost island in Japan. We wanted a quiet trip, where we could eat lots of food, drink lots of sake, and just relax. We stayed in Ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) and had private spas in our room. It was great!! Japanese country folk are so friendly. If you like seafood (especially), I recommend it. But it's probably not for everyone.
  23. I doubt we'll see any mainstream movement in the home front while Windows XP is the dominant OS - it doesn't support name resolution over IPv6!!!* *unless this has been fixed in a hotfix / service pack.
  24. Wow, there are a lot of variables in play here. Basically, in your environment here, you need to be logging on as a local user to your laptop. You've mentioned both "workgroup" and "domain" here - they are two completely different things. Thankfully your problem sounds simple; your user "test" is not a domain user. Simply typing in "MAXS_LAPTOP\test" should allow you to connect to your share. The reason you are seeing the error message is because by appending the @laptop.domain, you computer is trying to authenticate with the domain controller - which not only can't be accessed from your home network, but also, that user "test" is not a domain user - merely a local one. Hopefully I've hit the nail on the head here.
  25. wilsontc

    Boredom, and habit

    Only boring people get bored.