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    Reading lines into an array of strings in C

    Hmm, ok, that seemed to work :) Thank you freespace. Bookmarked :)
  2. A pet peeve of mine is when people use the term "*nix", or it's ugly cousin "*nux"...that just doesn't even make sense!!! *nux could only be referring to Linux, so why not just use the term Linux or GNU/Linux?! *Nix could possible refer to Unix-like systems, but if that's the case, what does the * represent? No matter how you expand the wildcard, it can only mean Unix. So nerr! I guess what I'm saying, is that to correctly interpret the goals of the OP, it's important to define whether nukejockey wants to learn commands that are specific to one kind of Unix, or about Unix in general. If it's the later, as I suspect it is, then FreeBSD is a good choice. But if nukejockey has seen the impressive premiums Solaris administrators seem to be able to command over other Unix admins and wants to learn Solaris, then it makes little sense to learn the general Unix commands, many of which are absent, irrelevant or behave differently on good old SunOS.
  3. At the risk of starting another derailed thread, I always thought: * Unix was all "Unix-like" systems; everything, including Mac OSX, BSD, Linux, Solaris etc. * UNIX was the original UNIX system * Linux is GNU/Linux or Linux-the-kernel depending on context. At least, that's how I use those terms. But I'm not here to argue a point. I'm most likely incorrect! Slimdog has posted a truly excellent resource. I can't believe I forgot to link to it in my earlier post! Thank you Slimdog :)
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    Naked DSL at a new house

    I didn't need an active phone line to get naked dsl from Netspace. In fact, I just told them the address and they organised the rest. I applied about a week before I moved, and had it about 5 days after I moved in. Netspace is a bit more expensive than the others, but I didn't want to stuff around with Telstra, and they were the only ISP I could find who would take care of all the details. The only connection fee I had to pay was $59, as I already had a modem and wanted a 12 month contract.
  5. I'd start with FreeBSD. The installer is simple and the man pages are excellent. It should be on your ISPs mirror, if they have one. As for Linux systems in production, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is pretty popular, or it's free cousin, Centos would be the place to start for Linux. Otherwise Solaris, though command wise it's not as transferable as BSD <-> Linux. There are heaps and heaps of Solaris *adm tools that are only on Solaris. At this stage though, I'd just be worrying about the basic commands. Adding users, changing passwords, installing packages and managing services. FreeBSD serves as a good base for this :)
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    Reading lines into an array of strings in C

    Thanks freespace, that's exactly what I needed; cleaner, simple and safe. I've now come into another problem that google can't seem to answer for me, or at least, in a way that I can understand. I now want a pointer to allStrings. So I declare the pointer like this: char **allStrings_ptr; My understanding is that I need the extra * to indicate that it's not just a pointer to a single char / int, but to an array of chars. Am I on the right track here? However, I do believe that I've done something wrong because when I try to assign the pointer, I get an "incompatible type" warning. allStrings_ptr = allStrings; What's the correct pointer declaration for an array of strings?
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    Cat house on the kings

    What an admirable human being!
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    one for robzy

    At least Robzy's jokes are funny..!
  9. Look in the bookshop if you're at Hawthorn. I saw a cheap printout called "Intro to Unix" or some such in the tafe computer section. Otherwise, the best way would be to download a Unix system and run it in a virtual machine on your own computer. If you're stuck, I recommend starting with Virtualbox and FreeBSD. These are both free products and can be found easily. Your ISP probably mirrors FreeBSD. For the purpose of learning basic commands, any version of FreeBSD should be sufficient. The best thing about learning Unix on a BSD system is that there is no gui or complex installer to make life difficult, and the help pages included with the system are excellent. Typing "man commandname", where commandname is a program (ie adduser) will bring up the help page for that command. Welcome to Unix; a simple system that requires one to be a genius to understand the simplicity :)
  10. Hello guys, I recently changed my home network so that my home server is no longer the gateway. My new network looks like this: Internet | modem / router ___________|__________________ | | PC1 (nge0 Airport ( | (nge1 | | Wireless MacBooks PC2 (en0 PC1 runs OpenSolaris PC2 runs Mac OS X PC1 & PC2 are connected by a crossover cable My problem is that PC2 can't see the network, and therefor can't be accessed nor access the internet. It can see PC1 fine; the crossover cable is working correctly. I believe I need to use static routes to connect PC2 to the network. I have turned on IP Forwarding in OpenSolaris: timothy@opensolaris:~$ svcs -a | grep forward disabled 17:43:13 svc:/network/ipv6-forwarding:default online 17:43:36 svc:/network/ipv4-forwarding:default I'm not really looking for which commands I need to type here, I'm more interested in what I'm supposed to do theoretically. I will work out the commands myself :P
  11. Adding a static route on the modem/router was exactly what I needed to do. Thank you!
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    Exetel banning P2P Traffic...

    They already shape bit torrent too. Glad I switched.
  13. Is it possible that your code needs to be recompiled against the server? It may also be possible that the server doesn't actually have make, gcc and friends installed; it's often viewed as a security risk to have development tools installed on a server. If you're certain that the programs are installed and that you're experiencing this error due to a path issue, you'll need to contact the sysadmin anyway to work out which directories you should add to your $PATH.
  14. On the OpenSolaris box? I'll try this. I thought forwarding was enough, perhaps not. Because the router I have is only 100mbps, but I want gigabit connectivity. I don't want to buy another switch just for one extra PC. The crossover cable will meet my requirement, I just need a little help in configuring the PCs :)
  15. Yeah, NagChampa, if you read the thread, you'll see that Linus has no idea what's going on, but assumes he's right, and calls both Cox personally and Cox's code various names. This eventually results in Cox leaving his position as maintainer for the TTY layer :( It's funny you mention 'shit' ending up in the kernel. Ext4 was in there for a long time, despite it's highly experimental status. Reiser4 by all accounts was in a similar state, but was not included, despite many requests for it to be. Why? Because Linus Knows Best. My point is that one person deciding what is best for a massive project such as Linux is only a good idea if that person is nearly always infallible. Linus is anything but. I guess with Linux being a much larger project than OpenBSD or DragonFly BSD (Theo De Raat and Matthew Dillon are the respective leaders) these sorts of conflicts may arise more frequently, but that doesn't excuse his behaviour, and as a direct result, a really, really talented developer was lost from a very important position.
  16. GetDataBack is also pretty good. There's a trial which will allow you to see what it finds. Some of these utilities may require a valid fat or ntfs filesystem to scan. If that's the case, a quick format will only overwrite the superblock and not zero the drive. The catch with your Linux system, is that if it formatted the drive with ext[2,3,4] then it may have written superblock backups over some of your files. If your data recovery programs find files, but when you try to open them they are corrupted, this is probably what has happened. Those files are lost, to my knowledge.
  17. Yes, I see what you mean. I should rephrase my post. What I meant to say was from the LKML messages I've read, which I haven't read as many from say, FreeBSD-current, OpenBSD-misc, that when it comes to patches, if Linus doesn't like it, it doesn't go in. Reiserfs4 was one such patch. This TTY stuff is another. Basically, "Linus knows best". I think you'll find that with Theo and Matt, if the code is good and it's licensed correctly, it goes in, regardless of whether or not the developer agrees with it. Wireless drivers around OpenBSD 3.7 were an example of this from memory, as was the reworked RAIDFrame in 4.something. Anyway, I guess we're getting off topic. It's good to see that Alan Cox is still working on the kernel :)
  18. I would be extremely interested in this if you have the time to post it!
  19. Phew! Either way, the TTY layer is very important as I understand it. If it's truly as Alan Cox says, Linus seemed like a bumbling idiot, from what I read. I guess that's the price of fame; he has become more of a manager rather than the talented developer he used to be. He seems to jump in now and again with patches, and don't get me wrong, git is totally awesome too, but like RMS, he seems to more concerned with pushing his view, rather than writing good code. Theo De Raat, Mathew Dillon and the late Jun Ichiro are all examples of famous developers who are all about writing great code, despite their popularity.
  20. Are you sure he left the kernel? It looks like he's just no longer the maintainer for TTY Layer. http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m=124...7107642&w=2 If he's left the kernel then...well, that's a real shame. Linus is totally out of line either way.
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    Your font of choice?

    It depends on the publisher, as the font would have to be licensed from a foundry.
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    Your font of choice?

    Caslon for headings, Garamond for copy.
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    Google Chrome OS

    Maybe if the new Window Manager is halfway decent we will finally see an end to X!
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    Windows 7 iPods / iPhones Lord of the Fries
  25. If it's a BSOD, it's normally corrupt memory or a bad driver. Since it's just a black screen, sounds like a power supply issue. What are the specs of the PSU? Random restarts without explanation could also be caused by a faulty motherboard as you thought. Assuming you're using SATA disks and USB kb + mouse, if you have the parts, try using IDE and PS2 devices as well. A faulty motherboard often causes errors on one or more buses. It might just be that your SATA bus isn't damaged (yet), but other subsystems are. Random mouse deadlocks, unresponsive keyboards or failed transfers between IDE and SATA disks should help to confirm the problem. Let's hope it's the power supply eh!