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  1. Nich...

    What a joke

    “I was just as disturbed about the threat from a young person to physically assault a police officer as I was with the response from the police officer.” NSW Police Minister, David Elliot, thinks that a verbally making a threat about physical violence while making no move to actually turn it into a serious threat, is just as bad as dumping a kid on his face in an uncontrolled fall to teach him a lesson. IIRC this is the same person who said he wished the NSW Police strip searched his kid without supervision The former. Unless you'd like to keep adding attention to the thing you're decrying having too much attention?
  2. Nich...

    What a joke

    Then you'll understand why I can't really go into their motivations.
  3. Nich...

    What a joke

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-02/nsw-police-investigate-officer-over-arrest-of-indigenous-teen/12310758 Can you tell me exactly who did the damage? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Breonna_Taylor I'm sure there's other names I can find. If they're not the focus, I'd say that's a deliberate choice on behalf of people. You keep saying that the media want to make a mess of this, and are making a mess of this, and you're not happy with the mess they're making... and then keep talking as if that mess is the only thing anyone is talking about. It feels like the only thing you keep talking about - or at least wanting to talk about, tho'
  4. Nich...

    how crap is this government ?

    The house I'm living in is only 5 years old and cost less than that. So I'm in awe of both what kind of rennovation $150k actually gets you in a capital city these days, as well as who's able to afford it and get a loan approved for it.
  5. Nich...

    What a joke

    Ah, when I say it, I'm half cocked, but when you say it, you're the suppository of wisdom. When black deaths in custody are suddenly a talking point to be used for why it's not the cops fault for neglect of duty, its their own brothers and sisters. To really make the point clear to me that a bunch of cops are racist narcissist egotistical pieces of trash, that I was totally unaware of, and couldn't otherwise see a problem with. What a public service. I mean, I guess you're right. I'd prefer that suppressed rage to be aimed at less innocent targets, like the police force and politicians. But I'm not the one saying that those people are angry only because of racial and power tensions with the police. Say, got any fun stats in fun infographic form for which demographics hurt each other the most, in Australia, and how that lead a kid in NSW to have his face planed in the ground by NSW's finest? Must be pretty bad black violence in Sydney, for the cop to take idle smacktalk from a distance to be so threatening.
  6. Nich...

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Hit me up if you want some of the colour codes used in the modern forum theme.
  7. Nich...

    What a joke

    Ah yes. People kill each other, so it's not really a big deal when the police kill people too. Ah yes. There should be no violence, and the world will be changed. a) I guess that means everyone protesting now should be prepared to die and become a martyr for the cause, like MLK did, because that's the best way to prove a point b) If violence isn't a good answer, then the cops should stop using it
  8. Nich...

    What a joke

    I'm glad you quoted me on that, and not the person I was paraphrasing.
  9. Nich...

    What a joke

    What do you think that graph represents? And that specific framing?
  10. Nich...

    What a joke

    I'm putting those two things together to show why I'm not going to really take that as a serious question. You can give a nice little speech about how ridiculous the media and other large power structures are, and how bullshit most of it is, hands clasping for power. And then still go back to that bullshit and play the same kind of game you just accused the media and political parties of.
  11. Nich...

    What a joke

    I'm sure all the dead people at the hands of the police could be super into non-violence, too. Lot more of them than the King and now I guess Floyd riots. And how much movement was there really in the intervening what, 30 years? Not sure what's worse: what would happen if the rioters were coherent enough to actually have a leader, and how much damage that might cause; or thinking all of the people actually out there rioting have fucks to give about what anyone is telling them at this point.
  12. Nich...

    What a joke

    A-fucking-men. I don't see meaningful political reform without meaningful party reform, and the parties and press are never super keen for that.
  13. Nich...

    What's on your mind?

    This is where @LogicprObe appears, asking us to gather around the campfire while he regales us with tales of Windows 7, right?
  14. Nich...

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Boy Scout 'til the end.
  15. Nich...

    What a joke

    And again, you're basically putting words in my mouth that I condone what's happening. But it's not like the status quo was doing great for a bunch of people. There's no winning hand here. There's no deus ex machina. There's only shit options served with a side of shit sandwiches and a cup of watered down shit, because you're not even good enough for the top shelf shit. But yeah sure lets sit here and pontificate like we have the solution, if only they'd listen to us. You're happy to see why people voted for Trump to buck the system and see if it worked, but I guess that was a one-night only performance. so it's just ignorance, then - if he asks for somethign to happen, it's not his fault how it's carried out? And yet there was a riot involving MLK and his followers, and they got. fucked. up. bad. And then things got a little better. Do you think the stonewall riots helped or hindered their goals? And a bunch of people are still protesting peavefully and calling out the rioters, in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the US right now, but apparently that's just a waste of time now because Floyd's legacy is in tatters and the media has fallen prey to anarchists and libertarians., so noone gives a fuck that the police are in a bunch of areas not even trying to uphold the law.