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  1. Nich...


    I think the best solution is going to be if we move everything to a single subforum called 'Chaos.smells'. That way no-one feels a sense of FOMA, and we can bypass quirks in the 'show new content' view.
  2. Nich...

    Locked threads and suspensions

    I do what I can, in the time I have available. They really didn't belong in the other thread, either, but this bunch is harder to tidy up, and wasn't my priority.
  3. Nich...


    I was discussing a few options last night. Briefly, I think a few very basic groups would serve things well: TGR as it stands, Tech Talk for software and hardware, Gaming for the obvious, and Feedback for website/community issues. Nostalgia says a Community events sub, but it's barely ever used (tho' that's not a unique comment). Maybe a sub that's unmoderated (maybe for everything other than spam, and certain aspects of legality). One idea is to just flatten everything down to those basic categories. Another is to archive things and start 'fresh' with new categories. Flattening is going to cause some weird congestion with stickies, tho' I'm inclined to just un- them and let them sink or swim, or un- them and put links to them all in a single announcement thread pinned forum-wide. There's a lot of options. My biggest concern with flattening is where to put some things. Say we basically keep the five subforums in 'The Geeks'. Most of the other subforums easily fit into 'Tech Talk'. But Photography is a slight outlier. If 'Tech Talk' is 'enthusiast PC' where PC is taken in a broad sense of stationary and mobile computing, and 'The Green Room' is basically 'off topic' so non-IT stuff, like weather/twitter/politics/religion/cars, which side of the divide does photography fall? Potentially
  4. Nich...

    Locked threads and suspensions

    What I'm getting, @eveln, is that you're upset that a shitstirring thread that you were enjoying got locked, and Leo decided to leave and whatever Kimmo did in a thread I didn't read. And sure, you've every right to be upset. But it feels a bit rich for you to try and paint the mods into a corner for rather trite reasons, and sidestep any and all responsibility you have for your own words, preferring to take ours out of context - as well as placing some in our mouth. Suspensions were handed out for at least one member continuing to be abusive after being asked to refrain - or, lest you want to take that out of context too, being abusive and when called upon it refusing to rule it out again in the immediate future. The thread was locked for going nowhere fast after it descended into arguing with direct mod requests that were upholding the forum guidelines/rules/whatever you want to call them. If the thread was locked because it wasn't going 'our' way, then it was pages/weeks/months too late. That's not what happened. That Leo was suspended for refusing to curtail his abusiveness at some members wasn't a personal grudge or vendetta, either. If it were, we could have suspended him and locked his threads on hundreds of prior occasions, when we've disagreed about things passionately. To belabor the point, I thought some of the points he raised in among it all in that locked thread were salient enough that I asked him privately to raise them in a new thread, to better focus discussion. That he demurred was understandable, because it wasn't a thread I particularly wanted to make, either. Now, if you'd prefer, I can stop being amused at all of this and skip straight to frustrated and disappointed? But at this point you're just as likely to jump up and down and be upset at us for putting words into your mouth and telling you what you can and can't say, and how dare we ruin things, so honestly, Not to be too blunt about it, but while this is no longer a highly commercialised site with oversight from on high, it's still not a free for all where anything and anything can be said without consequence. We go out of our way to try and keep it feeling like that's not the case, but occasionally we need to put on our mod hats for things that you'll notice. At the end of the day, you're free to raise concerns with us, stay, or go. But please don't insinuate we can't ever do anything again that might risk people not posting on the forums by us actually being mods because that'll just upset people and they won't want to play anymore, when what it feels like you're saying is you want to be the boss, not us, and you don't want us to do anything you don't like.
  5. Nich...

    Regular laptop or 2-in-1 ?

    No HDMI is weird (unless it's using USB-C for video), but I'm not surprised there's no card reader. I see card readers like optical drives, when it comes to laptops: better kept in a case, connected via USB, for the once a year you might need it.
  6. Nich...

    Software Boardgames - any good?

    I have a few board/card games on PC and the biggest drawback is it makes everyone buy it to play, rather than just everyone mooching off the friend with the kickstarter addiction. So I stopped looking in to them, in general, and didn't even open the email humble sent me about that one.
  7. Nich...

    AMD Zen

    Small miracle it changed the HAL at least somewhat to handle the new CPU. Mild sadness it didn't do it properly to save the reinstall. Guess I should try a refresh first, save me dicking around with nssm setting up daemons again.
  8. Nich...

    Regular laptop or 2-in-1 ?

    OneNote + like you said, being able to quickly draw something would be my main uses for a business usecase. Maybe slightly easier to drive powerpoint if you're doing it wirelessly and want to walk around and don't mind carrying it in tablet mode, vs going back to a desk/lectern etc all the time to look at what's next/change slide if you're not doing that wirelessly anyway. For me the main reason I'd want a 2in1 is to read from it in portrait mode without a keyboard sitting out at an angle - but that'd be moreso for personal use than business.
  9. Nich...

    Locked threads and suspensions

    I mean, he was a Hero, once upon a time. But I guess the mods at the time got the willies and removed that. That's a pretty curious take on things.
  10. Nich...

    Logic's woes.

    https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/evga-nu-audio-pro-sound-card Found you a new soundcard, LP!
  11. Hot swappable just means you have to either turn off write cache or disconnect it within windows first, right? Just like any other kind of external USB drive?
  12. How many data ports will you be losing, for how many M2 ports you plan to fill?
  13. Nich...

    Locked threads and suspensions

    I'm glad you think that a pretty basic rule here from the get go, that has been exercised quite rarely for a long time, is an ego trip. Tell me again how things should be done just the way you prefer. I find, fwiw, that a thread that gets to the point of being locked, just like a member that gets to the point of being suspended, pretty disappointing.
  14. Nich...

    AMD Zen

    Hwinfo for me shows good numbers for voltages, temps, and watts, and useless numbers for core speeds. Guess it's reinstall time.
  15. I got this combona little while back. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/43185 https://www.pccasegear.com/products/28262 Had no issues with the dock so far. Every month or so I pull an deprecated 200gb or 2tb drive out and do a fresh backup onto it. I figure at least one of the drives will be working if I ever need to rebuild after a major data failure on a live system. That, but also surprisingly decent media drives, given they're read from more than written to. Just takes forever to fill them up.