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  1. Nich...

    Wasting water with environmental flows

    I mean, sure, NSW would have a lot more water if they didn't let anything from the Murray-Darling basin enter South Australia, but... that's all been divvied up, already.
  2. Nich...

    What a joke

    So... if I've got this straight: You're upset that people who were put in the sin bin for a while went and posted elsewhere, but then came back here? Is this why you refuse to use facebook? Weren't you put in the sin bin at one point (for threatening people with physical violence?)? And you're upset that he did not help out when Dudeworld went to shit for a bit? And Twinny is being a bully for asking you to confirm your stories? If memory serves a few people have called you on some of your stories over the years. Is Twinny unique in how he's doing it, perhaps? And he's creepy with his obsession, but you're happy to recall details about where you think he lives and who you think visits him?
  3. Nich...

    2001 brown face

    'I can tell you what a troll is, you're too dumb to know, and I refuse to respond to trolls... oh but fuck off you useless moron'
  4. Nich...

    Wasting water with environmental flows

    Because they have money to spend. They don't have water to allocate.
  5. Nich...

    What's on your mind?

    young declared alzheimer girl?
  6. Nich...

    What Are You Cooking?

    Took about an hour longer than I expected, but some flan-style creme brulees turned out reasonable. Using brown sugar for the caramel was a mistake.
  7. Nich...

    What a joke

    What is it you're actually trying to say, there?
  8. Nich...

    What a joke

    I don't claim to be a chef. But there's photos of me around wearing a uniform from when i was, as well as a portfolio of things I've made, and recipes I've used/modified/created. I'm unsure why meeting people would put at risk people making tall claims, unless like one previous member you're saying you're older than you are.
  9. Nich...

    What a joke

    Don't you need to be middle aged to have a mid-life crisis?
  10. Nich...

    What a joke

    https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/09/hunter-bidens-legal-socially-acceptable-corruption/598804/ But he didn't break any laws tho so
  11. Nich...

    What Are You Cooking?

    It's cool, but I kind of object to Stella characterising brown sugar as an imitation. Every couple of years I stumble upon a link to making it and end not up.
  12. Nich...

    What Are You Cooking?

    I haven't made any in a fair while, and my memory was that you can get a decent chunky layer of caramel by doing a thin layer of sugar, melt it with a blow torch, and then rinse repeat a few more times. Which works, but the sugar isn't melting properly in successive layers, which isn't surprising because I was trying not to burn the lower layer. And splitting as in the egg protein curdling because the custard got too hot. It can give an eggy flavour, but more importantly it'll have a grainy texture. I put this batch in the oven in small ramekins at 120, in a water bath, but in the past I've also just cooked the custard on a stovetop. I'm not as big a fan of that way as the custard is too liquidy, usually.
  13. Nich...

    What a joke

    I think part of my surprise is that you seem rather more objecting to that one act in that one room, vs all the other shitty things that happen in that place that aren't sexual acts, like ordering for people to be killed in one way or another.
  14. Nich...

    What Are You Cooking?

    Lemongrass creme brulees turned out as well as I remembered. Custard is set but not split, and with three layers of glazing, the caramel is firm without being burnt and only slightly grainy. Next round I might go for a single glaze with a thicker layer.
  15. Nich...

    2001 brown face

    Well at least you're only calling her a loser and not stupid, I guess.