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  1. Nich...

    how crap is this government ?

    He was tackled by at least one person with outstanding arrest warrants. That's the level of restraint you'd expect for someone physically capable of trying to get away vs most of them. It's the level of restraint that saw the security industry hauled over the coals when similar zeal ended up accidentally killing people. That level of restraint night be proportional for Dwayne Johnson, or someone who had tried to shoot or stab or otherwise seriously injure someone. But not someone with an egg. And if as you said he was restrained to stop Anning hitting him... Why wasn't Anning restrained similarly? Also at no point did I give a cheer for the kid. I said he was treated unfairly. So uh... What's that accusation coming from?
  2. Nich...

    Terror attack in NZ

    How semantic.
  3. Nich...

    What a joke

    Yeah uh they're hashtags, without the #. Isn't the whole point of posting them so other paranoid delusionals can find you via Google? Keep fighting the good fight against the man, bro, like, totes. You'll totally get taken seriously.
  4. Nich...

    Terror attack in NZ

    Indiscriminate would surely involve shooting people who weren't at the mosque, like randoms and passers by? Cos of to go into a mosque and only shot the people there, that sounds like a pretty discriminate choice.
  5. Nich...

    What a joke

    Oh shoot Walt you forgot your paranoid conspiracy hashtags, code blue code blue the aluminium foil hat has fallen, I repeat, safety hat down!
  6. Nich...

    how crap is this government ?

    Iirc, Anning jabbed the kid once as a reaction, then went in again (no longer self defence), then the kid was tabled and restrained in a way totally out of proportion with what happened. Given who tackled him, he's lucky they weren't armed or he'd be in hospital. But let's focus on the fact the kid could have glassed Anning hypothetically and that's the same as egging someone as as violent cowardly acts go. Personally I wish eggboy took a page from NZ politics and lobbed sex toys at Anning. Which is just glassing from a distance I guess.
  7. Nich...

    how crap is this government ?

    ... And former OG Atomican God..."
  8. Nich...

    Dear TMFP

    A trick, a missing limb, either or.
  9. Nich...

    What a joke

    Don't choke on the Kool aid there, Walt.
  10. Nich...

    Dear TMFP

    I remember when I had a monopoly on these kinds of threads. It brings a tear to my eye to see them back in fashion, and just as well received.
  11. Nich...

    What's on your mind?

    Not interesting in the slightest, tbh. The interesting ones are Skype numbers, or robocalls telling you to call a disconnected number. Occasuonally, via chance, the number is from a town or city with major ATO offices, and that's enough to convince people it must be real.
  12. Nich...

    W10 15 March update broke my mouse

    Were you worried about losing actual stuff you've downloaded, or a week of updates ago?
  13. Nich...

    Here's a thought

    Nah, a fair few have been.
  14. Nich...

    W10 15 March update broke my mouse

    The only other thing I can think of, is have you uninstalled the driver, unplugged the mouse, and then plugged it back in? And if that doesn't work, same same, but reinstall the driver for the mouse before it plugs back in? (I'm not even sure at this point if the issue is with your mouse driver, usb port, or HID subsystem)
  15. Nich...

    W10 15 March update broke my mouse

    Messing around with partition magic long ago was the reason I've since kept my games on a separate partition, if not drive, to Windows. If I'm reinstalling, it's things like 7zip and irfanview and office, not terrabytes of games. Good luck :<