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  1. Also ordered myself an MP510 medium mouse pad to replace this '3m precise mousing surface' that I may have had since the late '90s/early '00s, because all it wants to do now is slide over the desk and out from under my hand/mouse, as a reward for taking 4 days to get this done -_-
  2. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/KFwp3t Didn't realise it defaulted to private, sorry -_- And yeah, the EMI peak on the superflower is weird, but it still got a good review. Figured I may as well go for the better PSU seeing as it'll literally be running 24/7 for most of the next 5-10 years.
  3. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/Nichers/saved/FCD4dC If it'll act as/get retired to a home server, may as well throw some stuff at it, I guess, and make life easier down the track. If it was just for my desktop, I'd like to think I'd have gone with the x570 aorus pro wifi, but I may have just gone for something rather cheaper and a 3600
  4. haha. The pricing differences here vs in the US between models is crazy. Anyway, The ROG Srix -E is basically the wifi version of the -F, with a 2.5GbE thrown in for good measure. If I go up to $449, I get me all the things: front and back USB-C, 8 SATA ports that aren't affected by M2 population. Which is only $30 over the Aorus Pro wifi. Do not like the price but do like the expansability. The only thing the ASUS missing vs the GA is a motherboard temp sensor (and, I guess, a half TB nvme SSD) So one thing I've noticed is the ASUS and GA motherboards both have a full 8 pin EPS connector, as well as a 4 pin one beside it. How important is it that both be used? Because it looks like 2x EPS rails at 650W is not common, but is (moreso) at 750W. Helps if I look at the latest revision of PSUs I guess -_- eh, cm650x and xm650 are different models from different years. Sorry for the edit spam. I'm tired and struggling to nail down the PSU and motherboard -_-
  5. From what I can tell.... Gigabyte Aorus Pro > Asus Tuf, for this. Tuf has no front USB-c header, which is probably a bigger thing given the case hah. Still umming and ahhing on the PSU. Keep getting distracted by all the other shit going on with the AMD ecosystem. (Finally worked out how to filter properly with this , and between that and this other thing the list of boards that do what I'd like is pretty narrow.
  6. If I understand the case fanhub correctly, I can run the 3 casefans off the 3 pin side, keep the central D15 PWM fan plugged into the motherboard's CPU fan connector, and plug the fan hub's PWM line into a PWM casefan motherboard connector, with the second D15 PWM fan plugged into the fan hub as a signal line. Just not sure how this will affect the other fans, speed-wise (how how push-pull will work if the speeds aren't syncing up), and if it'd be better to mount the second D15 fan on the case (bottom mounted pointing up at the drive bays, or up towards the GPU a little further back, I'm guessing), or just look at replacing the default case fans with PWM fans
  7. Free pcie4 ('free') and I won't say no, but yeah it's not something I'd go out of my way for. My understanding tho' is that, either via v4 or something else with the 3000+x570 combo opens up more lanes which can go towards storage, eg 6 SATA ports and at least one (I think I've seen 2, maybe not 3) m2 slot that can be used together, rather than m2 slots disabling SATA ports. This feels important because as I slowly upgrade my personal (cf server) storage, I can shuffle SATA SSDs onto m2 ports, and make space for more spinning rust. (and yeah, I don't plan on using [wireless] much, but it'll be useful to have around) My only concern with that review ( @LogicprObe I put some links of reviews in (after the prices)) is, as pointed out on whirlpool, the spike at low frequencies. Thanks, clears that up for me. Yeah, if this wasn't doubling as a server with so many drives hanging off it, I'd probably go for something a lot cheaper, motherboard-wise, and also probably drop to a 3600 CPU. Tidied up partspicker lists: full system in context new bits I need (sans D15 bracket)
  8. I'm trying to get as much as possible via pick-up in Melbourne, so I'm forgoing a few cheaper prices for the 'convenience' of being able to build it after a few hours of driving. Any suggestions? Still a bunch of reading and videos to slog through to have a better idea of RAM on x570/Ryzen 3000, and trawling reviews to see what quirks there are and if everything will fit and play nicely. PSU: Super Flower Leadex III Gold 650W (SF-650F14HG) $139 (a) (b) CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700x (CPUA4R73700X) $499 $515 Mobo: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Pro wifi $419 1 (a) RAM: 16GBx2: Crucial ballistix elite 32gb 3200 c15, $269 (BLS2K16G4D32AESB), or G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 (F4-3200C16D-32GVK) $229 $215 Case: Fractal define R6 USB-c gunmetal grey 2 $229 (a) Free shit from promos: SSD: Gigabyte Gen 4 SSD 500GB Games: Borderlands 3 or Outerworlds System overview: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/MrYL7T Note, I'm only getting new case/psu/cpu/mobo/ram. 1 ERP problems with the intel wireless chip are annoying but also it's there as a backup, I'm unlikely to use wifi and BT often. Also, lack of availability/decent pricing in Vic is annoying on the Ultimate. I'm trying to trade off/justify the extra price for the free 4.0 nvme storage. 2 My only concern is the included 3x 140mm fans seem to be 3-pin models, and I can't get it clear in my head if these attached to the case's fan controller will work as if they're PWM-controlled fans, or I'll have to fuck around.
  9. Mix of gaming, web/file/media serving, and leaving firefox sitting around with 500 tabs open, for the most part. At this point I'm thinking that I'll just run something as my desktop, and if there's significant changes with next year's release to give me buyer's remorse, I'll get that for myself and shunt this purchase into my now vacant (matx?) case to run as a discrete home server (trying to work out what's going on with x570 ECC support is a PITA). So if my desktop will also be the home server, I guess on top of that, at some point it'll be setup as a base station for a handful of IP/PoE cams. IDK. I hate forced upgrades. Biggest gutpunch is knowing that the 4690k running at 4.4ghz is probably going to be the same as or slightly ahead of what I can expect from a 3000 series. Lucky I like to run all the things at the same time, I guess.
  10. ATM I'm looking to pickup the AM4 bracket from PCCG for my NH-D15, and if I get both a R7 3700x and Gigabyte motherboard from MSY, there's a freeby GIGABYTE Gen 4 SSD 500GB (which would replace my current 850 EVO 250GB SSD). Dunno if I want to go a GA board tho', it's the piece I'm the most indecisive on, between juggling SATA ports (prefer 6 to be usable even before m2 drives are plugged in), M2 location so heatsinks fit, backplane connectivity, and having enough front USB headers for A and C types (1 3.1g2 c, 2x3.0 a, 2x2.0 a) on an R6 define. Dunno whether to look at g.skill, corsair, or crucial for 32GB of RAM. f4-3200c16d-32gvk look to be $215, but BLS2K16G4D32AESB are $269, and they both seem to be getting favourable reviews. Don't necessarily need a new PSU, but I guess it'd be nice. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/wjLyx6 says, ignoring what's in USB ports, it'll use barely more than 400W, which feels weirdly low (long time since that'd barely cover CPU and GPU alone, hah), but at some point in the coming year or so I'll probably grab a new GPU and who knows what power draw they'll have.
  11. I was hoping to stretch it to 5 years TBH and see what the next gen ryzen brought to the game, and if Intel had a response, but eh. Kind of amazed it lasted this long, at this point, given the reoccurring issues the motherboard and ram gave me from the get-go.
  12. How does that even work? DOAs can FOAD, dealt with that shit before. I guess I'm in the market for an AM4 board, 32GB of RAM, and a Ryzen 5 or 7.
  13. Yep, empty CPU socket, mobo is still unresponsive and doesn't beep.
  14. Finally managed to get desktop's PSU working, with an optical drive plugged in, and some old phone recharge cable standing in for a paperclip. Still nothing with the PSU plugged into the desktop powering only the motherboard and CPU, everything but the actual CPU physically removed. Not sure if this is definitely ruling out that PSU as being the culprit without finding a multimeter (and learning how to use a multimeter), but given that's 0/2 PSUs that will fire the system up... I'm back to assuming it's mobo or CPU that's dead. IDK if it's even worth trying to reset the bios? The jumper and battery are not easy to reach, sitting in under the NH-D15 Guess it's parts shopping time.
  15. Is there still value in having such an old thread stickied?
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    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    There we go.
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    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Pro-Israel supporter gets off on mocking everyone else from having safe spaces. More coming soon.
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    How can I delete my account?

    We can't/don't do account deletions, sorry.
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    Which would you like to see trimmed? And by trimmed, we'd need somewhere to dump their contents.
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    My leg and the last 2 months

    @TheManFromPOST if you need to kill some time in short bursts, I wasted a good chunk of last night/this morning watching things like this, and being unsure just how I feel about each example of skill, from a professional standards and aesthetics POV, as well as just what I'd like to eat personally (like, lemon curd doughnuts are nice, but all that stuff on top makes it difficult to pick up and eat, which is my usual argument against stupidly large burgers). IDK if 'armchair' criticism is something that's entertaining or depressing for you tho'.
  21. Was it only working because you underclocked the data rate so low?
  22. Just confirming (asking because I made this mistake last week), you had the extra power rails plugged in? Extra cable for CPU, and one/both cables for the GPU?
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    VPN for windows 10

    Hey @seankelly, less spruiking, more talking about TV shows or other hobbies, perhaps.
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    My leg and the last 2 months

    Good luck, TMFP. I hope this stabilises the spiral, and gives you a chance to jump back into things you enjoy.
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    the atomican child of ravenclaw

    Misplaced. Ravenclaws aren't known for being tidy.