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  1. 12 hours ago, eveln said:

    Oh so how do you rate the closing of that thread then, a chuckle, a laugh, or barely a sneer  ? ... I reckon the latter . Mods with an ego that must be obeyed. lol.


    I'm glad you think that a pretty basic rule here from the get go, that has been exercised quite rarely for a long time, is an ego trip.


    Tell me again how things should be done just the way you prefer.


    I find, fwiw, that a thread that gets to the point of being locked, just like a member that gets to the point of being suspended, pretty disappointing.

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  2. I got this combona little while back.





    Had no issues with the dock so far. Every month or so I pull an deprecated 200gb or 2tb drive out and do a fresh backup onto it. I figure at least one of the drives will be working if I ever need to rebuild after a major data failure on a live system.

    15 hours ago, fliptopia said:

    Yeah, pretty much a replacement for things like tape. 

    That, but also surprisingly decent media drives, given they're read from more than written to.


    Just takes forever to fill them up.

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  3. 16 hours ago, eveln said:

    So a green room even more insipid than it tends to be now, and moderated by woke kittens and rainbows. And a thunderdome with no moderation so's once your gut is sickly full from TGR you can go into thunder mode and rip shreds off of anyone you feel like

    how ...' civilised '... I mean crikey ! the thread that was for our safe space got locked

    I'm not sure what's more amusing: that chaos and I are woke kittens and rainbows (what, both of us, or one each?); That you think the same handful of people abusing each other over the same things, over and over again, year after year, is somehow both insipid and also worth saving; that you've forgotten what it's like for even basic moderation to take place and the consequences of ignoring direct requests from mods; or that a thread mocking people for safe spaces was not shown the due respect you thought it was trying to engage in.

    5 hours ago, fliptopia said:

    Could split between pc tech and non pc tech for things like cameras and phones


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  4. 6 hours ago, Chaos.Lady said:


    You promised me improvements, not objectively bad things from an objectively bad person.


    In its simplest form, each section should have a clear purpose. Tech talk for tech news and advice and troubleshooting, hardware and software, mobile or stationary. Gaming for anything gaming related.


    Imo part of keeping simple clear lines for this should be about not needing to think about where to post something, and accepting topic drift in threads. Especially given the trend of omnibus threads. If you are trying to do one thing but stumble upon issues on the way, it may as well all be handled in the one place as much as possible, to retain context, without half a dozen links to small niche threads.


    'Artsy' stuff feels very niche, and at this point a solution looking for a problem. Without being facaetious, I'd argue it should go in tgr or tt, depending on the poster and subject matter and what the poster wants to get out of the thread. Cool camera rig taking photos of the stars, rotating with the sky/earth? Tech talk, tell us more about the toys as well as the software and compositional choices. Doodling on top of newspaper photos (a la DJ Howard)? The green room. Blacksmithing? Knitting? Dealer's choice. The site is still nominally about enthusiast computing, but that permeates so many hobbies and etc these days.  but we've had 'tech talk's for a long time, maybe as long as tgr. Maybe we should lean in on that, and capture enthusiast computing technology.

  5. 4 hours ago, Rybags said:

    Community stuff could be sticked GR threads.

    Sometimes. But some things like pax tend to be around for quite a while, and aren't if much interest to anyone else not attending.


    4 hours ago, Rybags said:

    Though that said, I hate when forums sticky a dozen threads which then occupy the top half of every subject list page you scroll through.

    Yeah, I want to avoid that as much as possible. If we're going for a fresh clean look, it should stay looking that way as much as possible.


    4 hours ago, Rybags said:

    Sure, you'd still get some with a trickle where 2 years worth fits on a page, but way easier to trawl through than what we have now.

    That's why I think deliberately low traffic sections like feedback and community still have value staying as separate subs.


    4 hours ago, Rybags said:


    And a big part of my reasoning for the amalgamation is thanks to the New Content function being messed with by the Invision developers.

    Do you mind reminding me what it's doing that you'd prefer it not?

  6. It's also the opportunity cost of not selling drives designed for a segment because people will take a performance hit for something not hugely performance critical.


    The pita thing about it is that it makes it a lot harder to diagnose/repair portable drives if they for eg start soldering stuff on to deter shuckers.


    For that reason alone, my last and probably next portable will be a 2.5" drive of my own choosing inside a case of my choosing.

  7. 6 hours ago, eveln said:

    Ahh... you see sniping match I see people sorting shit out in a thread about us having a safe space  ... a place where it's okay to be human and have a thought that may not meet the PC requirement, but that is definitely not illegal by anyones' standards

    I saw it as a safe space to bitch about other people having safe spaces.  It was a struggle to get it to be anything I'd call healthy or productive or approaching constructive.  YMMV. 


    2 hours ago, Rybags said:

    Given the lack of traffic, I reckon the entire site's forums could easily be trimmed down to about 10 or less sections (by trimmed I don't mean delete stuff but just merge together)


    Or idea #2 - just pick the forums to keep then prevent new threads in the other ones, and reorder the forums page to reflect that, flagging the retired ones as archival.


    2 hours ago, Cybes said:

    Given how many people are here, and the traffic on the various subs, you could legitimately combine everything into Chat (TGR) and Tech (everything else).

    I was discussing a few options last night. 

    Briefly, I think a few very basic groups would serve things well: TGR as it stands, Tech Talk for software and hardware, Gaming for the obvious, and Feedback for website/community issues.  Nostalgia says a Community events sub, but it's barely ever used (tho' that's not a unique comment).  Maybe a sub that's unmoderated (maybe for everything other than spam, and certain aspects of legality).

    One idea is to just flatten everything down to those basic categories.  Another is to archive things and start 'fresh' with new categories.

    Flattening is going to cause some weird congestion with stickies, tho' I'm inclined to just un- them and let them sink or swim, or un- them and put links to them all in a single announcement thread pinned forum-wide.

    There's a lot of options. 

    My biggest concern with flattening is where to put some things.  Say we basically keep the five subforums in 'The Geeks'.  Most of the other subforums easily fit into 'Tech Talk'.  But Photography is a slight outlier.  If 'Tech Talk' is 'enthusiast PC' where PC is taken in a broad sense of stationary and mobile computing, and 'The Green Room' is basically 'off topic' so non-IT stuff, like weather/twitter/politics/religion/cars, which side of the divide does photography fall?

  8. It's probably a quirk of the fact I haven't reinstalled windows since shifting from an intel to an amd cpu, but Ryzen Master was the only thing that showed accurate data on the CPU's internal state, eg clock speeds for each core.  Everything else I've looked at so far shows it always pegged at default speed on every core no matter what, which is... probably not accurate if it's only drawing 10 watts of power.  It also means I don't see what speeds the cores peak upto.

    So yeah the OCing side is one thing, but it's also a system monitoring tool. 

    IIRC, AMD are so closed lipped about how it works, that hwinfo and etc tools on linux are basically trying to reinvent the wheel to get accurate data from eg temp sensors, even.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Leonid said:

    My point is this forum hosts an open anti-Semite. You asked me to give this forum the respect it deserves.


    You tell me...

    You tell me what you think is more important, free speech or banning people you don't agree with because they're stupid and believe stupid things for stupid reasons?

  10. 1 minute ago, Leonid said:

    It’s when it gets abusive that I do too.

    CO-dependence on Kimmo? That's your defence?


    1 minute ago, Leonid said:

    The form that hosts an open anti-Semite?

    You'll note that there's also a very open and vocal opposition to all of that, too, and it's rare that any of that is asked to be reined in.

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  11. Give yourself the same respect you have on FB then, Leo, and block people like Kimmo. Or give the forums that respect.


    But don't pretend to play the higher ground when you're often seemingly chomping at the bit to pile on to someone you dislike for the most puerile reasons.


    But if you're saying you can't help yourself, you've already been given an alternative.

  12. 21 hours ago, Leonid said:

    "Toxic heteronormativity is fairly ubiquitous."

    Are you saying it's not?  That the number of men who treat their wives as slaves is low?  That the number of men insecure in their partner seeing or touching other men, even relatives, is insignificant?

    Maybe it's not as interesting when it's not dressed up as Islam bashing.


    9 hours ago, eveln said:

    how the fuck would you really know ? Do you say that cos you don't like and agree with his responses ? Well I reckon that might be a problem you and the rest of us have too, also as well, don't ya think ?


     He listens ( reads ) quite well in my humble estimation.


    The rest of you though resort to personal inferences when you tire of his continued responses to whatever you post. When really you ( all ) should be pleased someone is actually reading your posts and actually bothering to give you ( all ) the time of day


    ffs  how fucking passively arrogant of you ?!

    Yes, sure, no-one is a saint.  But also it's not like Leo and I don't communicate elsewhere online, in places an increasing member of remaining active Atomicans fear to tread.  I don't have to feign gratitude because he, too, still pops in to Atomic.

    But it also means I get to see a lot of the same thing, over and over, in different places online, over the years.

    If you think you're right, of course you're going to argue your point of view (if you have the disposition and energy).  So no-one is begrudhing Leo that point.  Just that so many people are wrong about so many things, because Leo is better read and better versed and better travelled.  Alternative hypothesis is that Leo just likes to argue about many topics with many people, no matter what.


    2 hours ago, eveln said:

    More bods show up, lurking or otherwise when ever a confront is occurring.

    Nothing g wrong with a good stomp either

    Sometimes.  Less people show up than the number that stay away, at this point.

    This place has been left to be what it wants to be for a long time, now, and the results are telling.

  13. 3 hours ago, Jeruselem said:

    That called SVM mode? Read somewhere the new Master versions need it disabled while older ones don't.

    Yeah.  So anyone wanting to do anything involving virtual machines, or even just the new sandbox feature in windows10, can't use RM.

    Be a shame if your target audience was people who wanted lots of cores to throw at virtualisation 🤦‍♀️

    And yeah, new versions won't work with it, old ones will.  Did you also know that the old ones that work with it also don't support the 3000 series of chips?  Oops.