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  1. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    If you want to spread less stupid, pay less attention to the NYP.
  2. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    To be fair, DAndrews loves his law and order bootlicking, and he's about as left as they come for State leaders these days.
  3. Nich...

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    I had a quick look at pricing of the 5600, 5700, and 2060 cards, and..I'm pretty sure I saw a bunch of the 5600xt cost more, and weren't necessarily the OC cards o.0
  4. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Nah I'm pretty sure you'd still want libel laws. Libertarians love that shit.
  5. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    You keep saying "correct pronoun" without the qualifying "IMO". So yeah. I dunno. If that's not a sign of NPD, what would you call it, when your unique vision of the world is perfect and we all have it wrong? If you're worried about watching what you say around your employees, may I suggest some of the following options? Don't be in business; pay someone for some HR; make use of unisex toilets.
  6. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Calm down there, Cory. That's a lot of talk about mental health issues, for what could charitably be referred to as raging narcissism. You should tell people/us what you really think about Macedonia and Greece, BTW, if you want to get in trouble for 'telling it like it is'.
  7. If you're after general stuff, you'll find it on plenty of sites and forums. If you're after stuff that was in the magazine specifically, it's going to be harder to find without the actual magazines (if you have them in storage, then awesome!). There were some archived online at one point, probably the DJvu ones from the coverdisk, but they're not easy to track down.
  8. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Well, I mean, it's legal for men to marry men now, so you're kind of obliged to marry and fuck your pet dog, right? Back in my day, we didn't let them coloured folk marry us whites, because we knew what path it'd lead down to.
  9. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Yeah, forcing people to use a toilet is kind of weird, but seems on point for this thread.
  10. Yes, it should be written by the Liberals and Nationals, staunch defenders of... *checks notes* government overreach when it's convenient for shoring up their grasp on power.
  11. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    It feels like it could be problematic to hold up the building codes as exemplary for toilets, but causative for buildings collapsing. Like maybe 'but the building code' is not a great argument in and of itself
  12. Nich...

    Personal Weather Stations

    I like that there's still hardware out there that provides basic stuff, but a bunch of OSS platforms are available to do more interesting things with it, too. For some of it, at least.
  13. Nich...

    Personal Weather Stations

    In terms of an integrated (in two parts, wind and temperature) off the shelf system, weatherflow's air and sky look interesting. They also have the Tempest, shipping out now to early backers on indiegogo and kickstarter. I'm trawling now trying to find out the main differences, other than a single weatherproof unit rather than a split system. Bunch of automated stuff, but also integration with the big smart assistants, IFTTT, mobile app rather than in-home LCD/LED display, but also looks like there's at least some level of API access, and weewx support. __ https://community.weatherflow.com/t/new-tempest-weather-system/4444/50 Looks like they're happy with doing some trickery with the tempest, at least. But IMO if the best place for the anemometer is up high on a roof, that'd surely still do some odd things with the thermometer no longer being a given distance from the ground?
  14. Nich...

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Was the floor in the building codes, or the underpinning assumptions (involving, say, inspections) at fault?