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  1. Nich...

    the atomican child of ravenclaw

    Misplaced. Ravenclaws aren't known for being tidy.
  2. Are you running Elementary solo, or via WSL?
  3. Thanks. Think I might go with the 5y on the Corsair from PCCG, seeing as CPL aren't stocking it or the Antec until maybe next year.
  4. Cooler Master MWE Bronze 450W 3Y Confirming that's decent enough to run my old pc (i5-750, HD5850) to replace what I hope is just a dead PSU in it from a few years back?
  5. Nich...

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Had a bit of a play around listening to some TV dialogue, and a few styles of music. The MH752s have a nice sound that's warm but not bass heavy/muddy like the Razer. It also made slipping on the DT660s (after wrapping a few elastic bands around them to hold them together (literally)) sound like a better transition. Hero of the night has been https://www.pccasegear.com/products/24353 Also, I'm not super happy with this new keyboard, tho' I"m still getting used to it. It's louder than I was expecting, and the space bar is activating with even less force than on my old Honeywell, and it littered stray spaces everywhere.
  6. Nich...

    Recommend me a VPN

    This is the honeypot that keeps on fucking giving, it seems.
  7. Nich...

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Pixel3 for a partner, thanks to a few discount codes on ebay. Coolermaster's take on the Takstar 82pro, the MH752, tho' I'm not happy that JB seem to be doing a bulk order and won't get them delivered until maybe by Christmas. ...I keep getting tempted by your talk of secondhand 700s, @scruffy1. Maybe I'll get a pair of open cans one day. Decided to try an octopus style small tripod for my phone, to play around with night sky shots a little better. Figured it's time to try some phone mounts for my car, given new law changes, so hopefully one of the suction/screen and air-vent mounted ones works. I sort of got some jaybee x2s I was given to sound not-trash, but in the process broke an ear fin, and lost a silicone tip in my ear (recovered, thankfully), but it spurred me to get a new set of fins, silicone tips, and memory foam tips, in s/m/l, to see if I have better luck with a different size.
  8. If teachers aren't a moderate to high income profession, you're probably doing pretty well with your life.
  9. Ok, I'll bite. Why do you consider it a waste of wealth to pay people to do a job? To reduce it down, why should I buy something made in your town or State, when that just reduces the wealth in my town or State? Why would I buy the product you make, or even know it exists, when all the customers in my town or State rave about the one made here? In fact, why would I allow anyone from my town or even family to go and visit some other town or family? It's just draining my wealth. Not that I know where my wealth is coming from, seeing as if I go and work for someone, there needs to be enough demand to have my productivity turn into sales. So what I'm picking up from what you're putting down, is we should revert to some kind of Amish-level (at best) society, where we need lots of people to provide labour because we don't use industrialisation techniques or machinery or even just technology, so that we can best concentrate our wealth by... being subsistance farmers?
  10. Nich...

    The grand Atomic meme thread!

    Stop spamming the buttons, fucker
  11. Wait. Are you saying the Simpsons are t a white family? Discord offers user selection of colour/tone for emoji, which is nice. Newer Invision versions are using a different emoji set, iirc, but I don't know if they're matching discord on tone mapping. Also, for you, DMB
  12. ...didn't you decide to do teaching and quit the last big job because it was too easy?
  13. Nich...

    Long Queue Times

    Hi, can you back this up so it doesn't look like yet more advertising for that VPN provider? Thanks.
  14. Another thing: the bigger the screen the more pixels, the harder that GPU will need to work after a year or so. I like the screen size on my 15" laptop well enough, but it has been too bulky to use comfortably when commuting, and I only picked it over the 14" at the time because I wanted a numpad.
  15. DMB, Why do you think two cells is a person and would be murder?