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  1. Nich...

    Did something just happen?

    And also in community and not random threads.
  2. Nich...

    What a joke

    Not sure which side or group you're referencing in the first part, but ultimately I'm not here to pick winners. I'm here to try and make people do better at building their arguments, and maybe that'll make enough difference. And seeing as I'm on team green nuclear power, I'm rejected by most parties when it comes to the environment, anyway.
  3. Nich...

    What a joke

    I'll get back to that Snopes when I have time, Leo,but you're bring pretty gross. What's False Accidentally referring to a transgender person with the wrong pronoun in NYC will result in a $250,000 fine. Hmmmm my reading the the entire page you linked is it's a law against being a cunt, repeatedly and deliberately, to a marginalised group. It's a big stand. So how is it being abused as a law? Say, Leo, how do you think anti-discrimination laws should work for trans folk? Given some attitudes move slowly in society, what should lawmakers do to stop some guy who likes to wear a cute skirt getting bullied by inertia? Violence is oury but is that just physical or psychological, too?
  4. Nich...

    What a joke

    I dunno. Maybe it's not that weird for you. I vaguely remember you getting on board with team scrap that section of the RDAct. Maybe you're against countries that make it illegal to deny the Holocaust, too,because free speech trumps people's feelings.
  5. Nich...

    What a joke

    Because I find it hard to get worked up about a crime with no convictions. I mean, the thought police! Maybe they're thought convictions, and thought sentences? Even if I didn't find your whole take on it being weird, uh, weird. Even for you.
  6. Nich...

    What a joke

    And what are the stats on that crime?
  7. Nich...

    What a joke

    At first I wondered if an account had been hacked, but then I took stock and just shrugged my shoulders.
  8. Nich...

    What a joke

    I didn't see it on yt so no link, sorry, kimmo. Basically came down to coverage of the new green deal and the FAQ that came out of AOC's office, and an interview an advisor did with Tucker Carlson on details that AOC kind of glossed over and didn't correct when called out. Like, she's no monster, but she seems to know how to play politics more than her image would suggest.
  9. Nich...

    What a joke

    So not going to respond to the substance of that particular ABC coverage? Team AOC can do no wrong?
  10. Nich...

    What's on your mind?

    Why would there be a limit?
  11. Nich...

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I'm not sure there'd be better coverage for Dural with last mile mobile. It assumes a pretty flat topography. Even Telstra has issues designing and placing their mobile towers and cell angles to cover some rural areas, in the name of saving money, and placing things where there's lots of sqkm coverage but too many deadspotw over actual population to be useful. I have clear line of sight to my FW tower, should be on a cell covering mostly farmland and people on fttn, and my new little white box says my 50/20 is more likely to average 30-35. Better than my other options, better than my commercial 4g options, and still it's overpromised and underdelivered and underengineered. And I still have to tell people the old fashioned way because no companies are chasing up my neighbours.
  12. Nich...

    What's on your mind?

    Less than between those two posts. (It's 5 minutes)
  13. Nich...

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    So your answer, Leo, is anyone with bad connections should just move to places with good copper and good radio reception? How enlightening. I'm glad NBN is moving their 4g customers away from plans with defined speeds to 'whatever the cell supports' plans, not to give faster speeds, but to get away from pesky minimum speed requirements.
  14. Nich...

    What a joke

    Kind of like how there are a couple if threads dedicated to long lost members saying hi, but that spills into every other thread too? How deprecated threads get questions in then seeking answers vs newer versions of the same thread? How threads celebrating new heroes go from congratulating them to discussing colour palettes to finding dead members to tagging long absent members? Yeah it happens a lot. I long ago stopped worrying about how difficult it is to silo threads. Anyway, I ended up watching part of that ABC show last night, Planet America, and even they were making fun of some pro AOC coverage.