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  1. DMB, Why do you think two cells is a person and would be murder?
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    My ISP throttling my bandwidth

    Which ISP is it?
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    I'm going to try working on getting postcounts updated to also include v2 figures, for accounts that old. Part of this is needing to re-count everyone's posts from v3 onwards, so I can extract accurate numbers and not accidentally double-count. No alarms, no surprises.
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    Good news: I found some time and math/excel ability, and have a list of all the accounts that need updating! Bad news: There's ~1600 accounts to update - at this stage, by hand. Really bad news: When I say I have a list of all the accounts that need updating, what I actually mean is, I have a list of all the accounts from the archives that I scraped postcount data for, and have also been active since v3 began in 2008. There may be accounts that are still active from v1, for whom I have no postcount data for.
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    Roll Call!

    IMO most of this conversation could probably survive in WOYM or some other/new thread
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    Roll Call!

    He took the focus away from the environment, I mean the draughts and bushfires and floods and hailstorms that are making life a nightmare for farmers but have nothing whatsoever to do with climate change, and really, is now the right time to talk about veterans and take the focus off the fire victims? Ahem.
  7. Oh so we've dropped back from murder to killing, now?
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    Roll Call!

    Boycott. Boy will he get a surprise when scomo gets out the attack dogs!
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    Yeah but it's mostly you and Damo, and you two could have come back and posted at any time you liked without making a grumpy old man grumpier.
  10. Thoughts being fixed, btw, would mean people have been lying about the effectiveness of CBT.
  11. What if the Hindus are right, and you've been eating beef this whole time? It's not too late.
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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Uh oh. Karen is upset, and is asking to lodge a complaint with the manager.
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    You know what this means, right, @twinair? You'll never win postcount, now Logic is unbanned.
  14. If you want a serious discusson this issue, you're gonna have to up your game TBH (it's ok, so are we). Life begins before conception. All of our cells are alive. No-one looks at cancer or a cyst as murder, or assault. Are there more families or kids on adoption lists? You're assuming she wants kids at all and it wasn't a mistake in the first place. Talking about self control with legs open, right after rape, is a bit rich. That goes both ways, and the same can be said for women carrying to term babies they don't want. If abortion is murder, and the odds of even being alive at birth are slim to none, what kind of mental toll do you think it'll have on women to give birth to a potential corpse? If abortion is murder and only rapists are to be punished, what kind of mental trauma do you think is involved in carrying to term the product of some incestual rape? Abortion being murder makes it hard to see a miscarriage as anything other than manslaughter.
  15. Oh no, I think you misunderstand the point of this thread, @Damo. It was never about abortion, just dunking on DMB.
  16. If you're not prepared to have the possibility of a dead kid, don't fuck?
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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    The 54% I bought previously didn't work so well as a mousse, so I'm h oping 72 has enough punch.
  18. Fair enough. Guess I conflated your crazy with all the other crazy. OTOH, why do you want no taxes?
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    The Atomicans Discord

    I mean, it has @Potatocake and @MrFriendlyon there, so it might be.
  20. Do we? Or... what, you'll judge me? Is theft not wrong? "All abortion is murder and should be treated under law the same as any other murder" is a fact, as much as "you are a poohead and you eat poo and so you eat your head" is a fact.