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    Whatcha drinking?

    Great. Now I'm picture the male pattern baldness crown extending to the floor. Also, squeaking.
  2. SexKitten

    Carbon Tax and Power Bills.

    How does wealth distribution help the environment? It doesn't and no-one claims it does so I'm not certain why you keep bringing it up. For the record I'd only support a carbon tax if the money was invested in renewable energy research & projects. I think it doesn't do anything otherwise, as you've said the price of electricity has gone up far more than the carbon tax will impact it and it didn't reduce industry usage and barely impacted household usage. But the weird passive aggressive semi-relevant questions is just begging for people to think only annoying prats think that way.
  3. SexKitten

    Hawaii Goodies?

    Lies! Everything tastes better through a straw. I'm enjoying it now. Although I have no straws nor umbrellas. But if I did I'd use them.
  4. SexKitten

    Whatcha drinking?

    http://pic.twitter.com/XGTwIx3W So good.
  5. In this thought experiment where zero thin rectangles that have no mass have gravity apply to them, what gravity? The gravity & friction is just as existant as the rectangle, since it's just a thought experiment. We may as well define them are an implosive force acting on the rectangle, reducing it from a two dimension object to a one dimensional object. After all, it's a thought experiment, it's all imaginary.
  6. SexKitten

    Christmas without Jesus

    You mean the Dark Ages? That we only got out of from getting away from theocracies? No , the middle ages. The Theocracy you speak about was reformed during the Reformation into Individual capitalist Monarchies/Democracies. That's in essence the link between Christendom and the foundations of Europe The Reformation happened in the 16th century, right at the end of 1,000 years of theocratic & feudal rule. 1200-1600 was an easing off of that, true. But it was the withdrawal of church rule that allowed progress. The reformation came about because of church corruption. It then went further during the Age of Reason/Enlightenment, separating itself from those schisms starting around the 17th century. If we're talking about modern democratic society, withdrawal from church and religious rule is the correlation.
  7. SexKitten

    New system build / case advice

    That mainboard doesn't have any graphics ports (no VGA/DVI/HDMI/Display Port).
  8. What would a Jew sound like over the phone?
  9. SexKitten

    Christmas without Jesus

    See my posts above re: correlation and causation as well as adopting popular social & political concepts.
  10. Hot damn you're dumb.
  11. SexKitten

    Christmas without Jesus

    You mean the Dark Ages? That we only got out of from getting away from theocracies?
  12. SexKitten

    Christmas without Jesus

    To make it clear Michael100, I understand the correlation you're talking about. The questions I'm asking is pertaining to the causation. In what way do you think Christianity caused the first world country model? *EDIT* I'm contending that what you're talking about is related to the Age of Enlightenment/Reason, which was very distinctly opposed to doing things because of traditional & religious standards.
  13. SexKitten

    Christmas without Jesus

    In what fashion were they governed by a form of Christianity? On the Pope side of things, I'm pretty sure that was purely a combination of feudal & theocratic. They adopted democracy only after it became popular. Like most social & political things, they follow trends, they don't initiate them.
  14. SexKitten

    Christmas without Jesus

    I would love to hear that argument. It's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, but hell, it'll be entertaining.
  15. On the downside... it wasn't his best set. Not by a long shot. Still, it's only $5. I also bought Greg Behrendt's Original Uncool about 6 months ago for $5 from here . It's an old set of his from 2003 that he re-released himself. It's much more stand-up-y with shorter set ups and punchlines than Louis's conversation style. Greg's from the Walking the Room podcast. Worth the $5er. Greg also helped Karen Kilgariff put out her 5 song comedy EP, Behind You for $3. Also worth it. *EDIT* Oh, and you can listen to/stream the Behrendt & Kilgariff stuff without buying & downloading it at those sites. But buy it, you cheap bastard.