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    Travelling to Thailand

    Neither jaw lines nor adams apples are necessarily give aways. Just do a quick tuck check. I haven't been to Bangkok, but I've been to a few SE Asia places. You'll be in the tourist zone, so heed his advice re: hand shakers and people who start talking to you in the street. They're trying to sell you something. Politely ignore them and continue on your way. Don't engage, don't get agro. Just move past. Ditto to taxis, ESPECIALLY coming from the airport. Go to the official taxis. If you wander about looking around or even if you're just queueing for a taxi someone will approach and offer to take you. Don't. Go with the official one. Ignore drug offers (again, a polite no thanks and walking on is fine). Don't get agro is, in general, the way to go. Be relaxed. Don't get in a fight, even with other aussies. Equally, don't be submissive. People being friendly are selling something. Be polite (or rude, if you're a dick, you probably won't get into any trouble, but you'll be a dick). But don't be led somewhere you haven't asked to be led to. It'll all be overwhelming if you haven't travelled much, but you'll adapt within a day or two. It'll be fun, have a ball. Or two, depending on how you respond to the tuck check.
  2. SexKitten

    So, what's up with them there trivection ovens?

    Adam Baldwin? ADAM? That's not right. That's not right at all... So it just does both functions separately? So essentially it's a second, small, not very useful oven?
  3. SexKitten

    The greatest chef you've never heard of...

    Anthony Bordain talks about chef's he considers artists in the 11/09/2011 Joe Rogan Experience podcast. From memory it was just one guy in Italy that he'd consider an actual artist, although I think he left the door open for more to be added. I haven't read Bordain's book, but I enjoy his touring food show No Reservations (not your typical touring cooking/food show, which is probably a large part of why I like it).
  4. It didn't. It killed off a file pretending to be a system file. Unfortunately a well written fake rootkit will still bork the system if removed improperly.
  5. Ah balls, it's just the items listed at the link. I read somewhere else it was everything. My bad.
  6. Just so people know. DealExtreme, the most widely know online-direct-from-China chintzy crap vendor with free international shipping, are having a 11/11/11 sale. See here: http://e.dealextreme.com/albums/dx-coupons-1111/ Basically use DXE1111 as a coupon code and you'll get 11.11% off.
  7. Yeah, it's a root kit issue. It's pretty rare that MBAM will remove it improperly, but when it happens you get into a non-bootable state. You could try replacing the registry with an old version if you can. You'll get better advice over at the Bleeping Computer forums, they may be able to advise on how to remotely edit the registry or something to get around the problem. Make sure you read their various FAQs and posting guidelines first.
  8. SexKitten

    'Call of Duty' fan robs fellow gamer at gunpoint

    That story is mentioned and linked to in the linked story in the OP. I know our general reasoning as to why violence in games isn't a precursor to real life violence is because we're able to separate fictional scenarios where violence is a positive thing from normal day to day reality... but you got to wonder about some of these guys. The bit about this story I like is the progress of events: - Line is too long - Follow guy who has game back to his place - Attempt to steal game; fail - Go back and line up
  9. They tried to distance themselves from the original a little. They deliberately ended their existing DVD production once the Legacy production was green lit and they didn't release a new DVD version or Blu Ray version until after Legacy was out. They didn't try and appeal to fans of the original in their advertising campaign, instead going for a wider audience. They weren't out and out shunning the original, but they didn't want people watching it before they watched the new one and didn't really want it's success to rely on the original. They wanted the name to be recognised, but that was about it. They dialled the kind of funny "programs are computerised people" style talk of the movie... but I was almost expecting them to change it to "apps are computerised people". I was expecting App/Application talk. Not as clumsy as the original, but I kind of figured they'd go with the current trend. Anyway. If you weren't interested in marginally interesting conversation about TRON: Legacy then you shouldn't have clicked the thread!
  10. SexKitten

    BOM radar - Mysterious white ring around Sydney.

    Are you saying that a front having a slight gap in the middle is beyond rational possibility?
  11. That's probably it. I think the way of talking about "programs" and "users" in the original might have been a big part of it. It sounds very corny now (and probably did then, but I was too young to notice). They still had the same concepts in this movie but they played it way down. Now that I think of it, they probably didn't change the talk to "apps" because they didn't want it to date like the original did.
  12. SexKitten

    BOM radar - Mysterious white ring around Sydney.

    Indeed. But seriously, every major weather condition is circular. Would it be slightly odd that you'd get a circle shape in rain? Sure. Would it be beyond natural possibility that something circle-ish (let's face it, that's a Q shape with a couple of extra dots in the middle) rain pattern could occur? Fuck no.
  13. Oh yeah, it was certainly a sequel. I was actually expecting them to break far more than they did, but they didn't. It was odd. The movie was clearly a sequel in plot, but they played down the fact in the lead up.
  14. SexKitten

    BOM radar - Mysterious white ring around Sydney.

    ripples in a pond ? bubbles ? not never I don't know what sarcasm is, and never use sarcasm. Not once. Never.
  15. SexKitten

    BOM radar - Mysterious white ring around Sydney.

    Nothing in nature is ever circular. Especially weather systems. Never.
  16. SexKitten

    Carbon tax passes

    I would have thought the normal concept of the NWO would be against the carbon tax...
  17. SexKitten

    Top 10 Movies

    Paul seems like it could be seriously rewatchable. First time I watched it a picked up on a few references (the incredibly obvious ones like the Close Encounters site and the "get away from her you bitch" ones), but I wasn't really looking for them. Knowing that the movie was reference heavy when I saw it the second time I was blown away with the quantity of references that are blended so well into the film you don't see them unless you're looking. There's dozens of them. Visual ones, dialogue ones, plot ones... mostly movie references but with a few comic & other nerdly ones thrown in too. I wouldn't be surprised if the count went over a hundred.
  18. Cops. It probably won't make a difference in the long run, she'll probably let him back in when he gets out, but a short reprieve might give her and the kids a chance.
  19. SexKitten

    Obviously they are part of the conspiracy!

    It's amazing that the aliens only ever bother with Americans. You'd think sentient beings with advanced tech like FTL wouldn't prefer the might is right country. Maybe they just really love American TV?
  20. SexKitten

    How to stop truly giving a **** and how did you do it?

    I love the posts peppered through this thread that scream "I've never gotten to know someone with depression, I've never had it myself, but godamn it, I've got the solution to it! Buck up!".
  21. SexKitten

    Top 10 Movies

    /taps side of "head"
  22. SexKitten

    Top 10 Movies

    Really? It's about as well researched as The Secret. Wait, the secret was researched? /taps side of nose
  23. SexKitten

    Top 10 Movies

    Really? It's about as well researched as The Secret.
  24. SexKitten

    How do you know the worlds gone to hell?

    Tosh. It wasn't until the advent of nuclear weapons that people even considered the possibility. Well, except for the idiots crying "Rapture!" all over the place. End of the world predictions and prophecy have been popular for millenia. The reason they're popular? People think it's possible, inevitable, and they tend to believe they'll be around for it (it's an ego thing). While their definitions of it may have been different due to their ignorance of the geographical spread of humanity, the belief is rooted in the same instinct and a bit of a nostalgic romanticism of the past. Nuclear weapons are definitely a game changer, but those people with their ignorant understandings of the end of the world were sometimes proven right too. We're survivors. There's a reason nuclear weapons haven't been used in 66 years. And even when they are used again, pockets of humanity could nd probably will survive.
  25. SexKitten

    How do you know the worlds gone to hell?

    Every single generation assumes the next few decades to a century will be make or break.