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    Top 10 Movies

    I wouldn't go as far to say I enjoy all movies, but I do love the medium and have a long list of great, re-watchable movies. In terms of pure volume rewatchability, The Scorpion King wins. Not because it's the best movie, but, well, because it isn't. It is, however, very competantly put together and the plot flows just fine, unlike a lot of action movies these days. It's fun. It's cheesey. It's rewatchable. In general I'm a sucker for coming of age flicks, and on that note my recommendation has been Secondhand Lions for some time now.
  2. SexKitten

    Any reptile owners in the house?

    It's possible one of the snake's senses has changed/gotten worse (eye sight, for example), and as a result it reacts defensively (it no long recognises you).
  3. I hate to pull apart what remains of AM's post, but why would they take you any more seriously than we take Harold Camping? I thought of the 9/11 thing but I couldn't think of any way in which you could actually help, and it'd almost guarantee you'd be the first visitor to Guantanamo. So I went with shorting stocks.
  4. SexKitten

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

    Feel free to give the mechanic shit, but for fuck's sake don't let that mechanic/garage fix it this time. *EDIT* Oh, it's already done. Same mechanic/garage?
  5. SexKitten

    Do folk still use land lines?

    I'm getting a land line at my new house. I'll never use it to make calls, but the bundle deals are cheaper than naked.
  6. A bunch of things, probably. I mean, knowing what's coming would you just wait around for it to happen? It doesn't seem likely. And it's not like you could retrace your steps identically even if you wanted to, your memory doesn't extend to perfect timing and the details of every conversation. On big life things... given the chance I would probably date more in high school and just after. I had a bunch of opportunities that I didn't take up because I was with one girl who didn't really want to be with me all that much but went along with it anyway. Oh, and invest in Fortesque. And short the market in late 2001 :P
  7. SexKitten

    Crazy price hop in the HDD market.

    It's been generally known that the prices were about to skyrocket for a fortnight or more. So I'd say most retailers/distributors were actually being pretty decent about it.
  8. SexKitten

    So.. I thought I might ride a bike.

    Offroad 'bent trike. Get some.
  9. SexKitten

    How rich are we compared to the world..

    What do you mean by this? That they are "so poor" that you don't understand until you see it in person, or that despite their lower income they are still pretty happy? (I've never been to Bali, no idea which applies here) Doesn't matter if it's Bali or another low average wage country. I chose it because it's easy and relatively cheap to get to and experience, while being relatively tourist friendly. I'm simply saying that the numbers only give you a sort of vague idea of the difference. Intellectually examining something from afar through the filter of numbers and language just doesn't do reality justice.
  10. SexKitten

    How rich are we compared to the world..

    Quite. But you've really got to visit a country with a significantly lower average wage to understand the difference. It's easy and cheap (for us) to visit Bali. Go to the non-tourist towns and stay at a B&B.
  11. SexKitten

    Gaia is sure in a tizz over something

    My guess is that it's just to compliment the new and improved Captain.
  12. SexKitten

    Question for South Park Experts™

    According to the wiki of the episode in question, the exact opposite is true. They've never repeated episode 200 or 201. And the previously untouched Super Best Friends episode from season 5 was taken out of the repeat schedule too.
  13. SexKitten

    Entire QANTAS fleet grounded

    My respect is more due to the fact he's got a plan, and is sticking to it. Also, its not an entirely selfish plan, its primary purpose is for the shareholders. But yeah, as for what he wants to do, I have no solid views on it. Mustn't... invoke... Godwin's... Law...
  14. SexKitten

    Entire QANTAS fleet grounded

    I was reading through some of Qantas' financial results recently, and came to the conclusion that its quite possible Alan Joyce deserved the pay rise. The profit displayed a major jump.And how much of that jump was from not keeping pay & conditions levels of employees at normal/expected levels?
  15. SexKitten

    Entire QANTAS fleet grounded

    I learned about this because Stephen Fry tweeted. What? Why are you looking at my like that?
  16. SexKitten

    Yamaha Windows 98 drivers (Sound Card)

    There used to be a couple of legit free tools, but they changed to spam machines years back. If you let us know the exact model and maybe the model numbers of the chips on the card we'd have a chance at helping out.
  17. SexKitten

    Trolling Anti-ETS AGHA

    No, that's not right at all. It's quite left, although not as left as I'd go. I'd add a bit saying that you think every single cent of the tax should be funnelled directly into researching, trialling and implementing non-fossil-fuel power generation & related infrastructure. At the moment the funds just go in with all the rest.
  18. SexKitten

    Question for South Park Experts™

    I wonder if the uncensored thing includes the Mohammed ep?
  19. SexKitten

    Question for South Park Experts™

    I though the censoring actually added to the show, it felt funnier than just random expletives... Just me? Yeah, that's pretty much what I was saying. The writers use it for a deliberate effect that is superior to just swearing.
  20. SexKitten

    Question for South Park Experts™

    I believe it's just bleeping language. The South Park writers frequently used the bleep system deliberately, so I'm not sure you'd actually count it as censoring.
  21. SexKitten

    Stupid things that we have done.

  22. The title says it all, really. I'll dot point the things that're happening and things I've tried: * Bringing up the print dialogue box up causes the open instance of either Adobe Reader 10.1 or Foxit Reader 5.1 to turn up "Not Responding" in the task manager, and create an "Application Hang" source event in the Event Viewer (for either AcroRd32.exe or FOXIT READER.EXE or if it's a PDF open in Internet Explorer, iexplore.exe). So it's bringing up the box, not actually sending a print command. * Printing word documents and emails and whatnot is fine, this only occurs with PDFs. * It doesn't matter what printer is set as default, I've tried it with the normal physical printer, a PDF creator, and a dummy printer set as the default. * Foxit was not on the system when the problem started, it was only installed to test this problem and then uninstalled immediately afterwards. * The latest version of Adobe Reader is currently installed, but the problem started with 10.0. * Sophos Endpoint is installed. It's possible it's interfering, but I can't find it on any of the block lists. * I have yet to test in Safe Mode. That just occurred to me. Thoughts?
  23. SexKitten

    Oi, Dave!

    He didn't find it. He just bought an identical ticket book. /Loki
  24. SexKitten

    Job's in IT

    Good lord, that title's an apostrophe bukake apocalypse!
  25. SexKitten

    Pretty latops

    Sony, Dell, Samsung & Asus all either have had or still have models that are meant to look better and squeeze more features into smaller packages and charge extra for them. Those are the ones I know have done so, I'm reasonably confident most of the other major brands have given it a shot too I just can't bring them straight to mind. They haven't been rip roaring successes, for the most part. You can bring the question of their prettiness up, but at that point the question starts becoming less "why don't they make pretty ones?" and more "why don't they make Mac clones?".