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    How do you end a call

    I don't have any problem ending a call but I've noticed a lot of people do. The same frequently applies to ending a regular conversation and leaving, some people just don't seem to be able to stop saying things.
  2. "Early this morning a dog gave both on the side of my street"
  3. SexKitten

    How do you end a call

    Glitter done!
  4. SexKitten

    I've Had A good Day ... How 'bout You ?

    I have been farting like the sound of a flat tyre being driven on for about 3 hours. Probably 'cause I tried a curry laksa at a place I hadn't tried before, along with a fair bit of roughage during the day. I consider that a good end to the day.
  5. SexKitten

    PSA: Your data isn't 'backed up' unless...

    That's still not off-site though. It needs to be on a server away from your home. Externals HDDs that aren't at the same building as your computer are offsite. Servers aren't required.
  6. SexKitten

    Restart No System Disk

    "6.1.7600." is your version of Windows, not a BSOD code. well, the 6.1.7600 part is. Not sure what is, but it's not a BSOD code. You should install SP1, although that's got nothing to do with this problem. Disable automatic restarts on system failure. Next time find out the real error code (which will look something like 0x0000000c (0xfae567cb, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0xa72904b3) and maybe reference a file like ntfs.sys or pagefile.sys). Sometimes SSDs have compatibility issues with certain mainboards and chipsets that cause random crashing. It's a bugger.
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    Yeah, I was expecting it to be terrible but was very happy to be very wrong. (Cybes, check out my old signature for explanation of the avatar. I just thought this'd be a funny account to respond to Foods with. 'cause Kathleen is sexkitten-y)
  8. Keep in mind with an HP that their consumer division is going into moth balls. Which means replacement parts that are specific for HP may become rare and expensive as the years go by.
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