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    Adsl2 speeds Sinnamon park Qld?

    Thanks for the reply mate. Yeah where I am now I'm only getting 3.7 down, so it is rough that's for sure. Cool thanks again, helps a lot! Another question, has anybody or have you had 2 people gaming fairly well off a connection about 6mbs down?
  2. Tahlrush

    Adsl2 speeds Sinnamon park Qld?

    Hey boys and girls, I'm currently in the process of finding a new house to rent. A place I really like is at Sinnamon Park, I've done a search and it is just within the boundaries of the Jamboree heights exchange, I'm guessing 4km of line between the exchange and the house. I'd imagine it would be a pretty average speed being that far out. Does anybody live in the area or are that far from an exchange and could give me a rough idea on what speeds I could expect? Thanks in advance!