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  1. OneFieryPoop

    WoW Guild for Atomic?

  2. OneFieryPoop

    WoW Guild for Atomic?

    I'm about to get back into WoW when the servers stabalise a little bit but I don't think I would stay super committed unless I had friends to play with so I'm wondering what server a majority of you are on, what faction and if anyone is interested in starting an Atomic guild?
  3. OneFieryPoop

    Looking for a Game

    I've been looking for and hungering after a game with deep character customization that you would find in an old school RPG or games like Skyrim and even MMO's but something that is more current. Even the customization in Rogue Legacy is a good example as I loved that game but have played it to death. I'n short I'm looking for a good RPG that emphasizes character customization (Skills/Spells, Stats, Attributes and Gear) and good game play. Games that I enjoyed in the same vain were Diablo 3, Skyrim, Rogue Legacy, Bastion,Transistor, WoW, GW2 and Torchlight. Any suggestions?
  4. OneFieryPoop

    10 years of WoW

    Is it worth getting back into WoW with the new expansion or is it just not worth it with the current low pop in AU servers and all the changes?
  5. OneFieryPoop

    Rainmeter: Help a Noob

    I recently started using Rainmeter, which is to say I have about two days experience with it and was wondering if I could get a little help with it. I'm using a specific skin called Honeycomb to basically replace my desktop shortcuts with something a bit more stylish. My problem is that the package is missing a few programs that I need/want and I don't know how to go about making them myself. Some of them are games, like LoL and BattleNet and other hexes I wanted to make are for Word and Excel. Is someone here able to help me with a little tutorial or run through on how I would go about coding up file paths and downclicks and things like that for the hexes as well as linking images to actually click on. I've tried taking a look under the hood but I'm in way over my head. Also, if you're feeling super helpful, I could also use a photoshop tutorial on how to create hexagons like they are made in Honeycomb. I hope this is the right place to post this and I can give more info if you need it/ someone is interested.
  6. OneFieryPoop

    Blizzards: heroes of the storm

    Blizzard is doing another round of invites in the coming month as well as some other ways to get in. I would actually really like to give this game a go but I don't have any friends on my BattleNet who have Heroes of the Storm who can get me in. Actually, I don't have any BattleNet friends at all.
  7. OneFieryPoop

    Recommend Me Something Please.

    Thanks for the welcome Master_Scythe, Never seen HDOOM before but it was... interesting to say the least. I don't know SonOfNoddy, I just found movement on the controller so much easier on the isometric maps and the 'snap' targeting let me pull off some pretty quick draw shots during combat. I just felt it was more solid on controller but that's just my opinion. To each their own.
  8. OneFieryPoop

    Recommend Me Something Please.

    You're probably not sitting on your ass any more as its more than a month past but if you only have a Laptop as a PC then I would suggest some indie goodness from SuperGiant Games. You have to try Bastion and Transistor, and they play way better with a controller than WASD. Bastion is better in my opinion. I was way more involved in the story of Bastion than in Transistor which is a bit shorter in length and it takes a little longer to understand exactly what is happening. But they are very solid combat wise and the customization is fresh and appeals to my alcoholism in Bastion at least. All in all they are both very solid games with little bugs and a lot of enjoyment. I've played through Bastion 3 and a half times and it is honestly my favorite game to date and I have been playing games since Doom (If you're interested).