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  1. thanks Gamble but still doesnt really help me like what settings do i put on MSI afterburner? Whats the limits? What do you mean by remove previous drivers? What drivers should i be using? thanks
  2. also is the atomic mag dead? didnt know havent bought an issue for years but I have a whole stack at home im willing to give away for a case of beer. There has to be about 100 of them or so. I used to buy it every month without fail. whats a good computer mag like atomic then?
  3. Hi guys, I recently got a Gigabyte G1 Gaming edition gtx 970. I messed around a bit trying to overclock my gtx 970 but when i do it the screen goes a brown kinda colour and the computer locks up. I was using msi afterburner. Whats the thing you have to put in the config file to make it overclock properly? I reinstalled the newest version but it deleted the line in the cfg file. If anyone can help me to overclock my gtx 970 that would be great thanks stal