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    Philips 288p - autosync 'flashing' on start up

    Ry, Code I wanted to say thanks for your assistance and apologies for not getting back sooner with the outcome (I live in Sydney but work in Melbourne and didn't have time to get back to it until this week). I tried your suggestions, without success. So, I thought I either had an issue with a faulty screen (less likely) or the video card couldn't support the higher res (it was a Radeon HD6950) which was probably the issue. I simply went and ordered a new video card (Palit GeForce GTX960) and installed it yesterday using the DisplayPort AND it worked perfectly. No issues. I'm very pleased as I had plugged in the 23" back in its place.
  2. Hi I recently bought a Philips 288p. There are known 'flickering' issues associated with the screen when it runs at 60 Hz - but this is not my problem. I'm not a gamer so I haven't found this an issue. The problem I have is when I start up the PC, or wakes up, the screen flashes, cycling through a variety of options as it tries to get the best screen resolution (3840 x 2160). It takes two minutes roughly, then settles down and works fine. But it is extremely annoying to have to wait several times a day for this activity. I've gone to the Philips site and downloaded (and installed) the latest drivers, but to no avail. It all worked fine when I initially installed the screen, I was able to select the different resolutions through the options on screen (bottom right) Digital DVI. Now there is no choice. It is something I can live with as I like the additional screen real estate over the 22" it replaced. Any suggestions and thanks in advance !