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    I contacted this forum and seven forums to seek understanding as to what was happening to my operating system.Somehow it updated itself through no action of my own.I genuinely don't know whats going on,it does appear to be a legit system upgrade,I just don't know why and was hoping someone could provide some sort of idea as to whats going on. I find the remarks provided above disapointing
  2. I have a HP Pavillion Dv6 Note book with Windows 7 Home Premium installed,today for reasons i don't understand it up-graded it self to Windows Ultimate. I do not have a disk to do this,my update settings are set to inform me of any updates-then i can choose to update or not,the was no such warning. Further investigation through Windows restore shows that a restore point was established today at 6:14:58 for a Windows Anytime Upgrade,something that i didn't order it to do.I do not own a disk so the only way this could have happened is over the net-again something I didn't authorize When i check the system properties it shows that it has been activated and has a product id so it appears to be legit.......except i didn't do anything to cause this to happen! .Whats going on?