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  1. I cleaned out my PC, it had dog dirt and dust in it, was pretty dirty. It seems to be fixed now. I think cleaning the built up dust off areas specifically around the gfx PCB where solders and metal are close to eachother, probably helped the most. When i turn my PC on now it turns on maybe 97% of the time without that arching stuff. Before it was the opposite, 97% always arching. GFX card and monitor are also working.
  2. Yeah i just turned on MSI Afterburner and it looks like my GFX isnt working. Tomorrow i might undo PC give it a clean reapply thermal paste and all that. How do i know if its a MB/PSU/GFX problem? Do you think its time for me to upgrade MB/CPU/PSU? I thought the PSU was going to last me through 2 builds
  3. Alright, so after i read this post, i powered off PC. I took out the 2 way adaptor and just put my PC and monitor into the 4 way power adaptor. Same thing happened, i couldnt start my PC unless the PC plug was half way into the 4 way adaptor. This is a new 4 way adaptor because i thought my old one might of been the problem. So it doesnt seem so (since its doing the same thing) My monitor did turn on (but thats probably cause its not in the GFX card) So im feeling its either a motherboard problem or a PSU problem. I thought i got a really good PSU... maybe just not enough power....? The 2 way adaptor is a Belkin that says on it "total load not to exceed 10A 2400W"