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  1. NZT48

    starving African children

    People aren't all the same. When compraing the levels of success of various implementations of libertarianism there are far more variables than the law of the land. Anyway I am not much of a historian so maybe you can enlighten me about the history of libertarianism... Sex is not a need. People should exercise self-control. Christ was not saying be lazy and you will get all the food you want. He was talking to his followers and saying don't worry, strive first for the Kingdom then you will have what you need.
  2. My question was about "the Bible", not religion. There is a difference. I think reading/knowing the Bible begets freedom.
  3. NZT48

    Israel did it.

    Sorry; I know it is not ideal for me to post like this, going back to posts before previous ones of mine, but I felt the quoted posts should be addressed.
  4. NZT48

    Israel did it.

    ? Are you a dumbarse? "Every conspiracy theory" is wrong because otherwise they would be the most amazing human achievements? The buildings were brought down due to thermite placed at the levels the planes hit. I thought the jet fuel exploded on impact and The North Tower collapsed 1 hour and 42 minutes later.
  5. NZT48

    starving African children

    I assume @SquallStrife was refferring to my previously stated position on legislation regarding sexual morality. Recently I have been questioning my previous position and wondering whether the role of government should be absolutely confined to protecting liberty which would mean having drugs and sexual immorality legal so everything to do with marriage would be left to contracts and I guess there would be no drug crime. It has a certain appeal to me. @Nich... I was talking about countries where starvation is a big problem which I think, and I might be a bit ignorant here, tends to be countries with wose and more authoritarian government. I do not believe libertarians "are just happier to see people starve and suffer and be able to sleep safely at night, knowing that it's not their responsibility". I am just saying it should not be done by force by government. There is no point to having more food past a certain point. We in Australia have enough. @Master_Scythe , I am still against abortion. It is a different thing to birth control. When I said "and I guess if you can't provide for children of yours then you shouldn't have them" I mean they shouldn't have sex.
  6. NZT48

    starving African children

    What has "apparently a sincere devotion to God and the Bible" got to do with me believing NK and China can afford to feed themselves?
  7. NZT48

    starving African children

    Both governments have huge militaries. Why can't they spend less on their militaries and spend more on food?
  8. NZT48

    starving African children

    People spend their own money more carefully than they spend other people's money (OPM). The income tax should not exist. Let the Australian people spend their money how they want. God's book is correct. I suggest you consider who Christ was speaking to and the circumstances. But how do you separate aid to a country's people from aid to that country's government? If the Australian government gives aid to people in another country then is not less required of that government so they have more money to spend on war or other bad stuff? I guess the more authoriatrian the government is the worse this is. The Chinese and North Korean governments are able to provide adequately for their people. Of course that is not the proper role of government, but it shows those countries are wealthy enough.
  9. And whoever does not provide for relatives, and especially for family members, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. - 1 Timothy 5:8 (NRSVA) Where are the fathers at? If you have children then you should provide for them, and I guess if you can't provide for children of yours then you shouldn't have them. Don't get me wrong; I do not have a problem with people in Australia or other wealthy countries voluntarily helping out starving African children, but we should not be forced to; there should be zero government foreign aid. It might help if they don't kill the White farmers too. "Everyone has a right to food and clean water." I don't think so. People have rights to liberties. If people had a right to food that would mean others do not have a right to not provide them that food, that others should be forced to provide food. That is slavery.
  10. NZT48

    The coronavirus conspiracy

  11. NZT48

    The coronavirus conspiracy

  12. NZT48

    What's on your mind?

    Life, free will and evolution happened.
  13. I am talking about "these money flows" because I am interested in what is right and best for everyone. I know "there is more to life than money" and that "accruement of wealth is not the ultimate measure of success " and I did not imply anything to the contrary. I am not against "the option to enjoy all that NZ has to offer" and I am not for living "in isolation". Eliminating government funding for tourism advertising does not mean "isolation" or no tourism. How do you know "quality of life" will be worse if people travel interstate instead of internationally? What makes it "dumb"?
  14. I'm curious. In what way do you think the Bible controls the masses or assists with controlling the masses and what is the advantage to the controllers? God is always just. Do you believe "whole populations" can't be evil?
  15. NZT48

    Israel did it.

    Jew can't handle the truth. Hypothetical: if it was the US government and Loose Change is right then obviously Loose Change didn't succeed in causing a proper official investigation or a revolution so the government didn't need to bump them off.