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  1. mickf

    how crap is this government ?

    My pension got cut by $140 so it looks like they know that I am kicking the bucket soon,seeing the piddle Doctor tomorrow,blood in the urine. I'ts only going to last me a few years {my super} with this shit economy,maybe some bastard been looking in my safe? The way things are going I think I will be dead by 75,the bastards know everything,must be my meta data,pricks. Last time i logged on i thought someone was complaining about my subject I was trying to explain, but it was my style of writing and I misunderstood. I hope this passes the test??????????????
  2. mickf

    Needles .

    I've got a flue shot coming hope I remember...??????
  3. My young bloke who is into computers has studied the modems and Netgear came up trumps. He raves about his, but no good if you want a landline home phone as well as I found it no go. But most have mobile these days, except some oldies like me have both.Brilliant wifi though.
  4. mickf

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    If you have Steam or Origin it will install if you have the rego numbers for activation,no cost to join either. Just a thought.
  5. mickf

    Energy companies, sigh.

    Speaking of Origin they are a public company, they took over Country Energies retail business.Country Energy is a Govt owned company, they are all a pack of c____ts these power company retailers. AGL accepted the TOU when I had it installed and so did Origin,but not happy little chappies either of them The only other discount I got was 15% for direct debit.
  6. mickf

    Energy companies, sigh.

    Well I am sorry the way I fired up,mainly I was trying to explain the way they have put the prices up by stealth. The TOU metering as I tried to explain is the way to go,they are going to say its unavailable but threaten them and see how you go.I am very slow on these bloody things and what pissed me off most was the trouble I went to explain the best I could and how long it took me.I certainly did not google it mia culpa
  7. mickf

    Energy companies, sigh.

    WTF IS CR/LF'S all that I wrote was from my own mouth and was written to be helpful about electricity bills. It is all fact from my position of face to face on the job customer high consumption electricity accounts,SERVICE MARKER,LEADING HAND AND THEN MANAGER.SORRY ABOUT THAT.BEEN RETIRED FOR 9 YEARS. I worked as an electrician at SRCC.THOSE WERE THE INCREMENTS OF HOW THE INCREASES BECAME INTO BEING ON YOUR POWER BILL. SRCC It then became ENERGY SOUTH,then GREAT SOUTHERN ENERGY then COUNTRY ENERGY then now ESSENTIAL ENERGY.ALL I DID WAS TRY TO SHOW HOW AND WHY ELECTRICITY IS SO FUCKING DEAR NOW.THAT IS HOW THEY HAVE GOT YOU BY THE BALLS NOW. SORRY IF IT WAS NO FUCKING USE YOU UNGRATEFUL PRICK.NOW I HAVE SOLAR AS WELL IF YOU WANT TO PAY $25000 AND MY BILL IS $90 NOT $200 IN THE WINTER, SUMMER YOU WORK IT OUT[sUN-SOLAR] I would have to sit down next to you to explain it all.Maybe I did not write it very well as I am not real smart. And I thought you were crying about the price of electricity?
  8. mickf

    Energy companies, sigh.

    Your bill is made up in such a way that there is a charge for the fact you have the pleasure of having electricity,then you have the standing charge for the meter and the meter reader to read it and the lovely GST.If your added the first three together you would find that nearly half your bill goes to these items.Years ago it use to be say the first 300 KW Hrs at say X$ ,then the next or rest was at say Y$. X the first 300 KW Hrs would be a penalty nearly 2 to 21/2 times the price of Y.Then they changed it to the first 30 KW Hrs per day at X$+ ,then the next 100 KW Hrs was Y$+ ,and privatised it and now you revert back to the start ie.Top of the page.It has been done by stealth over the years I am a sparky and worked the later part of my career with the supply authorities.You can cut your bill by going on whats called TOU which stands for Time of Use.If say you work all day and these is no one home,that is when there are Peak Loads because all the power is being used by offices, factories etc, now your done your toil you come home,there is still a lot going on but not such a drag on the power usage [this is not you] it is a Mid Range as far as the draw on the power companies goes. Say at 10pm this the Off Peak time or 11pm in some cases depends where you live.Now with the TOU from the 10pm or 11pm time slot your hot water starts to heat.Now the TOU set up kicks in too,if you can put dish washer,washing machine, dryer ,pool filter or all those things that use high power on in that Off Peak time slot your meter reads at Off Peak rates and on week ends it is on Off Peak all weekend.You would have to change your usage patterns to these times. It may seem a pain in the arse but if you can stick to the pattern of using the high hitters as I have pointed out and be rigid about it can cut your bill by two thirds.So the hrs you are looking at Mon to Fri 10pm or 11pm till 7am and on weekends 10pm or 11pm Fri till Mon 7am.I cut a $600 bill to $200.You would have to get a sparky to do the metering,pay for the meter all at the only one outlay.They may say it can't be done [ the Supply Authority ]threaten them with the onsbudsman .Wish you luck:) Amen
  9. mickf

    Adult ADD

    I am on medication for mood disorder and bipolar and I have had the problem since 1974.I found it interesting some of the links put up by tastywheat , its typical of depression. Also have panic attacks on and off,but the walking into room and forgetting what you are there for is one that pisses me off now!!!! Had to laugh about the stapler comment.The only thing that would calm me down after a panic attack was zanax,been taken off the market now, but still have a bottle or two.I found that valium was no good for me I could take them like jelly beans with no real affect [maybe from the other shit I was on] I would certainly be seeing a GP to start with.Good luck :)
  10. mickf

    What's on your mind?

    I know the age now thanks but a bit confused about how he died ,heart attack or Alzheimer? I am a lot older too.
  11. mickf

    What's on your mind?

    Fuck Malcy, he read the election he called early because he could not get his way with the Senate, but he fucked up again and did not read the public, who were fucked enough about both the main parties not listening to them and it backfired.He still can't get a good trade deal over cattle with Indonesia. They want to eat their own cattle,when we send ours Wododo wants some good breeding stock mixed in with our killers, pricks.I think there is still a problem with the armed forces training out here,because some of their poor darlings were offended by some of our SAS saying hurtful things about the treatment of West Papuans by by them.Its been hot here too,like 40/43C and dry heat makes you want to drink ,the liquid brown stuff is getting expensive! Anyone know how old Bill Leak was,he was a brilliant cartoonist for the Australian. I know they should be in paragraphes each fucking statement or question I am too hot and too pissed to fuck with it all.Amen
  12. mickf

    W.A going to the polls tomorrow

    I remember Richard Face I wonder what he's doing now? Looks like Labor has creamed the Libs and One Nation has dropped 4 or 5% in the pole last I looked I hope this voting on line over there is better than the Sensis night
  13. mickf

    What's on your mind?

    Cats are as you said animals out of control, all kittens should be spaded.when they are old enough and you can't miss with the shovel.No seriously they all should be desexed unless you are a breeder.Some will say then you have breeders that have cats that they are the only ones that don't have to be spaded.I bought a red healer dog, a female who is 8 yrs old now and she cost me $800 I had to get her desexed as part of the sale.Now if I was going to breed from her she would have been a lot lot dearer. Because if you breed them yourself you need the lineage papers.I was a professional shooter of foxes on and of in my day I still shoot now just on and off.I remember shooting a feral cat that was 8kg heavier than a dog fox and as fit as.They are the worst in Australia for wiping out endangered species bar none. Really what good are they, you feed them they might let you nurse them for a while then they say fuck you I have had enough.If you for instance kick your dog or physically punish it will forgive with unconditional love,protect you and your belongings etc.The problem with cats is you can feed them they will still catch birds,lizards etc even if domesticated,you could feed them caviar and they still do it.Some people when their cat has kittens and they can,t give them away they let them out into the bush and most won't survive the one that does is a born killer I don't care what anyone says,it possibly kills its sisters or brothers to survive as they say the survival of the fittest, i have seen it too much if they are spaded and you registered them i would not have a problem but they should be in a run in the house and if you want a cat outside put a lead on it and walk it outside. I have heard "Oh mine is siamese,or a blue point or what ever they would not do that",bullshit it is in their DNA, born killers.Cats in their place can be nice animals,as companions,as i said "IN THEIR PLACE" Wake up and our marsupials, possums,birds lizards,small non venumious tree snakes,carpet and small rock pythons,bilbies,endangered parrots,sugar gliders,flying squirrels frogs ,ground dwelling birds etc etc.THINK ABOUT IT we have one of the most diverse of creatures here in Aussie PLEASE PLEASE think about it.
  14. mickf

    So far so good...

    It seems all to technical for me,I was a very active kid and was skinny,after I had three children or my wife did oops now you know what sex I am.I was a virgin when I married and we ended up with five kids but back to my story.After our third who was born on the 4 September we had a break.My father in law used to always to go on about his first child a daughter was was born on his wife birthday.By then I was having it 3 times a day making up for lost time over the years of missing out of all this fun.So I recond I could equal his feat, we had another son later on and practiced my the theory.Five years later after that with much calculation my last born son arrived on the 4th September 1992 and I was quite proud of my mathematical prowess.People used say was he like an accident,because my eldest was 20 years older than my new born, as they say practice makes perfect.So I used to put heaps back on him my father in law as I was his only son in law as the eldest daughter never got married.The moral of the story is every time you have sex it is equivalent to a brisk 1 mile walk,if that is any help.I have offered to help other families to perfect my feat of having a child born on a specific day but no one has taken me up so now I weigh 86 kgs and have hung my boots up.Weight can be a problem but who gives a fuck anyone who does I am available because I want stay at 86 kg and I won't charge for the pleasure.Have had no takers I am getting worried and may need your formula. Amen
  15. mickf

    how crap is this government ?

    Methinks that some people are stupid, but they get caught out eventually!!! They are both the same [libs or labor] these pollies using stooges like that!!!!!! How does it go,you can fool all the people some of the time but cannot fool all the people all the time, i think that's right?I am sure someone will sort out this old fuddy duddy.The other thing about shift work,I worked shift as an electrician a good few years ago in a real big factory I mean real fucking big, 16 on in the daytime,4pm they all go home you are by your lonesome till midnight.If the next bloke does not come in you do what is called a double,management does not give a fuck, but if production stops they are on you like a rat up a drain pipe.I think I should be paid double time for those 8 hrs which I have done, just for the worry that i hope the fuck nothing big happens like a whole production line goes off. As far as I am concerned they should not have fucked around with the sunday rates.You have fulltime people rostered on, then you have part time, then you have casuals.So if I am a chef and I cook on a sunday I am going to have my wage cut by this new laws and some of the staff are going to get a pay rise depends if you are casual,full time or part time.Call be a unionist if you like because I was a shop steward in the day,if you want to eat,shop or drink so be it on a sunday good luck to you.Polies must have rose coloured glasses on, as if a business of businesses are going to employ more workers or open on a sunday and create more employment what a load of shit. If this happens it will go through to all the other industries nursing,mines,factories you name it,it will get affected IMO ha ha I am a slow learner Amen PS your weekend was Mon and Tues