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  1. Hi, The color I picked for the build is Harlequin. That will have the same colors as the guardians of the galaxy theme. It still needs to be clear coated as well.
  2. Outer plastic covers now done and a place for the CM badge.
  3. A bit more to show. Thinner with a theme. More soon.
  4. Cheers, Cybes. :) Time again to show some pic's. From one case to the next I have used the rear GPU mount from the Cosmos SE cut it out reshaped it to fit in the top of the frame to hold the GPU in place. Plus one new clear and black printed GPU logo, For some back light RBG.
  5. Some of the very COOL hardware going into the Thinner case. MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA MoBo W/block, From Bitspower. ASUS STRIX 980ti And Bitspower RBG W/Block.
  6. Update on the Thinner build, Case frame is now reshaped. The back of the case now has room for 2x360 rads for the cooling the GPU & CPU. And in side the MaterWatt Maker 1200 PSU. Still lots more to come and still lots more to do.
  7. Hello Again :) I had not planed on doing a second build for the world series but I still have time for something small. I have been thinking about doing a small form build for some time and i've been wanting to do a white build as well, so for this build im looking at doing a build in white and making it slim. I Will be using a Master Case Maker 5 and a Cosmos SE De-construccion have begun, lots of cutting still to go to get that "SLIM" look and the MIG waiting to put it all back together again. Quick layout of parts from both cases. And a way to put it all back together again, Oh what fun this will be! Some steel may be injured in this process :thumb: So Far what i'm doing is im trying to reuse as many parts as I can from both cases. The MoBo tray has been centered in the case to have even room on both sides, The back side being for the cooling and cabling, Giving me 80mm at the back and 80mm on the MoBo side and a 160mm all up. More then enough space to get things done. Thanks again for stopping by.
  8. ZenModz

    GOW - ZenModz

    Finale photos, until next time Thanks for stopping by. :)
  9. ZenModz

    GOW - ZenModz

    The Build is Completed Gears of War 4 PC is done. I will take lots more photos tomorrow when the sun is up.
  10. ZenModz

    GOW - ZenModz

    One more close up photo. :)
  11. ZenModz

    GOW - ZenModz

    I just can not help my self I just have to share it, here is a new photo :)
  12. ZenModz

    GOW - ZenModz

    Thanks for your comments :) At stuub27 yes there ment to look something like that. :)
  13. ZenModz

    GOW - ZenModz

    Hello again, One last photo of the back of the case, no more updates now till its done . Not long now :)
  14. ZenModz

    GOW - ZenModz

    Started on the airbrushing quite a bit still to do will update again soon. :)