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  1. Updates: A new competition has been announced! Get the details from our latest competition page. We are upgrading our database system, which means that we can potentially speed up access to it (faster page loads), reduce the size of it (more data can be stored), and use it to get stats on LAN parties far more easily (if you are interested in that kind of thing). LAN administrators (those guys that run LAN parties) will be able to update their LAN's details on our website very soon, without needing to ask us to make changes, by using a new self-servicing admin utility. This means they can get new information out to the public faster, which will also include details on upcoming events.
  2. Love playing computer games or video games? Want to see or meet face-to-face with the people you play with or against in person, in real life? Does the thought of winning prizes in computer or video games tournaments interest you? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then maybe 'LAN Parties' are for you. Believe it or not, many LAN parties exist in Australia. It can be tricky at times to work out where they are, or if they are for you. This is where 'The LAN Link Network' can help. LAN Link is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in listing LAN parties and similar games events around Australia. LAN parties are now easier to find with our listings, calendar and LAN party map, and talk about with our forums. Not only that, The LAN Link Network aims to engage with the gaming communities in Australia, to discuss ways of making such events better. Right now, we are running a competition where you could win one of two network equipment packs, with which you could run your own LAN party with! (Hurry, ends in two weeks) Interested? Find out more at www.lanlink.net.au