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  1. Afternoon team, I've been on atomic for many, many years. I've lapsed over the last few years however and thought I'd come back fresh... with a problem of course. Current System: Windows 10 Z77 Sabertooth EVGA GTX680 FTW+ 4Gig 16Gig Ram Few years old, still holding up ok What I know: - GTX680 cards can output to 4k - I can get 4k output via HDMI at 30hz - which is barely usable (3840x2160) - Displayport should work perfectly, however is restricted to 2560x1440 at the moment - I should have access to 3840x2160 What I've tried: - Monitor drivers - nVidia drivers (clean installs, old versions etc) - Motherboard BIOS Update **EDIT I've also tried the OSD for the DP v 1.1 / 1.2 settings - this screen doesn't seem to be MTP and has 1.2 set by default **Attempted to force it with CRU - no luck forcing 3840x2160 - CRU recognizes this as a resolution is should support Question I've seen a lot of people with these issues, however they seem to usually be rich dudes with 4 displays.. I am most definitely not one of them. I wanted a display that would see me though another 10 years much like my BenQ 24" has done before this. displayport.org says that all displayport cables are born equal and swapping this one out for another cable shouldn't have any impact.. however this will be the first thing i try. *The monitor came with a mini display port to normal size cable, which I couldn't use.. i then proceeded to purchase a normal DP to DP from Msy in north melbourne. *It was $6 (I think this may be the cause.. but according to displayport.org they would have me believe a cheapy may have issues, but this wouldn't be one of the issues) Can anyone confirm that is could be the cable and is there any other troubleshooting I can perform? I'm seriously stuck.. if i can't fix it tomorrow this monitor has to go back.. i can't drop $650 on a monitor that doesn't output at a res that should be supported no issues. I have no idea how to look for logs or interogate the displayport on the graphics card for more info. BIOS is Driver WHQL (ForceWare 361.43) / Win 10 64 Bus interface PCI-E 3.0 x 16 @ 16 3.0 GPU GK104 http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/b153/evga-gtx-680-ftw.html Any info at all will be greatly appreciated **Edit** I've also tried the OSD for the DP v 1.1 / 1.2 settings - this screen doesn't seem to be MTP and has 1.2 set by default