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    Hey. I have been a follower of Atomic for some time. Started reading the magazine about 12 ago and won a monthly case modding competition with them about 10 years ago. Haven't really been into the forum posting thing much. I am very happy with this card. Just need a 4k monitor to go with it.And maybe a new Mobo, CPU and RAM would be good too but will have to wait. The 970 has certainly given my machine a new lease on life.
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    Well I finally did it. Upgraded my Asus GTX680 OC Strix with an Asus GTX970 Strix. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Some of the newer titles I have been playing were starting to lag a little. Performance and frame rate drops were getting more and more frequent. The 970 has solved all that with solid 60+ f/s gamplay the new normal. Plus getting two free games with the purchase, namely Tom Clancy's - The Division and Farcry Primal I couldn't have picked a better time to buy. Next mission - 4K monitor.