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  1. PHETZ

    Silicon curiosity

    Silicon Curiosity sounds like a shitty SF-themed geek porno.
  2. PHETZ

    The end of an era, thanks Core 2

    I've still got a Core2 from maybe 2009/10 that powers my media mITX box. Good old faithful, although my mum currently runs an old Athlon 64 FX hand-me-down of mine from about 2006. Still can't believe it's alive, all original parts from the time (including 6800 Ultra).
  3. PHETZ


    I remember watching a documentary about this type of thing. It just struck me as totally insane. I'm positive almost everyone involved knows it's all bullshit, but they're just in it for the attention. The craziest of them all had an interview on some talk show, I don't recall which but I'm pretty certain he went by "Vampire Don". It was hilarious.
  4. PHETZ

    Kogan buys DSE

    I'm wondering if this will impact Kogan's ability to dodge Australian Consumer Law by technically selling goods from overseas while being realistically based in Australia.
  5. PHETZ

    What Are You Cooking?

    Not exactly made by me, but I'm currently eating last night's delicious chilli care of the lady. I'm on my third bowl in as many hours, coming to the realisation I'm gonna pay for this later...
  6. PHETZ

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Currently smashing out Archer (as per usual), Billions (Suits without Mike's moral compass) and Vinyl (disappointing).
  7. PHETZ


    Long shot, but does anyone here still get down with MapleStory? I know it's old and basic and a total grind-fest, I actually quit for quite a number of years but have come back since the non-pay2win server Reboot opened. So, anyone playing Reboot, feel free to hit me up on Yowie in-game. Alternatively, any old Maple players here, or am I the only basic-bitch in these parts?
  8. PHETZ

    CS GO

    Anyone interested should add me on samphetz (Steam). I used to be pretty decent at 1.6 but essentially skipped Source (was too busy playing HL2 at the time) and have just gotten into GO, even though I bought it at launch. Still getting used to the new guns and maps, but not doing too bad so far. Mainly down for casual games or light-hearted comps.
  9. PHETZ

    Nintendo 3DS x Pokemon

    I am not and have never been a console guy. I hate the controllers. I hate the closed systems. I hate the online play models. But the nostalgia of Pokemon seems to keep me coming back. I certainly don't buy every Pokemon game that's released, and still only own a DS Lite, but i'm considering grabbing a 3DS for the new games that should be out this year. Anyone on this same train of thought? I really fucking wish Nintendo would release full games on iOS/Android but know it'll never happen. Fuckers.
  10. PHETZ

    Korean IPS Displays

    Has anyone here had any recent experience with the cheap IPS displays from Korea? I'm talking specifically about the ones that use (IIRC) LG panels in cheaper enclosures. I know they used to be of questionable build quality, however it seems that there are now many more brands/models on the market and I'm wondering if this has increased competition enough to change the game. Additionally, it seems you can now buy "pixel perfect" displays that are guaranteed to have no stuck/dead pixels, which wasn't an option years ago when I last perused the range. I'm happy to forgo the fancy stands and built-in speakers/USB ports to save some cash and still have a decent panel in terms of colour and resolution. Any tips, comments or criticisms would be extremely helpful.
  11. PHETZ

    Moz. My mate

    Happy belated birthday, old friend.
  12. PHETZ

    google fails

    There's an intersection I've noticed in maps that hasn't actually existed for about ten years. Still there, even though I've flagged it as an issue multiple times.
  13. PHETZ

    Can I watch live streaming TV anywhere?

    It honestly depends on what you're looking to watch, in my experience? Are we talking live TV specifically?
  14. PHETZ

    how crap is this government ?

    Bit of a necro-post, but certainly still relevant. How's everyone feeling about old m8 Malcolm? At least his hair game is on point...
  15. PHETZ

    Smenkhare's Photos

    These are sick. One of your Opera House shots is now on my wallpaper rotation. Beautiful colours!