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  1. Thanks guys. New things keep coming up just to confuse me :D Might also sell my monitor. Is there much of a second hand market for them? Do they much value? 70%? (Want one with G-SYNC.)
  2. Anyone know how I can get my Asus VG248QE to be in 144Hz? I found a display setting in Windows and could only get it to 60Hz. I don't have a GPU yet, so maybe that's it? I'm also using the Dual-link DVI Cable that came with the monitor. Is this what I should be using?
  3. Thanks mate. Not too worried about power usage. Where's the best places to look for 2nd hand? Gumtree? Thanks all.
  4. Also wondering now if I try my luck with a second hand MSI GTX 1080 ti as a lot of people seem to be getting rid of it for the 1080. Seems like this would more than exceed what I'm trying to do. What sort of price should I be looking for?
  5. Okay thanks, does the cooler increase performance even if you're not going to overclock it?
  6. Any idea when pre-orders will come out? And would the Founders Edition be okay, or should I wait a bit longer for an MSI version?
  7. Okay nice, thanks. And "smooth" refers to refresh rate of the monitor? As mine is 1ms, so guessing that's really damn good. Also, do games simply play in the best resolution it can on your monitor, or is this something you have to set up yourself in the game's settings?
  8. Thanks guys, after reading reviews about the GTX1080 it keeps mentioning "4K" gaming. Now, my monitor doesn't even hit 4K. My max is 1920 x 1080. So would the new GTX1080 be overkill for me? Should I just get a cheaper GPU that can max out 1920 x 1080? Or would the extra power be handy? Also, was it a mistake not getting a 4K screen? Didn't think many games used it... but seems to be all the talk in the 1080 reviews.
  9. Thanks mate! It was tough, but mainly because I'm very OCD and anxious about stuff as a whole. Still worried that I "broke" things. Any tips? Guessing I just try tie everything up with cables on the rear, and pull as much of the cable slack to the back?
  10. Hey guys, good news! Internet working, and all drivers from the MSI website have been installed. Thanks for the advice re the BIOS, for some reason I thought that needed to be updated as well. I've decided to go with a long Ethernet cable for the Internet connection. Anyway, tonight I'm going to try clean things up a bit, as I have cables all over the place. Not sure what I can do with the CPU cooler fan though, as it's just super long: http://imgur.com/T7iXbnt Another thing, once I get my GPU, will I be connecting my monitor to the GPU port for best performance? Do I need to get a new cable for this? Here's a pic of it all: http://imgur.com/aVVG5ez Thanks all.
  11. Hey all I'm home now and still confused. Do I install both the BIOS and the DRIVERS in Windows? Do I do this just by double clicking them open?
  12. Thank you, I'll try that tonight. No major obstacles so maybe that would be a good idea. Would a cheap modem router connected via Ethernet be faster though?
  13. I didn't actually install any drivers? Maybe that's the issue. Since I don't have an optical drive, I'm guessing this is something I need to download and put on a USB drive to install on my machine? To install, do I hit F11 when booting, then get the thing to boot the USB with the drivers first, then reset? Also, my router (D-LINK VIPER) is in the lounge room connected to our ROKU and a music streamer. There is a phone port right next to where I've set up my new computer though. Is there anything I can get other than a super long Ethernet cable or another router just for my gaming computer? If I have to buy another router, does quality matter than much when you have an Ethernet connection? Thank guys. Not sure If I've missed something super obvious here...
  14. Wow, so I kinda have done it! :) However, bit concerned that I can't get on the Internet. Not sure what to do there. (Thinking maybe Ethernet cable broken, or motherboard faulty? Any way I can test what's up?)
  15. Okay guys it took me all day, but I have a computer. (Sort of.) I plugged and screwed everything in (it sadly looks like a mess which I really want to tidy up once I have things running), turned it on and it went to a BIOS screen - which I guess means I have some success! The fans also work, and some lights are lit on the motherboard as well as the power button, so maybe that also means I plugged in the panel connections okay. But now I'm having trouble installing Windows 10 from the USB version I purchased. I changed the boot order so that the computer booted from USB first. I hit install, which it did, but then it kept booting from the USB and wanting to reinstall Windows. I then changed the order back around so that the SSD boots first. (Guessing this is a really sloppy way of doing this?) Success! Maybe... as Windows opens and all looks good, however, apart from creating a user name and a password, there didn't seem to be any setup process? Thinking maybe I needed to be online, I then discovered my motherboard doesn't have WiFi, so I had to unplug the router and move it into the room I'm setting up the computer. I set up the router, plugged in the Ethernet cable and... nothing. For some reason it doesn't work. And that's where I am. So, is there something I've missed with Windows? My motherboard? Or something else entirely. Thanks guys. It was a rather hard process... and still feels a long way off. But hopefully with your help I'll get there.