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    So, well, I just decided to see if this thing still existed and it does and there was this thread right here and so hello again, I guess. In the last 10 years I finished a degree, went back and did another degree, still didn't want to leave education so went and did a grad dip in education and am now a high school science teacher, but have been sticking with relief teaching for the last few years because it turns out I really don't like "real work" (I love teaching, but screw all that other shit like report writing and meetings and not being able to take a day off whenever I please) I got married a few months ago, that was pretty great. We have a nice little house filled to the brim with a fairly crazy amount of animals (well, I know people with about two dozen cats, so compared to them I'm not crazy. We only have three cats, and one dog that is the size of 10 small dogs, and chooks, and ducks, and bees, and an eel and a fair few other fish, and some lizards. That's all. I'm not crazy.) That's about it. I remain, as always, argumentative and whingey. I'm one proud SJW, always fighting the hopeless cause.