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    Blocking Pirate Sites Given Greenlight

    BUT THERE are millions of torrent users. What they will do ?
  2. chrisjohnson

    Blocking Pirate Sites Given Greenlight

    So I guess we people need to get VPN’s so we can get around this Idiotic thing the Idiots up in Parliament House. VPN’s sales will go thru the Roof now. I got this VPN https://www.purevpn.com/australia-vpn-service.php More Info: https://torrentfreak.com/aussie-pirate-site-blocking-bill-given-the-green-light-150611/
  3. chrisjohnson

    Recommend me a VPN

    i am using PureVPN since past couple of years. It cheap as well as it's good for online security and privacy.
  4. chrisjohnson

    Advice on VPN setup

    Yes, I was a happy client of hide.me but i personally dont like their customer support so i switched to purevpn
  5. chrisjohnson

    Can I watch live streaming TV anywhere?

    i guess, you can use BBC or USAVPN to access blocked content.
  6. chrisjohnson

    Recommend me a VPN

    i recommend PureVPN because what i experience is it's the fastest vpn service worldwide. Most of the times, I use L2TP VPN Service protocol for security purposes as you all know now a days the data retention issue we are facing in australia.