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    Which mid range graphics card

    i'd consider it a long term purchase so i want it to last a good 4-5 years.... and thanks for all your help!
  2. bobbartley

    Which mid range graphics card

    or..... should i scrap my old ram and buy 8gig of ddr4 with a cheaper MB?? I think a 1070 might be out of my reach.... I'm liking the sapphire fury for $80 more than the rx 480... seems to have a fair bit better performance for the money, even if it is an older card
  3. bobbartley

    Which mid range graphics card

    Cheers... i've read that you can overclock non k chips now plus i need ddr3 as that's the ram i already have...
  4. Hi, I was hoping that i might be able to get some advice. I know enough to be dangerous when it comes to building computers, but i'm realistic and not 100% in all my decisions. I am building a gaming machine, more for my son than for me, I'll use the computer for some photoshop/after affects and some video editing. What i am wondering is which graphics card will be a good all rounder, but leans towards games, old and new. I am looking at about $500 or less would be preferred. Here are the specs so far. ASRock Z170 Pro4/D3 LGA1151 ATX Motherboard Intel Core i5 6500 Quad Core LGA 1151 3.2 GHz CPU Processor Antec GX900 Punisher ATX Gaming Mid-Tower Case 8 gig ripjaws 12800cl Samsung 250g ssd 1tb HD I was tossing up between AMDs rx 480 or the r9 fury which seems to be a pretty good performer for the price but older tech or the r9 390 Do you think I would notice the difference in games between these cards?? Also, is there much difference between brands? Cheers,