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    EVGA GTX1080 Classified, Intel I7 6700K,- Slowly building towards the dream pc.
  1. Soulessdeath

    Firewall help

    I cannot firewall the PC as i will have 2 wan ports in use on the modem and one will have strict firewalls and the other will have open firewalls, So that when the vessels come into port and can connect via 3g internet connection they can do what ever they need via the internet. This is exactly why you SHOULD firewall the PC, it's a simple software switch. You could even get someone who can do some basic coding to make a nice "SAVE DATA!" button in a simple app, and you maintain the block lists for them. You could use Peerblock and host your own blocklist?! EDIT: in addition, Peerblock can ALLOW HTTP, and block all other protocols. So the end user, wouldn't see any loss in "Web Browsing" ability, you'd just block the background apps. I block "Microsoft" in my blocklist, but allow HTTP and never hit problems. We have tried to use software in the past but the users have managed to fuck it no matter what, Also if someone gets on the wifi on the boat a software block on the computer will not prevent them from accessing the internet pages. The system also needs to be easily changed over if a new pc is put onboard if its a hardware based firewall it is plug and play but if its software it could be a little more in depth. A few companies have been using software switching but it has not been working out for them and they are also looking into similar setups to us. By overhead do you mean data usage? If so i have done some testing with data usage and have found that over the course of a month office 365 used around 30 Mb of data for its back to base pings, Which on the satellite data costs around $2100 ($700 per 10Mb).
  2. Soulessdeath

    Firewall help

    So on the TP link modem i have i can block specific applications, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Etc. I need to be able to try and setup the firewalls on the modem to block programs pinging the satellite as this costs data even if it is blocked at the satellite firewall. I am trying to prevent Office 365 from sending their server pings out on the specific connection. I cannot firewall the PC as i will have 2 wan ports in use on the modem and one will have strict firewalls and the other will have open firewalls, So that when the vessels come into port and can connect via 3g internet connection they can do what ever they need via the internet. Also i cannot have the Satellite and the 3G modem connected to the computer at the same time as this causes ip conflicts and the 2 units both try and act as modems. I will try just allowing those ports through the firewall and nothing else to see how well it works, i will also try and setup URL blocking to prevent any other methods of pinging the satellite. It is quite a complicated system that i am trying to work out here. The modem will be attached to the 3G modem and the Satellite phone through a change over switch where only one connection will be active at a time, And when the satellite internet is activated a timer will start for five minutes then it will switch the connection back to the 3G modem.
  3. Soulessdeath

    Firewall help

    I am currently trying to setup some permissions for a firewall on a TP-LINK TL-R480T modem, I am trying to only allow Outlook through the firewall, but i want to block office 365 from pinging the microsoft servers. Would anyone know what ports i would need to allow through the firewall to only allow outlook strictly? Setup is for on boats where on one of the wan connections on the modem, the computers can connect to the satellite internet but have very limited access to keep bills down.
  4. Soulessdeath

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Destiny 2, Great game so far only level 7 though. Will be getting it on PC when it releases. On a side note any recommendations on games for the oculus rift?
  5. Soulessdeath

    I need some Office365 help

    Were you using the link in your profile to download the 365 program?
  6. Check out newegg, i just ordered a gtx 1080 from there about $300 cheaper than in australia and arrived to my door in 4 days. My 1080 set me back $760 delivered, You can get a 1070 for around $650 delivered. I ordered my upgrades for the exact same reason ordered the cheap rift package.
  7. Soulessdeath

    Is anyone here using any EVGA GPU's

    Ended up getting a EVGA 1080 Classified, $800 delivered. Also ordered my Oculus rift since they are on special for $449 USD with 2 sensors and touch controllers.
  8. Soulessdeath

    Is anyone here using any EVGA GPU's

    Shipping should not be added onto the goods value, in which case i should not be charged GST on it. From my understanding that is and from what i have read up on.
  9. Soulessdeath

    Is anyone here using any EVGA GPU's

    I was looking at ordering the graphics card from new egg $981aud https://www.newegg.com/global/au/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487338&cm_re=evga_gtx_1080-_-14-487-338-_-Product
  10. So I am looking at buying a EVGA graphics card specifically a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING Card, And i was wondering if anyone here had any reviews on their products?
  11. Soulessdeath

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Still learning to overclock, Will keep playing around and seeing what i can do, Always running these tests when i have 0-1% background cpu utilisation so should be no issue there, I do need to try and get my ram running better, But for me at the moment it is fine. Just thought id see what i could get as the pc is at the moment before i start playing alot.
  12. Soulessdeath

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    presuming you are talking to me, Here is a screenshot of CPUZ memory tab I am using Trident Z 3200MHZ 2 x 8GB And here is my Y crunch score
  13. Soulessdeath

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Just did one test on superPI here it is.
  14. Soulessdeath

    Looking for a easy to use DOS emulator for windows 7/10 PRO

    Yeah having a look at that one, Just trying to get my head around it, will need to run comports and printers in it aswell.
  15. As title states im looking for a easy to use dos emulator to run dos applications in, We currently have a windows 95 pc setup for it but this is becoming outdated and not being able to use USB's on the machine is a pain. Can anyone make some suggestions on programs?