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  1. lelouchvv

    Rare game

    @greatlurker which link did you download from? I need to edit and delete the extra one to avoid mialeading.
  2. lelouchvv

    Rare game

    Oh wait, i just checked my PC again, you need to copy the bogo.ini to C:\windows, and overwrite the line HDDR=XXX(to location you installed)
  3. lelouchvv

    Rare game

    Hey, I'm from Malaysia currently working in Singapore. I found this forum in Google for the game about 2 years ago. Hey, apa khabar? XD good to see another Malaysian here. About the game, you need to open with Playgame.exe, not the Dragon.exe If it still not working, try to reinstall and repeat the steps again. There may have some steps missing, cuz i found the game and tutorial on baidu 1 year ago.
  4. lelouchvv

    Rare game

    You just need to overwrite your bogo.ini file [iNSTALL] HDDIR=F:\°²×°Íê³É\dx1\h\WuShiHun (change it to the location of the game you installed) CDDIR=. [CONFIG] MUSICVOLUME=3 SOUNDVOLUME=3 SCROLLSPEED=1 GAMESPEED=5 PS: Can change the gamespeed too if you want
  5. lelouchvv

    Rare game

    Try again with the link below, it's an installer from another website that worked fine for me without any baidu registeration. https://mega.nz/#!EQFFTD4J!KZvX_D0-0vTgyEOWVhZkAGdenBZyPiPoqI5ocLn9WRg Let me know if it works for you Wow, I sit next to a chinese friend at work. We've read through this link, and this page, and its actually legit! We're at work, so we didn't download the game, so we can't vouch for the content.... But you're a legitimate new user, helping people out!! We've had SO MANY SPAMMERS that are totally fake. Welcome, please stick around; even if English isn't your first language, we'll forgive you, welcome!!!! No worries, sharing is caring. =D
  6. lelouchvv

    Rare game

    I've tried many korean and chinese websites before, this is one of them that worked http://www.962.net/rac/1714.html Those who do not read mandarin, you can click any link below the '' 其他下载:'' words in the download section. Hope this helps.
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  8. lelouchvv

    Rare game

    I think I found this game about a year ago from a chinese website, not sure if I'm still keeping the file.