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    Rare game

    Anyways, what does the Ashes Tower do? It's the one thing I haven't figured out yet.
  2. greatlurker

    Rare game

    Try to run it as admin. Also give the dragon.exe a try too as admin. I used this one http://www.962.net/rac/1714.html The other website needs to have the Chinese downloader but I don't want that so...
  3. greatlurker

    Rare game

    Yes! I just got it working! Thanks to this guy, I'll rewrite the instructions. 1. You don't need that setup file. The WuShiHun folder already works fine. 2. Edit the bogo.ini file first with notepad. 3. Replace the HDDIR line with C:\Program Files\WuShiHun. Gotta follow the right backslash. 4. Save and move this bogo.ini file to your Windows folder which is probably in C:\Windows 5. Move the WuShiHun folder into C:\Program Files\ so it follows the parameters we typed in before. 6. Now we can run the game from the Dragon.exe or the PlayGame.exe! Enjoy the nostalgia!
  4. greatlurker

    Rare game

    GREETINGS, First of all, I am so relieved that I am not the only one looking for this game! In fact, I've been searching this for years since I've played it on like many years ago or whatever. It came from a CD our old neighbor gave to me, it was a bootleg compilation of many old PC games. Actually I enjoyed the game, because there was some levelling system so you could grind your weakest unit and get it to be unstoppable and destroy everything! Anyways, I had a mini nostalgia trip which led me to install back old games, until I remembered something in my mind which is this game "Legend of the Dragon Island". I went to dig off my CD stash just to find that compilation and play this one, but to no avail, so I headed out to search that in Google, which was pretty disappointing because only one result came up to be relevant and that is the GiantBomb one, which is very lackluster too so it was useless. I searched once again, and I found this hidden gem of a thread in the internet. It was amusing that someone knew the specific characters such as "Tang bandits" and this was way back from 2008! Although I expected less due to the age of the topic, the 2012 post gave me hope. I even stalked that Vannubsauce guy and found out his email. Too bad, he didn't reply properly, so I postponed my "quest" once again. I came back again today, surprised as this thread would reach a second page and someone still posting in October, lol. Now that someone has posted the linkzz, its time we have our dinner :D :D :D Long time lurker here. You can't imagine the itch to not post and the patience to wait for user's responses.