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    Upscaling dvd movies

    Yikes! Should have joined a forum b4 I started! So MP4, I can transfer the file from the computer hard drive to the usb thumb drive and plug that into my blu ray player usb port or the hd tv usb port and it will be recognised? I don't care about chapters etc... I just want to back up and grab a movie from the computer hard drive with the best picture and reasonable sound quality. Also, should I re_ convert the avi files from the computer hard drive to MP4 or do I have to convert them all again to MP4 directly from the blu rays again, or just leave those ones and do future ones in MP4? Cheers mate.
  2. ed12371v

    Upscaling dvd movies

    Yeah Thanx mate. The AVI Conversion I use is actually H.264. The AVI conversion gives me 3 choices XVID, DVIX Or H.264 I get the frame rate advice, thank you. So with a 22gb file difference (dvd 4gb to avi converted movie 26gb) what is going into the extra 22 gb? Surely there must be some significant type of improvement? BTW. I'm in Australia and or Tvs are PAL. Regards Ed.
  3. ed12371v

    Upscaling dvd movies

    Hi Everyone, I am enjoying blu rays at present but cannot get some of my dvd movies in blu ray plus I don't want to have to buy again if I can change them to better quality. I have DVD Fab version I have been backing up and changing my blu rays to AVI with this program. It cuts out all the bells and whistles but keeps a great looking / sounding blu ray movie converted to AVI at around 20gigs (size) depending on original size, which I save to a 6TB hard drive. I have finished all my blu rays and now want to upscale and convert my dvds to a better quality. I can use the same program and with using full "best quality" settings the following changes are made to the dvd movie: Video: Resolution from 720 x 576 to 1920 x 1080 Frame Rate from 25 frames/sec to 30 frames/sec File size from 4GB to 26GB File format from dvd to avi Total Bitrate from 9,800kbps to 30,640kbps Data Rate from 9,352kbps to 30,000kbps Sound: Bit Rate 448kbps to 640kbps Channels 6 to Channels 6 Audio Sample Rate 48kHz to 48kHz Time to Convert 1hr 50mins My questions? Even though it's not from a blu ray source would the picture look very close to blu ray type quality? Could I get the same picture quality with lower settings and smaller file size? I'm not worried about running out of hard drive space just yet but if lower settings yield the same pic quality at say half the size then I would prefer to redo them and save space for future use? Making a 1 gb or 4 gb file size into a 30 gb file size sounds great but unless the dvd fab program can fill in the blanks during the conversion it's just a bigger file full of hot air, correct? Many Thanx in advance for any advice.