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    Recommend me a VPN

    Don't connect your facebook to skype. If you really care about your privacy, I can suggest to use web-version of skype with VPN. You can read about it on this site http://topsecur.com/vpn/free-vpn/ if you want to understand more about the Internet-privacy
  2. rowaz

    Recommend me a VPN

    I agree with the previous users and propose you to try nordvpn, as I’ve been using it for a long time, and haven’t faced any problems. Actually I used it for watching Netflix when I was abroad, and it really worked. Besides, the speed is always great. Probably the price is rather high, but it is worth it. Of course, the choice depends on you, but I’d like to focus you on such features of vpn as the number of servers, the location of the servers, the speed connection, the type of encryption, the users’ feedback.