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  1. Squidy

    what is everyone gonna do after the 11th?

    Masturbate probably
  2. Squidy

    For our fallen brethren

    R.I.P Mike. I wanted to post a few days ago but I couldn't find the words. Thank you for your friendship, thank you for everything and especially thank you for just being you. I was always nervous around groups, even Atomicans and you were always one of the first people to talk to me at events and we'd chat about guitars, Sepultura and many other things. I also recall my wife not wanting to go to Atomic meets because she didn't know anyone, and you were literally the first person to approach her at the courty, welcome her and make her feel comfortable. I went to get us some drinks, got stopped by a few people who wanted to talk and when I came out the back of the pub you had her laughing her arse off and having a great time, it was a great sight to see. Talking to you at meets was always great fun. No judgement, no pretense, just an amazing, honest and great person to talk to. You and I didn't talk as often as we should have, but I wish I'd been able to spend more time with you. We spoke of going fishing at Bundeena for a day and having a relaxing time, it was something I was truly looking forward to. I was so happy when you asked if you could hire my business to take professional photos of you and your bike. I don't often get excited about shoots because they can be a little tedious, but I knew you'd love the shoot so it was something I was excited about. I knew just how much you loved your bike, and hearing you talk about how much you were looking forward to the photos made me incredibly excited also. I know we put it off because we were both so busy and then covid hit, but one thing I never told you is I actually went and scouted out those locations we spoke about a few times at different times of day because I wanted you to have the absolute best we could provide. I wanted you to have an amazing large photo of you and your bike you could proudly hang up in your home. I knew how happy you would have been every time you saw it, I can even see your smile. I finally got clearance to restart our business, my wife was asking me who we wanted to work with first and I knew instantly who that was. I was about to reach out to you when I saw the absolutely terrible news. You were always a great guy, you set the bar pretty damn high in that regard. I have many, many fond memories with you and I'll cherish these forever. I'm going to miss you, we're all going to miss you. Rest assured we'll never forget you either. To say you're sorely missed is putting it lightly.
  3. Squidy

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I came here to try to read the whole thread. I have failed.
  4. Squidy


    What is it you don't like about Gameworks? (I've never heard of it, reading up on it now, seems to be ok)
  5. Squidy

    Avid Pro Tools

    If all you're doing is volume and EQing etc with a few plugs Pro Tools is way overkill. Audacity will handle it fine so will other software like Studio One etc
  6. Squidy

    Good Friday

    I'm always cumming early
  7. Squidy

    Roll Call!

    No idea when but it was quite a long time ago
  8. Squidy

    Good Friday

    Jesus dying, the original lockout law
  9. Squidy

    New Games

    Cheers, will check them out
  10. Squidy

    Human instinct?

    Babies and guns go hand in hand, why do you think so many toddlers are blowing away their parents in the USA?
  11. Squidy

    new monitor help! 4k or Ultrawide?

    Are you gaming with it? I was impressed by ultrawide when I first saw it, then I bought one and found out how few games supported it and was disappointed. That being said, I only got the 29, so the 34 would be good for almost everything as it will be big enough. There are some apps that will push the games out to UWS but they're very unreliable and in the end you still miss gaming real estate. Hopefully when most games start supporting it natively it will be great, but until then it's a gimmick in my opinion. Great for movies though.
  12. Squidy


    4K on that card migh not be a great idea. If you had the 980ti it's likely to be beneficial though
  13. Squidy

    aurorahdr soft feedback

    Seems to be OK from what I can see but I've never used it myself
  14. Squidy

    New Games

    So, I got a decent bonus from work and splashed out on a 980TI Strix and a PG278 monitor and have found that I'm not so impressed with it. What games can I run to show off the capabilities of it etc? I'm looking for new games anyhow cos all my stuff, except Fallout 4, is pretty old.
  15. Squidy


    Yo I honestly just came back to see if this place was still going. Hadn't logged on in Satan knows how long. Glad to see it's still here though.