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    What is it you don't like about Gameworks? (I've never heard of it, reading up on it now, seems to be ok)
  2. Squidy

    Avid Pro Tools

    If all you're doing is volume and EQing etc with a few plugs Pro Tools is way overkill. Audacity will handle it fine so will other software like Studio One etc
  3. Squidy

    Good Friday

    I'm always cumming early
  4. Squidy

    Roll Call!

    No idea when but it was quite a long time ago
  5. Squidy

    Good Friday

    Jesus dying, the original lockout law
  6. Squidy

    New Games

    Cheers, will check them out
  7. Squidy

    New Games

    So, I got a decent bonus from work and splashed out on a 980TI Strix and a PG278 monitor and have found that I'm not so impressed with it. What games can I run to show off the capabilities of it etc? I'm looking for new games anyhow cos all my stuff, except Fallout 4, is pretty old.
  8. Squidy

    Human instinct?

    Babies and guns go hand in hand, why do you think so many toddlers are blowing away their parents in the USA?
  9. Squidy

    new monitor help! 4k or Ultrawide?

    Are you gaming with it? I was impressed by ultrawide when I first saw it, then I bought one and found out how few games supported it and was disappointed. That being said, I only got the 29, so the 34 would be good for almost everything as it will be big enough. There are some apps that will push the games out to UWS but they're very unreliable and in the end you still miss gaming real estate. Hopefully when most games start supporting it natively it will be great, but until then it's a gimmick in my opinion. Great for movies though.
  10. Squidy


    4K on that card migh not be a great idea. If you had the 980ti it's likely to be beneficial though
  11. Squidy

    aurorahdr soft feedback

    Seems to be OK from what I can see but I've never used it myself
  12. Squidy


    I'm sorta back. How is everyone?
  13. Squidy


    Yo I honestly just came back to see if this place was still going. Hadn't logged on in Satan knows how long. Glad to see it's still here though.
  14. Hi all, I want to turn my tower into a rack mounted PC. My concern is my video card is the gtx580. What kind of case should I be looking at buying, and where are some good retailers that sell them?
  15. Squidy

    Bloody cyclists!

    In this case I don't believe the cyclist was at fault. However, if you work in Pyrmont like I do with that silly bike lane you'd see without a doubt that cyclists accept no responsibility and do some very, very stupid shit that could get them killed... yet don't seem to care. I've seen them bolt through red lights, weave in and out of cars travelling perpendicular to them (against the red light). I've seen one cyclist recently slam into the back end of a car because he came bolting through a red light and the car had right of way yet started swearing at the driver as if the driver was the one in the wrong. I've had one cyclist come up behind me, slam into my backpack off my shoulder then have the nerve to tell me to watch where I was going... Yet SHE was the one coming up behind ME on the Pyrmont bridge (plenty of room for them to have gone around) Some of them really need to loosen their helmet and lose the attitude.
  16. Squidy

    Rackmount Gaming PC

    Ahhhh ok All I'm using is an SSD, a 3.5 inch Sata 7200 drive, a video card and the CPu (and psu). Main reason is I have an audio studio at my house and everything is rackmounted (soundcard, outboard effects etc) so I want to put my PC in the racks also, it gives me room beneath my desk for additional guitar processors etc also subs and more leg room
  17. Squidy

    Rackmount Gaming PC

    What would make them more noisy? I've read the ones that have smaller fans would be noiser due to the fans but this seems like it has 120mm fan and 2 80mm As for why? why not :)
  18. Yeah, it's more understanding what I can do with my own images and what settings to use... Or if I'm even capturing my images properly as a good starting point etc I think I need to get used to terms etc, for example with Photoshop layers go right over my head.
  19. I tried a trial of Lightroom 5. I'm new to photography so it didn't make much sense. I've bought 4 and still trying to work it out, but I don't know what to do or even what effect I should even be after.
  20. ey all, I've noticed people trying to get into my network (Netgear R6300) so I turned on MAC Filtering and only allowed devices within my home, all others are blocked. I keep noticing ICMP echo requests being blocked, however recently I've noticed every now and then a phone or similar pops up in My Network Places but only for a short while then disappears. I've taken down it's MAC address etc but what does this mean? Does this mean people are still getting in to my network? In the router for Attached Devices it still says only my devices are there, and the MAC address for the other is completely different, but I'm concerned it's showing up in Windows but not in the router. Is this person gaining access? How can I check?
  21. Thanks, yeah my password is pretty complex which is good, nothing that can be found in a dictionary. My main concern is I saw their device listed in my network but didn't have anything showing on the router, so I'm concerned to say the least.
  22. Squidy

    Epic is as epic does...

    I agree, everyone should buy it. Anyone who doesn't is a poser.
  23. I thought I'd visit Atomic for the first time in ages and realised there's still posts on the first page from 5 days ago. Did something change or something? Place seems dead. I came back expecting to see a thriving community but it seems everyone is gone. But... er... Hi, how is everyone etc?
  24. Squidy

    Newstart allowance

    Work for the dole is great for the bludgers, but not for the people looking for work. It's like those week long courses that they used to do which sometimes went for months. I was unemployed many years ago and had no luck with interviews, then I got an interview for a job but Centrelink said I couldn't do it because I had to be at the job seeking course 5 days a week from 9-5. They said if I didnt turn up they'd cut off my allowance and I kept arguing "you don't get it, this is a chance for me to get a job, isnt that the point?" and they wouldnt make an allowance for it. So, I went to the job interview anyhow, they cut me off but I got the call 4 days later saying I had the job. But, in regards to raising the amount? No. You want more money? get a job. You can't be spoonfed your entire life. If you're a bludger and just want to stay home and drink/smoke then don't expect the government to give you more money for it.