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  1. 1. Check Flash Check Flash (ChkFlsh) is a very simple flash drive testing and maintaining tool. I have used this tool several times to run a burn in read and write test on USB drives. If the device is able to survive after a few cycles, the USB flash drive should be OK. There are 3 access types and 6 action types for you to select. To access the actions of “Read stability test”, “Save image”, “Load image” and “Full erase” you have to change the Access type from temporary file to a logical or physical drive. 2. RMPrepUSB RMPrepUSB is a tool which is actually a USB formatting, partitioning and bootloader creation utility as opposed to a USB testing tool. While it’s not meant to be useful for doing a complete read and write scan, it does have a little function that can test your drive to see if there are missing or bad parts and what the actual usable size is. This is ideal to check if the drive is the capacity you believe it to be and is infinitely quicker than scanning the whole drive if that’s all you want to do. 3. H2testw H2testw is able to test USB flash drives, memory cards and also internal, external and even network hard drives for errors. It simply works by filling the device with 1GB chunks of test data and then verifies it by reading the data back again. Usage is very simple. Select the English language because it defaults to German, select the target device, and then choose whether you want to test all available space or a specified amount of Megabytes. Ethan Stark Software Developer http://cloudappsportal.com/
  2. Windows 8/ 8.1 Feature [Disabled] Enables the supports for Windows 8/ 8.1 or disables for other operating systems. Before enabling this item, make sure all installed devices & utilities (hardware & software) should meet the Windows 8/ 8.1 requirements. [Enabled] The system will switch to UEFI mode to meet the Windows 8/ 8.1 requirement. [Disabled] Disables this function. How to Check if Windows is Booted in UEFI or Legacy BIOS Mode eightforums.com/tutorials/29504-bios-mode-see-if-windows-boot-uefi-legacy-mode.html How to Create a Bootable UEFI USB Flash Drive for Installing Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 eightforums.com/tutorials/15458-uefi-bootable-usb-flash-drive-create-windows.html How to Install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 using the "Unified Extensible Firmware Interface" (UEFI) eightforums.com/tutorials/2328-uefi-unified-extensible-firmware-interface-install-windows-8-a.html
  3. Hello Guys, I'm assuming this is for gaming. Most important specs are your displays resolution and refresh rate. If your display can't output more than 60 Hz at 1080p, then getting something like a GTX 980 is just a waste of money. Basically your display puts an upper limit on the card you have any reason to buy. Then just get the most expensive you can afford up to that point (with very few exeptions the more you pay the better the card and those exeptions don't last long) Ethan Stark Software Developer https://www.clouddesktoponline.com/
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    Win 7 Crashing As It Wakes Out Of Sleep

    Hello, Check your power setting for HDD, to make sure it (the HDD) is set to never go to sleep. And if all settings are up to the mark then you might need to reinstall the OS which is Windows 7. Ethan Stark Software Developer
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    Should I still instal Windows 7

    Hello Guys, This is Ethan.Microsoft is pulled the plug on Windows Vista support on April 11 2017, and Windows XP hasn't received security patches for a while now. In the wake of multiple ransomware attacks, Microsoft has taken the unusual step of issuing a patch for both operating systems because of the high risk and fact that millions of people are still using these versions of Windows.However, this has come after computers have been infected, which is why it's best to use a version of Windows that receives automatic updates that help to protect you (and your files) from disaster.Windows 8 isn't supported either, but most machines with Windows 8 should have been updated to Windows 8.1, which is still supported. Windows 7 also receives updates and will until 14 January 2020.On ending support for Vista, Microsoft said, "the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources towards more recent technologies", meaning that it will no longer receive Windows security updates, nor will developers offer support for the dated operating system. We advise upgrading to Windows 10 if possible after this date, as you'll have limited access to new software and may be vulnerable in terms of online security. Ethan Stark Software Developer