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  1. Thanks again everyone for all the very helpful advice
  2. Oh well I guess I am stuck with Potplayer until VLC can fix the subtitle thing. Hey master I was interested in what Rybags said about disabling the sound card and on board hardware I have nvidia 9600 and realtech high definition audio on my system If I disable these will I still get output from HDMI ???
  3. OK My problem is I need subtitles all the time as I cannot interpret the mumbling American dialogue in most US movies and my wife is chinese. VLC is a fantastic player but for some subtitle types it does not display all of the dialogue on the screen That is some lines of dialogue display and then another line spoken by another character will not display Also in some other subtitle types some lines of dialogue will just not turn off displaying until another line is spoken So a line of dialogue can sometimes remain displayed on the screen for minutes (very annoying) Potplayer also had these exact subtitle issues but less than 12 hours after I posted on their forums the problems were fixed It is probably 12 months or more since I first told VLC of these issues and they still remain today. I tried every media player out there till I found potplayer and in my opinion it is not only the best player for my needs it is also the best player full stop. On the audio side I am now using a HDMI audio extractor and sending the resulting optical output to my receiver amp. Works well but is not 5.1 as my Laptop HDMI output is restricted to only 2 channel and the poor man's 5.1 (Pro Logic 2) is not too bad anyway
  4. Thanks Master VLC has problems with Closed Captions (Subtitles) that Potplayer does not have Will check thoroughly all my sound settings in Windows Good advice
  5. Hi All Hoping somebody here is very familiar with Potplayer media player In my opinion the very best free media player out there I have video files that have been recorded from TV Some are in HD and have 6 channel (5.1) audio (ac3) Others have only 2 channel audio My laptop is connected to HDTV via HDMI TV has no audio output Sound card on laptop only does 2 channel audio I am purchasing an external USB sound card to handle the 6 channel audio Sound card to receiver amp (home theater via optical (spdif) HERE is the question if somebody can please help What is the setup in Potplayer to get the source audio (5.1) to be output from the optical out of the sound card (to the amp) Preferably it would need to be setup so it will reproduce 6 channel and 2 channel without further settings In other words simply always reproduce the source audio Unfortunately the advanced settings in Potplayer are a bit like a foreign language to me So very basic descriptions would be much appreciated Any help with this also much appreciated Thanks