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  1. Hello, first i'm sorry its not my intention to necro this thread, i just need help. @Belisarius76 i have the same processor, the same motherboard and the same graphics GTX970, and i have a 128gb samsung ssd for the OS plus some 2x2TB hdds for data i also currently have 6GB 3x2 and just purchased a 3x4GB kit. do you think 12GB will be better for gaming than the 12gb + the old 6Gb kit that i have ? it doesnt have the same latency i guess and its from a different manufacture. Did you face any problems upgrading to windows 10 ? the mobo drivers and all ? Also i have done a lot of research but i'm still very confused about the AHCI on this motherboard, i'm planning to do a clean win10 installation after i change the mobo settings to AHCI, people saying its not a true AHCI speed, but do you think there will be any drawbacks ? Sorry for my bad english and my noobish questions. thanks Edit1: i also have the 600GB velocity raptor but last week i received a bios error "Pri Master Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace" so i stopped using it, i don't know if there is anything i can do to repair it :-/