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  1. IMO, you can use some safe browsers, and stop javascript for (popunder) and some autoscript. You cannot use adblock or ublock origin since some adnetword that bypass these plugin. Using sanboxie or virtual machine is ok, or linux. with guest . I think it maybe work. hope it help. ( sorry i see the topic, not see the date of topic, if some one still need, hope that)
  2. littlejacket92

    Mobile App Builder

    Yeah I know ReactNative, using facebook developer page to learn this platform. My friend use this to create both android and ios apps.
  3. littlejacket92

    Help! The Best Youtube video editing software

    for paid version, I suggest Camtasia and Corel Video Studio for window os https://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html IMO, you can check camtasia for not too complicated video.
  4. littlejacket92

    Video fixing

    @Rybags @Master_Scythe Thanks for your constructive criticism. It is highly appreciated. I've noted down all the points that you made and will definitely consider it in my next project. By the way, can you help me with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnXKNCPzWf4 Is it good ? and if not, can you show me how to improve? Thank in advance.
  5. I’m pretty sure that lots of you already know about the general 2 levels of AI: Narrow and General. But have you heard about the 4 levels of AI? Do you think that we should stop at a certain stage of development to ensure human safety? ( To Admin: If I put it on wrong section ,please remove to right one, thanks)
  6. Yeah it only makes sense. I think one of the biggest issues we have at the moment (and it'll be because it's impossible to Police) is that we shouldn't ban Nuclear Programs, as a whole, and lump it into the bundle Nuclear Weapons. People should be able to explore fission\fusion without being assumed it's for weapons. Yeah, like people use gun for protect themselves. If each countries has own nuclear weapon, then i think other country will consider be carefully before going to nuclear war. And, your opinion is right, thought. like drug, beside causing addictive, they also help for health. ( losing hurt, maybe). (correct me if i'm wrong, thanks)
  7. Some country develop nuclear weapon and they don't hear anyone, just negotiate with big countries, and the world is too soft, i think they need to think hard. ( my country, vietnam, is too soft treat to China, then we lost two island to them.and now, our government try to keep that attitude, and i think we can lost country to china in the near future :D) . So I support strict talking or using violence to solve for country that still develop their nuclear weapon).
  8. Since the world develop nuclear weapon, so nuclear war will come nearly. No doubt about it.
  9. littlejacket92

    Blade & Soul , Korean Game, Anyone is playing it?

    Yes, this game has English menu. But it's not like other game that will guide you step by step to play. You have to read a map and find next step to reach the target. And i'm not get on well with this game.
  10. littlejacket92

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Blade & Soul and I have stopped in third mission from this game.
  11. I heard that this game is amazing, then I installed it from garena and tried it. It's consider 18+ game, the graphic is super good. I tried it but I give up at third mission. :D If someone here played it or just playing it ? Can you share us your experience about it? Thanks.
  12. littlejacket92

    Looking for software development company

    Hey, if you want to hire software developers, first, i think you should specify your idea, is it big app or small app? If big apps with big money budget, then you can look for a software development company. However, if your app idea just a small app, then hire a freelancer or small team developer is enough because it cost not much money. Or if you own a company and want to build an app for your company, then you can consider the option for find a outsourcing it company. They will help you solve price problem, and quality. tooo. ( if you don't need to ask this question anymore, sorry for my late answer)
  13. littlejacket92

    How much do Uber drivers make?

    In my country, uber is sold for Grabbike. How much they make? I think it depend on the time they spend. They told me that a uber drivers can earn up to 400$ for full time driver, or 200$ for partime ( per month) But I dont think we can give up our job to consider uber driver as main income. Since Uber don't have strick policy and not like a main job which has something that to be insurance.
  14. littlejacket92

    Video fixing

    This is video I have made. But I am not really pleasant with it! Could you show me what needs to be fixed, please! goo.gl/3WAoZm
  15. littlejacket92

    Chinese market phones.. are these a bargain?

    That phone looks like it would be a good candidate for my use case. Nice big 3000mah battery, and a 'low end' (meaning, low power use) CPU, that is fast enough to do at least one major task at once. Considering I use a phone for Communication (messages, phone calls, forums, etc) and I don't use things like snapchat with complex filters, photo editing, or anything like that, i'm sure I'd be able to use it without ever feeling any lag. While no one I know has that specific phone, two mates have Xiaomi phones. One has a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, and the other, a Note 4. In all honesty, we can't fault them. They're quick, they're stable, they take great photos, the IPS screen has good angles and coulors... I mean, it's an Android Phone, it can do everything you expect of it. They were very 'anti china phones' for a while, but after using one, $200 vs $1500 for a 'samsung'? It was a pretty easy choice. About the only thing the media likes to mention is that china phones can have spyware on them; however (I work with a Chinese Colleague) and he was explaining Xiaomi, like Huawei are relying on going Global to expand their business. After seeing how badly the brand OnePlus got attacked from their OWN spyware (not even 3rd party!) it'd be a nightmare to the company to risk that sort of underhanded trick. Since the OnePLUS fiasco, everyone has been packet capturing their phones like mad, and no major leaks have been found in those china phones (yet). If you're worried, just be sure to flash the OFFICAL rom to the phone the second you get it, and I'd rest easy :) Xiaomi does some really neat stuff, especially if you go into the Mi Home type products also. And, really, as Australians (I know you're not) for us, we don't care if China spies on us much :P Thanks. As a vietnamese, Chinese isn't always a good neighbor.But as you said, for Xiaomi I trust on them. I decided to buy this one.