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    RARE Korean RPG Game

    Hi All, Anyone know a medieval fantasy RPG game mostly developed by Korea which is around the early 1990's to early 2000's. I believe the name of the game is eclipse (memory is a bit fuzzy) and most likely developed by Korea as i got this game though my cousin that give me two games which are the aforementioned: eclipse and the Korean strategy game: legends of dragon island. I am still searching this game since 2008 as i play it during 2002-2004 (cant remember) the details. the game as per my memory are as below: -a knight, sword and a shield and it ability is to strike the ground with his sword that releases wave of fires -a mage (female) with a fire ball looking staff: can spit fireball to enmey -Ronin: strongest character in the game as per my memory and can strike enemy by creating copy of himself towards the enemy -2 archers (longbow and crossbow, male and female) -other characters which i don remember quite well. i remember that i didn't finish the game properly as i was stuck in a town that is at stage 13 to 14? if anyone can tell the name of the game, publishers and developer, that would be great P.S: i have search blog like hardcore gaming korea 101 and try to find pictures but so far, i dont have a instant light-bulb moment when i scroll though the pictures given. the closet i can get is elixir by esofnet. if anyone can share and know the game im talking about, please do share :)